New Graphic Novels for Kids

The cobalt prince / Mark Siegel, Alexis Siegel ; [illustrated by] Xanthe Bouma, Boya Sun, Matt Rockefeller. cover
Sisters Jessa and Oona, and new friend Ram Sam Sam, try to stop the Cobalt Prince from Toki, who orders a strike on Mon Domani, starting a new war between the worlds.
Smile / Raina Telgemeier ; with color by Stephanie Yue. cover
An autobiography in graphic novel format describes how the author lost two of her front teeth in an accident when she was twelve, and her subsequent struggles with various corrective dental techniques throughout adolescence.
Sidekicks / Dan Santat. cover
When Captain Amazing feels he is getting too old to be a reliable superhero, he tries to hire a new sidekick, but his pets have different ideas.
Peanuts. Volume eight / classic Peanuts strips by Charles M. Schulz ; colors by Justin Thompson & Katherine Efird. cover
The latest adventures of Charlie Brown and the gang see them go to summer camp, Lucy and Patty rally the courage to get their ears pierced, and Charlie Brown goes to the hospital.
Evil Emperor Penguin / Evil Emperor Penguin Laura Ellen Anderson. cover
Evil Emperor Penguin lives in Antarctica and plots to take over the world with his two minions, a polite and thoughtful purple octopus and an abominable snowman who loves nothing more than a hug.
The principal strikes back / Jarrett J. Krosoczka. cover
Returning to the Jedi Academy for his third year, Victor Starspeeder must navigate a strict new droid principal's regulations and other school changes that are tied to a mysterious secret.
The witch boy / Molly Knox Ostertag. cover
When a boy goes missing during a night of shapeshifting, thirteen-year-old Astor risks going against family tradition by using his magic to help locate him.
Big Nate : genius mode / Lincoln Pierce. cover
Nate Wright decides he can stop studying and completing his homework in sixth grade and then switch to "genius mode" in high school when grades really matter.
Be prepared / Vera Brosgol ; color by Alec Longstreth. cover
Believing Russian summer camp will be the place she finally fits in, Vera jumps at the chance to sign up, but very quickly discovers that camp is nothing like she imagined.
Star Wars adventures. Heroes of the Galaxy. cover
Collects new stories from the world of Star Wars featuring such characters as Rey, Unkar, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Mermin. Deep Dive Book three, Deep dive / written and illustrated by Joey Weiser ; colored by Joey Weiser and Michele Chidester. cover
Mermin has to return home to the underwater kingdom of Mer and he brings his human friends with him, but there are enemies in Mer plotting against him.
Evil Emperor Penguin strikes back! / Evil Emperor Penguin Strikes Back Laura Ellen Anderson. cover
The Evil Emperor Penguin returns with his cohorts--Neil the ridiculously inept minion, Evil Cat's thirteenth cousin twice-removed, and Trojan the Hunk Virus--to try to take over the world.
The cardboard kingdom / by Chad Sell. cover
Follows the adventures of a group of neighborhood children who make costumes from cardboard and use their imagination to create adventures with knights, robots, and monsters.
Tom's midnight garden : a graphic adaptation of the Philippa Pearce classic / by Edith. cover
Tom finds himself in the midst of a strange adventure involving a garden that appears only at night and a girl from another time.
CatStronauts : race to Mars / by Drew Brockington. cover
"With national pride and valuable scientific research on the line, the CatStronauts race against the CosmoCats and others to be the first cats to Mars"-- Provided by publisher.
Robot rescue / Robot Rescue by Drew Brockington. cover
When Cat-Stro-Bot gets into trouble while helping the CatStronauts team with their research on Europa, the CatStronauts defy mission control and undertake a secret mission to save their friend on Jupiter's frozen moon.
CatStronauts : space station situation / by Drew Brockington. cover
"The CatStronauts--elite cat astronauts--are aboard the International Space Station to repair the faulty Hubba Bubba Telescope, but have to contend with communications interference and a near disaster that leaves them down a member"-- Provided by publisher.
Positively Izzy / Terri Libenson. cover
On the day of the school talent show, the lives of shy Bri and dreamer Izzy converge to create an event even more dramatic than either could even imagine.
All summer long / Hope Larson. cover
When her best friend, Austin, goes to soccer camp over the summer, thirteen-year-pld Bina finds an unlikely companion in Austin's older sister, Charlie.
Akissi : tales of mischief / Abouet & Sapin ; translation by Judith Taboy and Marie Bédrune. cover
Collects the adventures of Akissi, a young West African girl who is always getting into trouble.