New Home & Garden Materials

Evocative interiors / Ray Booth with Judith Nasatir ; foreword by Bobby McAlpine. cover
"Trained as an architect, designer Ray Booth's distinctively elegant, strikingly evocative spaces exude modernism while reflecting a sense of place and history. Booth's creativity is palpable in spectacular homes demonstrating his ability to harmonize open-plan interiors with the surrounding landscape. Presented here are Booth's most celebrated Nashville residences and never-before-seen projects in Palm Beach, Louisiana, New York, Texas, and the Hamptons. Each illustrates his innovative use of furniture as architecture to define rooms, draperies in place of walls, captivating displays of art and mirrors, and an eclectic mix of antiques and contemporary pieces. Among the house profiles is Booth's Nashville home, which shows the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School, and reveals his appreciation for traditional materials, particularly large expanses of glass, masonry, and wood. Within a new home or one with a history, Booth applies a fresh vision for today's living, including fabrics and furnishings accentuating his modern style. Evocative Interiors brings to the fore the work of this leading designer."--Provided by publisher.
Small summer gardens : 35 bright and beautiful gardening projects to bring color and scent to your garden / Emma Hardy. cover
There are gorgeous flowering plants, lush foliage, special occasion displays, and edible fruit and vegetable harvests. The projects in Small Summer Gardens include hanging baskets, window boxes, beautiful flower beds, large and small pots, and pretty recycled containers. Create a display of foxgloves and woodland plants in a rusty trunk, scented sweet peas in a tub, a mini water garden with flowering water lilies, a wreath made from alpine flowers, fruit bushes in pots, and much more. With Emma Hardy's expert advice, you will learn everything you need to know about growing annuals from seed, growing bulbs, using inexpensive bedding plants in interesting ways, combining perennials and small shrubs, and growing and maintaining fruit and vegetable plants.
Creating beauty : interiors / Kathryn Scott ; principal photography by William Abranowicz ; written with Judith Nasitir. cover
The first book from acclaimed Brooklyn-based interior designer Kathryn Scott, whose handcrafted interiors evoke a sense of serenity, harmony, and simplicity. Kathryn Scott is a designer whose disciplined eye results in interiors praised for their beauty and minimalism, as well as their artisanal details. Through ten residences, bookended by Scott's own acclaimed five-story, nineteenth-century Italianate brownstone in Brooklyn Heights and her ravishing country house, the book explores the idea of home as sanctuary, a place to rest, replenish, and refocus. From a Parisian-inspired neoclassical town house, to an elegant Central Park West penthouse, to a modern retreat in the Hudson Valley, the houses profiled here showcase the importance of architectural detailing, the classical rules of proportion, and the importance of integrating beautiful materials and finishes in uncommon ways. Interwoven with the stories of the houses are explorations of the themes found in Scott's work. This book is a celebration of simplicity, beautiful detailing, and unexpected materials and styles.
Gardening complete : how to best grow vegetables, flowers, and other outdoor plants. cover
"Gardening Complete is a practical book that demonstrates how to accomplish the routine activities of gardening, including: planning and planting your garden, essential care for the garden during the growing season, dealing with pests and diseases, and harvesting fruits and vegetables." --
Designing with palms / Jason Dewees ; photographs by Caitlin Atkinson. cover
Few people understand palms as well as Jason Dewees, horticulturalist at Flora Grubb Gardens and at East West Trees, the leading wholesale source of palms in the United States. In this comprehensive guide, he shares the many ways palms can transform courtyards, gardens, and landscapes. Detailing the most important species and highlighted by striking photography, Designing with Palms imports vital advice on making the most of these statement-making plants.--COVER.
Essential cordwood building : a the complete step-by-step guide / Rob Roy. cover
"Cordwood building?log-ends set in insulated mortar?is a versatile, economical, low-impact, and beautiful building method. Its durability and performance has been proven in beautiful, centuries-old buildings in North America and Europe. Yet until now, there has been no trusted, practical guide to cordwood construction using the material in a wide variety of construction projects. Distilling decades of experience and best practices, Essential Cordwood Building is the first fully illustrated, step-by-step guide to cordwood building."--Page 4 of cover.
Stylish succulents : Japanese inspired container gardens for small spaces / Tokiiro ; photography, Shuhei Tonami ; illustrations, Takayuki Fujikawa ; translated from Japanese by Leeyong Soo. cover
"Colorful and hardy succulents meet the simple principles of Japanese Bonsai and Ikebana in this unique guide to container gardening. Inexpensive projects presented along with the spare aesthetic of Japanese design will appeal to everyone from interior designers to small space enthusiasts to gardeners. Stylish Succulents approaches container gardens as an art form ranging from low-key to lush. Trendy and low-maintenance succulents come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures as do containers making each project one-of-a-kind. Projects are carefully explained and include step-by-step photo instructions. Learn how to: Choose colors, shapes, and textures to fit your personal space; Utilize wall spaces with simple planters and dramatic hanging gardens; Make a succulent wreath; Create thoughtful and inexpensive gifts. Every level of gardener can create these miniature works of gardening art using containers and plants of their choosing. The possibilities are truly endless!"--Provided by publisher.
Essential natural plasters : a guide to materials, recipes, and use / Michael Henry & Tina Therrien. cover
"Essential Natural Plasters is the most comprehensive guide to making and using natural plasters for all types of buildings. It covers clay, lime, and gypsum plasters; waterproof tadelakt plaster for bathrooms; fibers and additives; interior and exterior use; substrate preparation; mixing, testing, and tinting; and practical application tips. Included are hard-to-find recipes from leading natural plasterers from around the world."-- Provided by publisher.
Classic cottages / Cindy Smith Cooper. cover
Descriptions and color photographs of homes across North America provide design ideas for cottages and cottage gardens.
The Rodale book of composting : simple methods to improve your soil, recycle waste, grow healthier plants, and create an earth-friendly garden / Grace Gershuny & Deborah L. Martin, editors. cover
"Even though this book was written over 25 years ago, composting is experiencing a renaissance - and this revised edition includes all the latest in new techniques, technology, equipment. Gardeners know it's the best way to feed the soil and turn food scraps into fresh produce, but even urbanites can get on board thanks to programs like compost pickup and citywide food waste initiatives. There's no better way to reduce landfill waste (and subsequent emissions) and dependence on fossil fuels while nourishing the earth. The Rodale Book of Composting offers easy-to-follow instructions for making and using compost, helpful tips for apartment dwellers to suburbanites, farmers and community leaders, and ecologically sound solutions to growing waste-disposal problems."-- Provided by publisher.
The doable off-grid homestead : cultivating a simple life by hand... on a budget / Stewart and Shannon Stonger. cover
"If you've ever thought about creating your own family homestead but weren't sure how to get started or if it were even possible, Stewart and Shannon Stonger have been there and can help guide your way. They left their home in the city and moved to an empty plot of land with hopes of building a more sustainable way of life. Their years of research, limited budget, creativity and pursuit of their dream produced effective solutions that have taken them step by step to an independent, debt-free and off-grid homestead. In this book, they share how they did it to help others take the first steps in achieving their simple life dreams. You'll learn how to build inexpensive infrastructure, harness energy from the sun, manage an off-grid home, grow vegetables in tough conditions, preserve the harvest, build an earthbag root cellar, raise beginner's livestock and so much more. These attainable, game-changing tips and projects have allowed Stewart and Shannon to live a simpler, more rewarding life with their children. If they can do it, so can you!"
Design-your-garden toolkit : visualize the perfect plant combinations for your yard : step-by-step guide with profiles of 128 popular plants, reusable cling stickers, and fold-out design board / Mi... cover
Before picking up the trowel, pick up the stickers! With 150 reusable illustrated stickers -- representing dozens of plant cultivars that are versatile, readily available, and suitable for most temperate growing zones -- plus a fold-out design board and a book teaching five easy steps of garden design, you'll have everything you need to create your vision of the perfect garden. The durable cling stickers, with beautiful botanically accurate illustrations, can be layered, arranged, and rearranged to try out every variation before making any plant purchases. This book-and-kit combination makes it possible to create your dream border, bed, or backyard oasis without leaving your kitchen table!
Worms eat my garbage : how to set up and maintain a worm composting system / by Mary Appelhof and Joanne Olszewski. cover
Don't let your food waste go to waste! With a little help from a family of worms, you can turn all your kitchen scraps and leftovers into rich, valuable vermicompost for your garden and houseplants. Keeping a self-contained worm bin and harvesting the compost your worms produce is clean, easy, and productive with this classic guide, fully updated.--COVER.
The anatomy of treehouses : new buildings from an old tradition / Jane Field-Lewis. cover
Classy and quirky treehouses from around the world. The treehouse in its most simple and fundamental form enables us to escape from the everyday pressures of modern life and feel closer to nature. It can also be an architectural wonder, showcasing the most creative of small space design, and used for businesses from restaurants to yoga retreats and sustainable housing solutions. This beautiful book shows how the treehouse can be many things: from simple structures in tiny backyards to modern geodesic forms strung high up above the treeline. There is something magical about treehouseswhatever your age. There are treehouses with woodburning stoves, some with four-poster beds, some with elevated walkways obscured by the canopy of trees above. Then there are the handmade simple structures using recycled materials and the branches of the trees for both internal and external support and design. The Anatomy of Treehouses offers both visual inspiration and stories behind the creation of these treehouses. Details on the plan, structure, materials and decoration, color palette and texture, and style notes bring the stories to life. $c Provided by
The budget-wise gardener : with hundreds of money-saving buying & design tips for planting the best for less / Kerry Ann Mendez. cover
The Budget-Wise Gardener is here with the inside scoop on nailing the best deals and having it all. Author and "plantaholic" Kerry Ann Mendez is a resourceful garden pro who knows where the bargains are hiding. In these tip-filled pages you will learn: How to select plants that pay for their keep and keep on giving; How to navigate catalogs and garden centers to your benefit; How to time your purchases to take advantage of deep discounts and giveaways; How to find treasures at plant, bulb, and seed swaps; and much more.--COVER.
Essential earthbag construction : the complete step-by-step guide / Kelly Hart. cover
"Earthbag construction -- building with polypropylene bags usually filled with earthen materials -- is a versatile, easy-to-master, low-impact, and highly durable form of building, suitable for structures from houses to root cellars. Containing over 75 photos and illustrations, Essential Earthbag Construction is a practical guide to this affordable method of building. Going well beyond the scope of other sources, this indispensable manual is packed with all the information you need to determine if it's the right choice for your project, and to start building."--provided by
The vegan cook & gardener : growing, storing and cooking delicious healthy food all year round / Piers Warren & Ella Bee Glendining. cover
"Grow your own fruit and vegetables, herbs, salads and sprouts, and then turn your produce into delicious, no-fuss vegan meals that are healthy for you and the planet. Father and daughter team, Piers Warren and Ella Bee Glendining, share successful growing techniques and seasonal recipes, plus years of experience of animal-free, healthy living. They show you how to: * Grow your own food * Garden without animal products * Grow more challenging but delicious crops * Produce food all year with practical growing techniques * Store any excess to keep you going through the leaner months * Cook your produce with a selection of satisfying and delicious recipes Discover the fun and huge sense of satisfaction that comes from cooking something you have produced yourself. Grow and eat for a more ethical, healthy and sustainable world!"-- Provided by publisher.
Beginner's garden : a practical guide to growing vegetables & fruit without getting your hands too dirty / Alex Mitchell. cover
"Gives tips and advice to beginning gardeners for planning, setting up, and maintaining a small garden. In addition to recipes and tips for entertaining in the garden, this book also details the characteristics of dozens of commonly grown vegetables and fruit"--Provided by publisher.
Perennials : thriving flower gardens in every type of light / Nedra Secrist. cover
"With this guide, design the perfect garden for your home, location, and light level ... Liven up your home with flowers and plants that will flourish for more than just a season--with careful planning, these gardens will be a delight for years to come!"--Page 4 of cover.
The botanical bible : plants, flowers, art, recipes & other home remedies / Sonya Patel Ellis. cover
"The botanical bible combines art, science, and the insights of internationally renowned plant experts to celebrate the beauty, diversity, and vitality of our botanical world. An elegant and comprehensive introduction to everything there is to know about flowers and plants, The botanical bible covers the history of horticulture, the evolution of the plant kingdom, basic botany, and much more. Readers will learn not only how to garden and forage in six major climate zones but also how to make the most of their harvest through a series of recipes for savory dishes, sweets, and drinks. Author and artist Sonya Patel Ellis demonstrates how to use botanicals for beauty, health, and overall wellbeing, with instructions for making essential oils, herbal remedies, floral scents, and natural cosmetics--and even explores the world of botanical artistry and crafts. Gorgeously illustrated throughout, and packed with information and hands-on projects, The botanical bible is the ultimate guide for aspiring gardeners, botanists, homesteaders, and anyone seeking a more meaningful relationship with nature"--Page [4] of cover.
Hanging kokedama : creating potless plants for the home / Coraleigh Parker ; [photography by Larnie Nicolson]. cover
"Learn all about the Japanese art of creating pot-less plants, known as kokedama, from botanical extraordinaire Coraleigh Parker, and have a go a creating your own pot-less, hanging plants. Coraleigh's breath-taking moss ball creations, featuring ferns, succulents, herbs, orchids and even small trees, are suspended in mid-air and supported by nothing more than a series of strings or fishing lines, intricately wrapped around a root ball. Decorating with indoor plants has never been more popular and hanging kokedama is the ultimate botanical trend as it offers everything through a single, versatile and inexpensive craft; you can turn any of your favorite plants into a kokedama on a (shoe)string in no time"--