New Home & Garden Materials

Hollywood modern : houses of the stars / Michael Stern, Alan Hess. cover
"This book looks at the intersection of celebrity and design, through the case of 25 houses designed by great architects for their informed, trend-setting, and extremely famous clients, in Southern California. Hollywood Modern spans the modern era, from moderne homes of the 1930s, through mid-century modern designs, to the present day. Hollywood Modern touches on the many moods of modernism. These houses edit, rearrange and direct our point of view much like the carefully composed version of reality we see in motion pictures. These different styles co-exist as modernism and stand in distinct contrast to the Mediterranean villas and Spanish Colonial manses of early Hollywood."--Provided by publisher.
The little book of house plants and other greenery / Emma Sibley ; photography by Adam Laycock. cover
"House plants are having a moment. Inexpensive to purchase, easy to care for and a statement in any space they inhabit, growing these plants is virtually foolproof. The Little Book of House Plants and Other Greenery is a source of green inspiration for small-space gardening, featuring a directory of 60 of the most popular varieties of foliage to own. From dramatic palms and tropical leafy wonders to beautiful ferns and flowering potted plants - this book covers everything you need to know about nurturing and growing your own. Each of the 60 plants is accompanied by luscious photography and an easy-to-follow breakdown of all the essential requirements for that variety. This includes details on size, growth and flowering, along with any extra tips on caring for that specific plant."-- Provided by publisher.
Happy day / illustrations by Molly Hatch ; text by Abrams Noterie ; interior design: Kate Benezra. cover
"This book offers a fresh take on the Victorian notion of expressing oneself with the symbolic language of flowers. Happy Day features bright, cheery flowers with uplifting sentiments. Each spread features a flower that "flips up" from the page, a brief description of the flower's meaning, and its special message for the recipient. When all of the blossoms are popped up, the book can be displayed on a desk just like a vase of flowers"
Slow down and grow something. : the urban grower's recipe for the good life. : Cultivate. Cook. Share / Byron Smith with Tess Robinson. cover
"Backyards, rooftops, courtyards and balconies are sprouting with herbs, ballooning with fruit and bursting with vegies across our urban landscapes. Slowly, but we certainly believe surely, people are embracing the joy of gardening and the more relaxed lifestyle it brings. There is a change in the air and we are excited to watch it unfold. Enter the completely addictive world of urban growing, where you can pocket a slice of farm life in the city, even if just for a few minutes a day. Growing your own lemongrass for a mojito or rhubarb to make jam isn't just about producing food, rewarding though that is. It's an antidote to the relentless pursuit to 'do it all'. It doesn't matter the size of your space, or your skill, the garden is a place for everyone. Expert horticulturalist Byron Smith has created urban food oases in even the tiniest of plots and in this book he gives you the know-how to grow your favourite ingredients as well as killer recipes to make the most of your harvest. So tuck this book under your arm and grab a beverage with the other-- the time to slow down and grow is now. The good life is waiting for you"--Page 4 of cover.
The joy of junk / Mary Randolph Carter ; photography by Carter Berg. cover
"Best-selling author Mary Randolph Carter is back at it with a full-throated celebration of junk and thrifting. The Joy of Junk shows us how to live stylishly and creatively with the personally meaningful objects we love to collect for our homes. From the author who taught us that "junk" in not a four-letter word, and drawing on her years of experience as a passionate thrifter and collector, Carter highlights her favorite junking moments, revels in the thrill of the hunt and imparts many personal tips for finding treasures in flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, shops, on the web, or wherever you may find yourself. With her passion for self-expression and her personal approach to decor, Carter speaks to our desire to surround ourselves with belongings that bring beauty and meaning to our lives. Along the way, Carter interviews other designers and high-profile collectors--such as Lisa Eisner, Bunny Williams, and Mike Wolfe from "American Pickers," among others--revealing their favorite treasure hunts and showing us how they live with their collections. Inspiring and liberating, The Joy of Junk shows how we can integrate our passions and histories to live creatively and happily with the special and quirky objects that give our homes soul"-- Amazon.
The curated home : a fresh take on tradition / Grant K. Gibson ; principal photography by Kathryn MacDonald. cover
Drawing on inspiration from his personal style, world travels, and client experience, Grant K. Gibson takes you on a journey to curate your perfect home. This highly instructional design book covers wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, in an engaging and comprehensive look at what makes a home both functional and beautiful. Learn the importance of not just decorating with objects, but infusing your living space with items that have meaning in your own life.
The community food forest handbook : how to plan, organize, and nurture edible gathering places / Catherine Bukowski and John Munsell. cover
"Fueled by the popularity of permaculture and agroecology, community food forests are capturing the imaginations of people in neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the United States. Along with community gardens and farmers markets, community food forests are an avenue toward creating access to nutritious food and promoting environmental sustainability where we live. Interest in installing them in public spaces is on the rise. People are the most vital component of community food forests, but while we know more than ever about how to design food forests, the ways in which to best organize and lead groups of people involved with these projects has received relatively little attention. In The Community Food Forest Handbook, Catherine Bukowski and John Munsell dive into the civic aspects of community food forests, drawing on observations, group meetings, and interviews at over 20 projects across the country and their own experience creating and managing a food forest. They combine the stories and strategies gathered during their research with concepts of community development and project management to outline steps for creating lasting public food forests that positively impact communities. Rather than rehash food forest design, which classic books such as Forest Gardening and Edible Forest Gardens address in great detail, The Community Food Forest Handbook uses systems thinking and draws on social change theory to focus on how to work with diverse groups of people when conceiving of, designing, and implementing a community food forest. To find practical ground, the authors use management phases to highlight the ebb and flow of community capitals from a project s inception to its completion. They also explore examples of positive feedbacks that are often unexpected but offer avenues for enhancing the success of a community food forest. The Community Food Forest Handbook provides readers with helpful ideas for building and sustaining momentum, working with diverse public and private stakeholders, integrating assorted civic interests and visions within one project, creating safe and attractive sites, navigating community policies, positively affecting public perception, and managing site evolution and adaptation. Its concepts and examples showcase the complexities of community food forests, highlighting the human resilience of those who learn and experience what is possible when they collaborate on a shared vision for their community"--Provided by publisher.
Chainsaw manual for homeowners : learn to safely use your saw to trim trees, cut firewood, and fell trees / Brian J. Ruth. cover
"Teaches how to safely complete chainsaw projects, including step-by-step instructions for grooming hedges, trimming branches, felling trees, bucking trees, and cutting firewood"--Provided by publisher.
Root, nurture, grow : the essential guide to propagating and sharing houseplants / Caro Langton and Rose Ray of Ro Co ; photography by Erika Raxworthy ; illustrator, Karl-Joel Larsson. cover
Shows you how to make the most of your favorite houseplants through simple, beginner-friendly propagation techniques, as well as resourceful DIY projects including homemade rooting mediums, seed-bombs, and a self-watering plant pot.
Complete book of outdoor DIY projects / The How-to Guide for Building 35 Projects in Stone, Brick, Wood, and Water Penny Swift & Janek Szymanowski. cover
"Provides step-by-step instructions and color photographs to build outdoor stone, water, wood, and brick features for a yard and garden"-- Provided by publisher.
Cabins & cottages : the basics of building a getaway retreat for hunting, camping, and rustic living. cover
"Cabins & Cottages takes you through the basics of constructing a sturdy retreat that will withstand the worst of Mother Nature can dish out. Learn the carpentry and building techniques for construction a cottage with : pre-fab walls; an A-frame cabin; a pole-frame cabin; and a log cabin with a framed roof."--Page 4 of cover.
Carpentry made simple : 23 stylish projects : learn as you build. cover
"...the projects in Carpentry Made Simple are crisp, clean, and don't require an entire workshop and intimate knowledge of tools to create--most can be accomplished with a saw, drill set, and a few common supplies found at your local hardware store. Each of the 20+ projects contain lessons and valuable tips on skill-building and design to help you improve as a DIYer as you simultaneously create modern and elegant chairs, benches, shelves, cabinets, and more."--Page 4 of cover.