New Home & Garden Materials

Colour palettes in home decoration / Jessica Chen. cover
Colour palette in home decoration' has become a special domain for designers in response to the increasingly higher demand for colour aesthetics of the public. The book looks into dozens of well-designed projects, showcasing the colour design principles and applications in different contexts in home design.
Green escapes : the guide to secret urban gardens / Toby Musgrave. cover
An insider's guide to the world's greatest 'secret' gardens, green spaces, and pocket parks tucked away in cities around the globe. Cities everywhere are graced with charming but little-known, off-the-beaten-track gardens and green spaces, offering urbanites in the know a chance to immerse themselves in nature. These often small, well-kept secrets are not as grand as those on the tourist trail but are equally delightful and rewarding to visit, if you know where to find them. 'Green Escapes' is the revelatory insider's guide to these secret gems. Each of them open to the public, the gardens range from pocket parks, courtyards, and rooftop terraces, to community gardens and more.
Weeds in the urban landscape : where they come from, why they're here, and how to live with them / Richard Orlando. cover
A comprehensive identification guide to 189 common weeds in the urban environment, explaining their families and characteristics, with strategies for managing their presence in the garden and fields.
The edible herb garden / Rosalind Creasy. cover
GARDENING A plethora of herb gardening and cooking books is available, some by Creasy herself. But if your collection needs a new one, this work, combining gardening information with recipes, is recommended. The price is a bargain for an attractive, well-designed package with over 70 color photographs and illustrations. Included are sections on growing herbs and designing an herb garden. An appendix addresses pest and disease control, and there is a selection of recipes using fresh herbs. The heart of the book, though, is the 'Encyclopedia of Culinary Herbs: From Angelica to Thyme.' Here each plant is pictured in color with text explaining how to grow and prepare it. Both Creasy and the 'Edible Garden' series are well regarded; Creasy's The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping (LJ 5/1/82) was named one of the 75 Great American Garden Books by the American Horticultural Society. Her new book is a visual treat that also offers useful, well-organized, and well-presented information. Carol Cubberley, Univ. of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg-
Backyard treehouses : building plans, tips, and advice / Dan Wright. cover
Expert advice on treehouse building. Includes plans, tips, and color photographs-- Provided by publisher.
Inspiring tiny homes : creative living on land, on the water, and on wheels / Gill Heriz, with photography by Nicolette Hallett. cover
People have been living small for centuries for reasons of practicality, mobility, flexibility or personal choice. More recently, tiny homes have become the answer for many who need somewhere affordable to live and possess the creativity and energy to create something different. Gill Heriz has brought together a collection of some of the most incredible tiny homes, from Seattle in the north-west of America ro Findhorn, on the north coast of Scotland, to show how beautiful, and achievable, tiny-home living can be.
Climate-wise landscaping : practical actions for a sustainable future / Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt ; foreword by Doug Tallamy. cover
Practical steps anyone can take to beautify any landscape or garden, while helping protect the planet and the species that call it home. Topics include: Working actively to shrink our carbon footprint through mindful landscaping and gardening; creating cleaner air and water; increasing physical comfort during hotter seasons; supporting birds, butterflies, pollinators, and other wildlife.
Cacti and succulents handbook : basic growing techniques and a directory of more than 140 common species and varieties / Gideon F. Smith. cover
"Explains how to grow and care for cactus and succulent plants in the home. A gallery shows how cacti and succulents can be arranged and a directory of plants provides information on dozens of species"--Provided by publisher.
Low-maintenance vegetable gardening : bumper crops in minutes a day using raised beds, planning and plant selection / Clare Matthews. cover
"Spend less time in the garden--and get more results! Low Maintenance Vegetable Gardening is an indispensable guide for anyone with limited time who still wants to achieve high yields from their vegetable plot"--Provided by publisher.
The bee friendly garden : easy ways to help the bees and make your garden grow / Doug Purdie. cover
A grower's handbook to attracting bees and other beneficial insects. The Bee Friendly Garden is a guide for all gardeners great and small to encouraging bees and other good bugs to your green space ... Includes: - How bees forage and why your garden needs them - A comprehensive plant guide to bee friendly plants - Simple changes anybody can make - Ideas for gardens of all sizes - Natural pest control and companion planting advice.
Basements complete : expert advice from start to finish / Steve Cory. cover
"[This book] covers the most popular remodeling approaches and projects for basements, including information on preventing mold and mildew, moving pipes up or over to make more headroom, bringing more light into a dark space, mitigating radon, and sealing floors and walls"
Miniature terrariums / by Fourwords. cover
Terrarium gardening offers unlimited gardening possibilities, even when space is limited. Although terrariums have been around since Victorian times, Japanese garden design has perfected the art form with a modern and minimalist twist. The container gardening trend fits well with the small-space living concept refined in Japan and elsewhere.