New Home & Garden Materials

Farrow & Ball : recipes for decorating / Joa Studholme ; James Merrell and Robin Kitchen, photographers. cover
"The experts at Farrow & Ball have created a primer on winning color combinations created for every room of the home. At the heart of the book are fifteen case studies of inspirational interiors--a city apartment, a country cottage, a seaside escape, a schoolhouse repurposed for residential use--which are explored to reveal how selecting the right range and combination of colors creates a harmonious whole. For each case study there is a detailed color palette that acts like a recipe with a menu of ideas to copy. Color is then considered room by room, showing how to combine color with light and space to get the most of every area of the house, be it a large kitchen, a cozy bedroom, or a relaxed study."--From publisher's description.
The new glamour : interiors with star quality / Jeff Andrews ; written with Kathryn O'Shea-Evans ; photography by Grey Crawford ; foreword by Kaley Cuoco. cover
In his first book, Jeff Andrews guides us through the bold spaces he has created for his celebrity clients, while sharing his philosophy on design, exploring topics such as creating a vision and keeping unexpected choices elegant and cohesive; cultivating cinematic style with sweeping staircases and a feeling of extravagance, while never insisting on buttoned-up formality. Throughout, Andrews reminds us that interiors must be balanced--whether it's making sure that even the most sophisticated house has a sense of welcome, or adding an element of rusticity, like grasscloth walls, to an otherwise sleek modern space. Captivating light fixtures, luxe-yet-comfortable furniture, and carefully curated collections come together for a modern take on old Hollywood glamour that will inspire and instruct. Colorful and fun, this is a sourcebook of cool California living at its best. --
Growing winter food : how to grow, harvest, store, and use produce for the winter months / by Linda Gray. cover
"Grow your own keeper crops for the chilly days of winter--and you'll be sure of putting the freshest, tastiest produce, packed with goodness, on your kitchen table! Growing Winter Food is the essential gardening guide for those who want to enjoy their garden's output all year round. This easy-to-follow book shows you how to grow your own fruits and vegetables for winter use and includes detailed cultivation advice on each crop, along with nutritional value, recipe ideas, and storage suggestions. Inside Growing Winter Food · How to choose crops that you can grow and preserve so you'll have fresh vegetables over the winter. · Practical information and growing advice for all the most commonly grown winter foods: roots, legumes, green vegetables, herbs and fruits. · Easy-to-follow instructions for sowing, maintenance, harvesting, and general gardening techniques. · All the basic techniques you need to know, from preparing soil to using cloches and containers to dealing with pests and diseases. · Handy plant profiles cover how to grow, plant, care for, save seeds, harvest, and preserve. · Perfect for those with limited gardening experience, with gardens big or small." -- From
Contemporary cottages / Molly Hyde English ; photographs by Ryan Garvin. cover
"The homes featured in Contemporary Cottages update beach and mountain cottages with fresh, modern appointments, magical entryways, updated and repurposed rooms, open ceilings, custom floor plans and unique lighting--all without disturbing the timeless charm and scale that defines a cottage. No design rules are at play here; each home is decorated with the furnishings and accessories of the family that dreamed about it and turned it into a reality."--Provided by the publisher.
Urban garden design : transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and practical escape / Kate Gould ; photography by Helen Fickling. cover
A stunning guide for gardeners keen to transform small and awkward outdoor spaces into beautiful and practical escapes. From courtyards to rooftops, Kate Gould draws on her experience as an award-winning garden designer to provide tailored solutions and inspirational ideas.Covering topics such as how to design and measure the perfect garden, choose and use the best materials and maintain a lush garden all year round, Small Garden Design includes detailed advice for gardeners undeterred by limited space. This carefully illustrated guide ensures gardeners of all abilities achieve the best results outdoors. Creating a personal and unique space is also at the heart of each project and Kate makes sure to discuss how to tie each design back to the interior of the home.
Small houses : big ideas for today's small homes / editors of Fine Homebuilding ; editor: Peter Chapman. cover
"In this new collection of small houses from Fine Homebuilding magazine, the authors look at houses both new and remodeled, traditional and modern, urban and rural, by the water and in the mountains. The houses exude as much style as homes many times their square footage, and all are as big as they need to be to fit the lifestyles and aspirations of the people who live in them"-- Provided by publisher.
Protecting pollinators : how to save the creatures that feed our world / Jodi Helmer. cover
We should thank a pollinator at every meal. These diminutive creatures fertilize a third of the crops we eat. Yet half of the 200,000 species of pollinators are threatened. Birds, bats, insects, and many other pollinators are disappearing, putting our entire food supply in jeopardy. In North America and Europe, bee populations have already plummeted by more than a third and the population of butterflies has declined 31 percent. Protecting Pollinators explores why the statistics have become so dire and how they can be reversed. Jodi Helmer breaks down the latest science on environmental threats and takes readers inside the most promising conservation initiatives. Efforts include farmers reducing pesticides, cities creating butterfly highways, volunteers ripping up invasive plants, gardeners planting native flowers, and citizen scientists monitoring migration. Along with inspiring stories of revival and lessons from failed projects, readers will find practical tips to get involved. They will also be reminded of the magic of pollinators--not only the iconic monarch and dainty hummingbird, but the drab hawk moth and homely bats that are just as essential. Without pollinators, the world would be a duller, blander place. Helmer shows how we can make sure they are always fluttering, soaring, and buzzing around us. -- Provided by publisher
The planthunter : truth, beauty, chaos and plants / Georgina Reid with photography by Daniel Shipp. cover
From street gardens in LA to grand country estates in Auckland; tiny rental gardens in Sydney to plant packed suburban Brisbane backyards, this book is a visceral and immersive exploration of the exceptional and ordinary ways people around the world find truth, beauty, purpose and connection through the act of gardening. The book is a culmination of the five years the author and photographer have been pondering questions of plants, people and connection on The Planthunter online magazine. It's a reflection of our complimentary creative vision, shared aesthetic sensibility, and commitment to truthful storytelling. adapted from publisher's website.
Live small, live modern : the best of Beams at home / [writers: Mayumi Abe, Megumi Yamashita, Aya Miyauchi, Azume Hasegawa, Tomoko Minooka, Takatoshi Takebe, Mari Horio, and Shiori Fujii ; illustra... cover
Features a selection of homes drawn from volumes 1, 2, and 3 of BEAMS at Home. The real-life examples and ideas, on everything from room decor to the organization of life's essentials, created by some of Japan's most fashion conscious people, will no doubt become a bible for anyone with an interest in interiors, art, fashion and modern industrial design.
The joy of tiny house living : everything you need to know before taking the plunge / Chris Schapdick. cover
"Explains why and how to live in a tiny house and provides practical tips on designing, building, buying, and equipping your own tiny house"-- Provided by publisher.
In bloom : growing, harvesting, and arranging homegrown flowers all year round / Clare Nolan. cover
"Guide to planning, planting and maintaining home flower gardens. Provides instructions for styling displays for the home and for gifts."--Provided by publisher.
Field guide to urban gardening : how to grow plants, no matter where you live / Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening. cover
"If you think it's impossible to grow your own food because you don't have a large yard or you live in the city...think again. There is a plethora of urban gardening options to create beautiful, productive edible gardens no matter where you live. The key to succeeding as an urban gardener is to choose the method(s) that make sense for your unique living situation and then give your plants what they need to thrive. In Field Guide to Urban Gardening, author Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening shares the basics of growing plants, offers tips on how to choose the right urban gardening method, and troubleshoots the most common problems you'll encounter. But he doesn't stop there. He also provides in-depth garden plans, from upcycled DIY projects and intensive hydroponic systems to beautiful and functional raised beds. Urban gardening is a real, growing, and important movement in today's world. This fact-packed book is your roadmap to get growing today.