New Home & Garden Materials

Fertile edges : regenerating land, culture and hope / Maddy Harland. cover
Maddy Harland offers a unique, frontline take on 25 years of environmental successes and the massive challenges facing this planet and its people. From permaculture's origins in Australia in the 1970s to its current activities in over 170 countries worldwide, Harland explores the positive developments of this global movement and the potential it has yet to achieve. Her narrative is contextualized by significant trends and events: wars, disasters, deforestation, rising sea levels, the threat to the Gulf Stream, 9/11, Occupy, the rise of Trump, Brexit and climate denial. From discussions of practical permaculture to ruminations on deep ecology and global transformation, Harland contrasts the permaculture perspective with the ecocide of business as usual. Her writings reference concepts such as regenerative culture, earth restoration and social permaculture, long before they were to become core permaculture ideas and practices. Her deep connection with the natural world--its seasons, landscapes, and species--and all that our differing cultures and spirits have to offer add another dimension of heart to this book. These editorials from the mid 1990s to today, comprise a thoughtful portrait of an increasingly global movement, represent a forthright and compassionate call to arms, and offer pathways to hope and strength in times of crisis.
The complete guide to wiring : current with 2017-2020 electrical codes. cover
For more than ten years, BLACK+DECKER The Complete Guide to Wiring has been the bestselling home wiring manual in North America. Now with more than two million copies in print, this is the home reference book more DIYers choose than any other for many reasons. As the most current wiring book on the market, you can be confident that your projects will meet national writing codes. You'll also spend more time on your project and less time scratching your head thanks to more than 800 clear color photos and over 40 diagrams that show you exactly what you need to know about home electrical service; all the most common circuits, all the most-needed techniques, all the most essential tools and materials. The information in this book has been created and reviewed by professional electricians under the watchful eye of the experts at BLACK+DECKER. You can find plenty of articles and videos about wiring online or in other publications, but only The Complete Guide to Wiring has passed the rigorous test to make it part of The Best DIY Series from the Brand You Trust.--Provided by Publisher.
River stones grow plants / Richard C. Campbell ; contributions by Dr. H. Henry Teng ; Arvazena (Zena) Clardy. cover
"River Stones Grow Plants tells the tale of the accidental scientist Richard Campbell's 1994 encounter with his uncle, Dr. Thomas Logan, who unintentionally dropped of a few watermelon seeds in his gravel bed designed for weed block with lawn fabric separating the soil from the gravel. The next spring a watermelon grew. The roots simply lined above the lawn fabric under the rocks, separated completely from the soil. After years of observations, testing and research, Campbell determined that sedimentary rock is made up of the sediment of the sea, or decayed organic life fossilized into a rock. This rock is call river rock, river stones or pea gravel. Add water to the rock in an ideal environment, drop in some seeds, and you have a living ecosystem capable of plant production. River Stones Grow Plants (RSGP) is Richard Campbell's account of developing the modern-day application of geological agriculture. Campbell's accidental discovery in the mid-1990s picks up where scientists left off with RSGP sharing 24 years of observations, testing and refinement for contemporary society to use and leverage for life's growing applications. Geological agriculture is defined as the study of using river stones as the growing medium for plants absent the use of soil and fertilizers. The common term is referred to as gravel gardening."--provided by
Best-selling 1-story home plans. cover
"From convenient ranch homes to traditional cottages, you'll find a wide variety of styles and sizes here to meet your budget. And with complete construction blueprints available for each and every house shown, you can build your special home just the way you want!"
The house and garden at Glenmore : landscape, seasons, memory, home / Mickey Robertson ; photography Daniel Shipp. cover
Twenty-five years ago Mickey Robertson and her husband made an impulsive decision to buy a collection of historic but dilapidated, colonial farm buildings in New South Wales, Australia; thus beginning an unplanned, but intensely emotional, journey of restoration and renewal. Glenmore House exemplifies Mickey's philosophy that interiors be infused with the surrounding environment as much as the lives of their inhabitants; and that memory and a little bit of serendipity play a role in creating a home"--Back dust-jacket.
The Rockefeller family gardens : an American legacy / photographs by Larry Lederman ; introduction by Dominique Browning ; essays by Cynthia Bronson Altman, Todd Forrest and Cassie Banning ; afterw... cover
The Rockefeller family is synonymous with great wealth, extraordinary philanthropy, and exceptional stewardship of unspoiled landscapes. In their private world, the Rockefellers have created extraordinary gardens. Over the course of a century, their grounds have matured and evolved to reflect the layered visions of three generations of the Rockefeller family. At Kykuit in the Hudson Valley, John D. Rockefeller valued broad expanses of lawns with a noble forest of evergreens at the perimeter. His son, John D. Rockefeller Jr., molded this landscape into a more formal Beaux-Arts garden design. This garden was later enhanced by Nelson A. Rockefeller?s addition of an extensive collection of twentieth-century sculpture, which is still in place today. In 'The Rockefeller Family Gardens', photographer Larry Lederman gives readers unprecedented access to the two Kykuit gardens, the expansive Beaux-Arts style garden and a little-known Japanese garden, brought to life by Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller.
The thoughtful gardener / Jinny Blom. cover
"In The Thoughtful Gardener, Jinny Blom shares insight into the creative process she has developed while designing more than 250 gardens around the world. Jinny believes that garden design should lead from a house and its context. For her, design is more a matter of intelligence and appropriateness than imposing a particular style. As such, Jinny s approach, which she demonstrates in this book in the many and varied gardens she has created, can be applied to any garden in any situation. The reader can take inspiration from Jinny s principles and apply them to their own garden, whatever the shape, size of plot or aspect, to create a garden that will work for them and for their situation, giving enormous satisfaction for years to come."--Publisher's description.
Big dreams, small garden : a guide to creating something extraordinary in your ordinary space / Marianne Willburn. cover
Creating a spectacular garden is challenging when you thought you'd be living somewhere else by now. How do passionate gardeners struggling with limited resources manage to put aside feelings of inadequacy and envy and begin to create an oasis in the midst of numerous obstacles? Why should they even try? In her debut book, Big Dreams, Small Garden, columnist and blogger Marianne Willburn presents a comprehensive step-by-step plan for creating an ideal garden in less-than-ideal circumstances, encouraging the discouraged to pick up their trowels, put on their gloves, and get on with it. With humour and irreverence, she painlessly guides readers to make a deeper connection with the places they call home, letting go of limiting emotions and embracing a new perspective, and in doing so, makes a case for one of the longest relationships in human history, that of man’s relationship with the soil. Big Dreams, Small Garden is an informative, often lighthearted look at coming to terms with your space, embracing your space, and miraculously falling in love. It cannot fail to appeal to a generation that is once again returning to the land only to find that it is further and further out of reach.
The food forest handbook : design and manage a home-scale perennial polyculture garden / by Darrell Frey & Michelle Czolba. cover
"The Food Forest Handbook is a comprehensive guide to creating abundance though low-maintenance, high-yield, sustainable food production based on perennial polyculture management. By incorporating fruit and nut trees, shrubs, vines and perennial herbs and vegetables into a small-scale integrated permaculture landscape, gardeners can increase biodiversity, protect valuable habitat for beneficial insects, and promote food security and resilience."-- Provided by publisher.
The house that Pinterest built / Diane Keaton ; creative directors, Diane Keaton and Lorraine Wild ; art director, Sarah Shoemake ; principal photographer, Lisa Romerein. cover
"A compelling account of Diane Keaton's dream house, from idea to realization in brick, stone, and wood. Keaton's narrative and inspirational images will inspire all those who imagine the perfect home."--Publisher's description.
Peony : the best varieties for your garden / David C. Michener & Carol A. Adelman. cover
In The Peony, David Michener and Carol Adelman help spread the joy of gardening with peonies. They share the history of this beloved plant, highlight the different types of peonies available, and profile the best 193 varieties of both. Growing information includes details on climate, soil, light, planting, and water needs. Helpful lists detail the best peony variety for specific needs and a resource list shares the best places to buy peonies and the best public gardens to see them in.
Advanced home wiring : current with 2017-2020 codes. cover
The new, 5th edition of BLACK+DECKER Advanced Home Wiring does more than simply make incremental changes to match new national electrical codes. It includes several never-before-seen projects that will challenge even the most experienced home DIYer. Some of these include: a step-by-step demonstration of the right way to wire a three-way switch in any situation; a closer look at new "available neutral" requirements and how they impact traditional wiring configurations; new information on weatherproof boxes and conduit; a primer on three-phase power; and a guide to 240-volt circuitry that eliminates all the confusion. These are higher-level projects, but ones that offer high rewards when they are done right. The latest home wiring products and techniques are also featured in this new edition. If you already have a good understanding of the basics of home wiring and electrical systems, this is the book you need to take your game to the next level.--Provided by
Gardening for wildlife : a complete guide to nature-friendly gardening / Adrian Thomas. cover
There is something uplifting about having butterflies in your flowerbeds, frogs in your water feature and birds in your bushes, and knowing they're there because of you. Rich in detail and accessible in style, Gardening for Wildlife is the crucial companion to novices and expert gardeners alike. Adrian Thomas dispels myths and offers new insights and ideas, helping everyone understand what to do so gardens, large or small, can become ideal homes for wildlife. Building on the success of the award-winning first edition, this expanded and updated edition reflects new research and developments in nature-friendly gardening. The book serves as an expert guide to the practical aspects of this rewarding pastime and educates readers about the ecological principles involved, while exploding commonly held misconceptions that often deter people from pursuing a kinder approach to gardening. Adrian Thomas provides a detailed guide to the many and varied species of flora and fauna that can contribute to a natural and healthy garden. There are practical sections to help you create entire habitats, such as woodland and meadow gardens, and a catalogue of the top 400 best garden flowers, shrubs and trees for wildlife, each illustrated in a colour photograph. If you love wildlife and want to encourage more to visit your garden, this inspirational book will help you sow the seeds and reap the rewards.
Composting for a new generation : latest techniques for the bin and beyond / Michelle Balz ; photography by Anna Stockton. cover
Composting is no longer only in the realm of environmentalists! It's not just about reducing food waste; most composters get their hands dirty because of the benefits it brings to the soil in their garden. All the extra nutrients makes for well-fed gardens with plenty of nutrients and rich moisture. Composting has been under the radar screen until now, and seen as a boutique, West Coast thing, says Jared Blumenfeld, who oversees California as well as two other Western states and the Pacific for the Environmental Protection Agency. But now everyone from Massachusetts to Minnesota has programs starting up, and pretty soon there will be a critical mass. [This book] includes tried-and-true composting methods and new, innovative techniques. You'll learn the science of composting, traditional bin composting (including how-to sections on building your own bin), vermicomposting (with worms), composting with nature, keyhole gardens, organic composting, and using your finished compost. [This] is the most complete book to date for your organic soil needs.
Remodel success : home remodeling done right, on time, and on budget / Monica D. Higgins. cover
"Most homeowners are uninformed and ill-prepared for big-ticket remodels. The knowledge they do have often comes from reality-TV home makeover shows that gloss over the ingredients essential to success. This book by a construction management pro gives homeowners increased confidence in making remodeling decisions, and peace of mind. Learn the six biggest mistakes people make when building a remodeling dream team, painless ways to shave the budget, what to do when your contractor isn't listening, and where to find financing. In the coming years, home remodeling activity is projected to accelerate, maintaining a growth rate above its long-term trend, according to Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. Use the guide's exercises and checklists to help you develop and articulate your remodeling goals, make decisions that align with your vision, and manage details, relationships, and budget."--
Easy garden projects : 200+ simple ideas for your yard, garden & home. cover
"Everyone could use a little greenery in their lives! Easy Garden Projects features 200+ creative garden projects of all skill levels and styles to help you liven up your home and yard. Country Gardens magazine celebrates the spirit and romance of gardening as a lifestyle, with an emphasis on a less formal, more personal aesthetic. With its simple tutorials that anyone can do to enhance their space, Easy Garden Projects appeals to a wide swath of gardeners. Whether it's a homemade faux-stone planter filled with succulents or a potting bench made from reclaimed wood, each design features a finished-project photo and step-by-step instructions to guide you on your gardening path. The look and feel of the book reflects the breezy, rustic, and organic style of the Country Gardens brand. No matter where you live and garden, Easy Garden Projects features fun ways to spend a weekend or just a few hours making something beautiful."--provided by