New Graphic Novels for Kids

Magical dance. 2 / Nao Kodaka ; translations, Jason Muell. cover
As practice resumes for the upcoming nationals, Rin's dance troupe begins to learn more advanced choreography and she is doing her best to keep up with her teammates' skill level with the help of her favorite Disney characters.
Magical dance. 1 / Nao Kodaka ; translations, Jason Muell. cover
Rin dreams of performing with a dance troupe and even with a lot of practice, her dancing isn't improving, but impressed by her dedication, Tinker Bell casts a spell that allows Rin to enter the magical world of Disney to learn the joys of dancing.
Tinker Bell's secret / by Haruhi Kato. cover
Tinker Bell is the best tinkerer in all of Pixie Hollow. She's even asked to fix Queen Lee's bath tub, the biggest honor for any tinker fairy! But when Tink loses her magical hammer in Peter Pan's secret hideout, she loses her ability to tinker! Will Tink be able to get her hammer and her talent back without being caught by Peter Pan and the Lost Boys? Continue the adventures with Tink and friends in the world of the Disney Fairies!
Vidia and the Fairy Crown / Vidia and the Fairy Crown by Haruhi Kato. cover
When Queen Clarion's crown goes missing and the clues point to the cynical, aloof fairy Vidia as the thief, Vidia tries to discover what really happened to the crown.
The Thea sisters and the mystery at sea! / The Thea Sisters and the Mystery at Sea! by Thea Stilton ; script by Franceso Savino ; translation by Nanette McGuinness ; art by Ryan Jampole. cover
Discovering that the turtles on Turtle Island have gone missing, the Thea Sisters spot environment-threatening drums of a strange oil and struggle to gather help before spotting a pair of turtles entering a mysterious underground cave.
Plants vs. zombies : petal to the metal / written by Paul Tobin ; art by Ron Chan ; colors by Matt J. Rainwater ; letters by Steve Dutro. cover
When Crazy Dave challenges Zomboss to a series of challenges for the fate of Neighborville, the zombies and plants take to the road in a series of car-filled competitions.
Where's Halmoni? / Julie Kim. cover
Searching for their missing grandmother, two Korean children follow tracks into a fantastic world filled with beings from folklore who speak in Korean. Includes translations and information about the folkloric characters.
One trick pony / a graphic novel by Nathan Hale. cover
In a future where alien beings consume technology as a few humans try to preserve it, Strata, her brother, and a friend are separated from their caravan and, with a wonderful robotic horse, must fight their way back.
Nightlights / Lorena Alvarez. cover
When a mysterious girl appears at school and learns of Sandy's drawings, that she creates from the tiny stars that appear in her room at night, Morfie's fascination soon turns into something sinister.
Louis undercover / Fanny Britt ; Isabelle Arsenault ; translated by Christelle Morelli and Susan Ouriou. cover
During the summer holiday Louis and his younger brother spend two weeks with their dad, who appears to have stopped drinking, but a close call with a bee sting brings their mother and the quartet spend a few days together before everything starts back up again.
I am Pusheen the cat / Claire Belton. cover
Pusheen is a pleasantly plump cat who has warmed hearts and tickled funny bones of millions worldwide with her signature GIF animated bops, bounces, and tail wiggles. Now, Pusheen is ready to make the leap from digital to print in her first comic collection! Learn what makes her purr and find out why millions of people have already fallen in love with this naughty, adorable kitty. Featuring some of the most popular stories from Pusheen's Tumblr and Facebook pages (plus a healthy serving of never before seen material), I Am Pusheen the Cat is a treat for cat lovers and comics fans alike.
Hilo. Waking the Monsters Book 4, Waking the monsters / by Judd Winick ; color by Steve Hamaker. cover
Hilo and his friends learn more about Hilo's past while they battle robots that were buried underground on Earth a thousand years ago.
Cleopatra in space. The Thief and the Sword Book two, The thief and the sword / Mike Maihack. cover
A thief interrupts the school dance to steal the Sword of Kebechet, but Cleopatra is forbidden from pursuing him and remains at school, adjusting to her newfound popularity and responsibility because of a proprophecy that names her the savior of the galaxy.