New Graphic Novels for Kids

Peanuts. Volume nine / classic Peanuts strips by Charles M. Schulz ; colors by Justin Thompson & Katharine Efird. cover
The latest adventures of Charlie Brown and the gang includes Lucy swiping Schroeder's beloved piano, Charlie Brown going for fame on the baseball diamond, and Snoopy going on the mission of a lifetime to save his brother Spike.
Super sons. When I Grow Up Vol. 1, When I grow up... / Peter J. Tomasi, writer ; Jorge Jimenez, Alisson Borges, artist ; Alejandro Sanchez, Hi-Fi, colorists ; Rob Leigh, letterer. cover
"Superboy (aka Jonathan Kent) and Robin (aka Damian Wayne) make their super hero duo debut in this all-new series SUPER SONS, part of DC Rebirth. This debut series looks at the lives of Robin and Superboy and their destiny to follow in their fathers' footsteps, while we meet a new villain whose ascension parallels the boys' own understanding of their powers-except that he believes it's his right to rule over every being on the planet!"-- Provided by publisher.
Brawl of the wild / written and illustrated by Dav Pilkey as George Beard and Harold Hutchins ; with color by Jose Garibaldi. cover
When Dog Man is sent to the pound for a crime he didn't commit, his friends work to prove his innocence.
Johnny Boo meets Dragon Puncher / by James Kochalka. cover
The best little ghost in the world, Johnny Boo, teams up with Dragon Puncher and Spoony-E to fight an ice dragon, but when they meet the creature, things turn out differently than they expected.
Sleepless Knight / James Sturm, Andrew Arnold, Alexis Frederick-Frost. cover
Knight is so excited for the big camping trip, but sleeping under the stars is only fun when you have your trusty teddy bear--and Knight's is nowhere to be found.
Johnny Boo zooms to the moon / by James Kochalka. cover
Johnny Boo goes on a trip to the moon with the help of four helpful stars, where he encounters an ice cream monster and Susie Boom.
Johnny Boo does something / [James Kochalka]. cover
Johnny Boo goes on a boring adventure, falls to the bottom of an ice cream hole, and has a maybe-birthday celebration.
Raining cats and detectives / Raining Cats and Detectives Colleen AF Venable ; illustrated by Stephanie Yue. cover
When guinea pig Sasspants leaves Mr. Venezi's pet shop to live with Detective Nichols, and hamster-detective Hamisher retires, the case of the missing bookstore cat must be solved without their help. Or does it?
Aw yeah comics! : and ... action! / story and artwork by Art Baltaza & Franco ; featuring Arthee [and 18 others]. cover
"Cornelius and Alowicious are just your average comic book store employees, but when trouble strikes, they are ... Action Cat and Adventure Bug! Join their epic all-ages adventures as they face off--with the help of Adorable Cat and Shelly Bug--against their archnemesis, Evil Cat, and his fiendish friends!"--Page 4 of cover.
Steven Universe : ultimate dough-down / created by Rebecca Sugar ; written by Talya Perper ; illustrated by Meg Omac ; colored by Kieran Quigley ; lettered by Mike Fiorentino. cover
With Lars in space, it's up to Steven and the Crystal Gems to help Sadie run the Big Donut food truck during the annual competition in Empire City.
Zenobia / Morten Durr and Lars Horneman. cover
When the Syrian war reaches Amina's village she is forced to escape, and during her perilous journey she thinks of the brave warrior Zenobia to remind her to stay strong.
Parent trap / Parent Trap Peter J. Tomasi, writer ; Carlo Barberi, Paul Pelletier, Brent Peeples, pencillers ; Art Thibert, Cam Smith, Scott Hanna, inkers ; Gabe Eltaeb, Dono San/Protobunker ; Hi-F... cover
"As the world's deadliest mom forces Robin to make the ultimate choice between his past and future, Superboy finds himself caught in middle in this volume of Super Sons! In this exciting concluding chapter, Talia al Ghul returns for her son Damian, whom she trained from birth to be an assassin. With the evil in Robin's past finally revealed to Superboy, it might be too much for the Sons' partnership to survive...especially when the boys find out her next victim is one of the most important people in theirlives!"-- Provided by publisher.
When Endermen attack / When Endermen Attack Cara J. Stevens ; art by Walker Melby. cover
When a strange, sinister force begins lurking in the dark hallways of Redstone Junior High, Pixel, Sky, and Umal team up to unite against a common enemy.
The case of the missing marquess / The Case of the Missing Marquess Serena Blasco ; editor: Dean Mullaney ; translation, Jeremy Melloul and Dean Mullaney. cover
After her mother disappears, Enola Holmes, younger sister of Sherlock, journeys in disguise to London and finds herself involved in the kidnapping of a marquess, as she tries to find her mother and evade the efforts of her brother to track her down.
Aquicorn Cove / written and illustrated by Katie O'Neill ; lettered by Crank! ; designed by Hilary Thompson ; edited by Ari Yarwood. cover
When Lana and her father return home to clean up after a big storm, Lana rescues an injured small magical sea horse-like creature.
Adventure Time Comics. Volume 6. cover
A collection of short comics about the Land of Ooo features such stories as the Ice Kings heart calling it quits and the entire Breakfast Kingdom being locked out of their homes when Finn and Jake drop the key to the city in the Cappuccino River.
Snails are just my speed! / by Kevin McCloskey. cover
Introduces snails, describing how they move, how they avoid predators, and why their mucus trails are important.
Robots and drones : past, present, and future / written by Mairghread Scott ; illustrated by Jacob Chabot. cover
Presents the history of robotics, from the world's earliest mechanized robots to modern machines used in the home, in the military, and in space exploration.
Rockets : defying gravity / Anne Drozd ; Jerzy Drozd. cover
A graphic format description of the science and history of rockets and rocketry explores such concepts as gravity, Newton's laws of motion, and acceleration.
Following the trail of Marco Polo / by Geronimo Stilton ; [interior illustrations by Giuseppe Facciotto and color by Davide Turotti ; translation by Nanette McGuinness]. cover
Traveling through time to defend history from his archnemeses, Geronimo and friends must travel to thirteenth-century China to stop the Pirate Cats from corrupting Marco Polo's famous book, "The Travels of Marco Polo."