New Graphic Novels for Adults

Solid state / concept by Jonathan Coulton ; written by Matt Fraction ; art by Albert Monteys ; lettering by Barbaink ; edited by Lauren Sankovitch. cover
"Two guys, connected by a name and hundreds of years, somehow stand at the end of man's beginning, and the beginning of man's end.'s funny? Also kind of a nightmare. But mostly funny? A funny science-FACTion nightmare about the end of everything, but how that's all kind of okay."
Kill them all / by Kyle Starks ; colored by Luigi Anderson ; designed by Dylan Todd ; edited by Charlie Chu. cover
The new gonzo graphic novel love letter to 90s action movies by Eisner-nominated cartoonist Kyle Starks (Sexcastle, Rick and Morty). A betrayed murderess wants revenge. A hard drinking former cop wants his job back. For either to get what they want, they're going to have to fight their way through fifteen flights of criminals, assassins, drug lords, murderers, yup, even accountants, and... KILL. THEM. ALL.
Black Hammer. Volume 2, The event / script, Jeff Lemire ; issues 7-8, 10-11, 13 art, Dean Ormston, colors, Dave Stewart, letters Todd Klein ; issue 9 art, colors, and letters, David Rubín ; cover b... cover
"When a visitor from the outside world arrives on the Farm, she stirs up old memories and awakens new hope in the marooned heroes."-- Provided by publisher.
Violent love. Volume one, Stay dangerous / written by Frank J. Barbiere ; art by Victor Santos ; design by Dylan Todd. cover
"Daisy Jane and Rock Bradley were two of the most notorious bank robbers in the American Southwest. And then they fell in love."--
Hypercapitalism : the modern economy, its values, and how to change them / Larry Gonick, Timothy Kasser. cover
"PAPERBACK ORIGINAL From the bestselling cartoonist of The Cartoon History of the Universe comes an explosive graphic takedown of capitalism Bestselling "overeducated cartoonist" Larry Gonick has delighted readers for years with sharp, digestible, and hilarious accounts of everything from the history of the universe to the story of calculus. Now Gonick teams up with psychologist and scholar Tim Kasser, an expert on how happiness and values relate to our materialist society, to create an incomparable cartoon guide to what, exactly, is wrong with modern life, why we're all so miserable-and what can be done about it. Hypercapitalism is an accessible and pointed cartoon guide to the threats to humans, our society, and the environment posed by the current form of global capitalism. A primer for the post-Occupy generation, Hypercapitalism also provides a concise introduction to the thinkers (Stiglitz, Piketty, Sandel, Schor, et al.), movements (voluntary simplicity, the sharing economy, intentional communities, the time-affluence movement), and concepts (hypercapitalism, corporate power, GNP alternatives), that are critical to understanding and changing the world we live in. In pointed, profound, and entertaining cartoon narratives, the authors take readers inside the inner workings of the global economy, rendering even the most complex ideas in clear, plain--and sometimes hilarious--terms"-- Provided by publisher.
The cross-eyed mutt / a story written and drawn by Étienne Davodeau ; translation by Joe Johnson. cover
"Fabien is security agent at the Louvre. He loves his job. He also loves Mathilde. When it comes time, she presents him to her family in their vast country house ... Turns out they are more than happy to meet him since they have in the attic a painting by an ancestor. It's a sorry representation of a cross-eyed mutt ... A raucous satairical comedy that asks: Who decides what makes a work of art worthy of being in a major museum?"--Page 4 of cover.
Lady killer. Volume 2 / story and art by Joëlle Jones ; colors by Michelle Madsen ; letters by Crank!. cover
Josie Schuller is a picture-perfect homemaker, wife, and mother, but she is also a ruthless, efficient killer.
Run for it : stories of slaves who fought for their freedom / Marcelo D'Salete ; translator, Andrea Rosenberg ; editor, Kristy Valenti. cover
"Run for It--a starkly stunning graphic novel by internationally acclaimed illustrator Marcelo d'Salete--is one of the first literary and artistic efforts to confront Brazil's hidden history of slavery. Seen through the eyes of its victims, Run for It tells of ordinary slaves who rebel against their masters. Run for It's vivid illustrations and magical realism engage the reader's poetic imagination through stories of individual suffering caused by the horrors of slavery. Originally published in Brazil--where it was nominated for three of the country's most prestigious comics awards--Run for It has received rave reviews worldwide. These intense tales offer a tragic and gripping portrait of one of history's darkest corners. It's hard to look away." -- Publisher's description.
Baking with Kafka / comics by Tom Gauld. cover
"In his inimitable style, British cartoonist Tom Gauld has opened comics to a crossover audience and challenged perceptions of what the medium can be. Noted as a "book-lover's cartoonist," Gauld's weekly strips in the Guardian, Britain's most well-regarded newspaper, stitch together the worlds of literary criticism and pop culture to create brilliantly executed, concise comics. Simultaneously silly and serious, Gauld adds an undeniable lightness to traditionally highbrow themes. From sarcastic panels about the health hazards of being a best-selling writer to a list of magical items for fantasy writers (such as the Amulet of Attraction, which summons mainstream acceptance, Hollywood money, and fresh coffee), Gauld's cartoons are timely and droll-his trademark British humour, impeccable timing, and distinctive visual style sets him apart from the rest. Lauded both for his frequent contributions to New Scientist, the Guardian and the New York Times, and his Eisner-nominated graphic novels, Tom Gauld is one of the most celebrated cartoonists working today. In Baking With Kafka, he proves this with one witty, sly, ridiculous comic after another."-- Provided by publisher.
Tenements, towers & trash : an unconventional illustrated history of New York City / Julia Wertz. cover
"Here is New York, as you've never seen it before. A perfectly charming, sidesplittingly funny, intellectually entertaining illustrated history of the blocks, the buildings, and the guts of New York City, based on Julia Wertz's popular illustrated columns in The New Yorker and Harper's."
Anti-gone / Connor Willumsen. cover
"Reality's grip is loosened as Spyda and Lynxa explore a potentially constructed environment that shifts between dystopic future and constructed virtual present. Like a form of multistable perceptual phenomena, Anti-Gone exists in ambiguity. Anti-Gone recalls videogames that attempt to replicate, or perhaps replace, reality. Often called virtual or synthetic worlds, massively multiplayer online worlds offer an escape into another identity, another life, where there isn't a goal or final boss like most videogames. Similarly, Anti-Gone is like Joyce with a joystick, the experience and the language of this otherworld is the meaning."
Descender. Book five. Rise of the robots / written by Jeff Lemire ; illustrated by Dustin Nguyen ; lettered and designed by Steve Wands ; edited by Will Dennis ; cover by Dustin Nguyen. cover
"The universe is on the brink of war and the young android TIM-21 has somehow found himself at the center of it all. As his allies and enemies gather above the ocean planet, Mata, nothing can prepare TIM for the secrets that lie hidden below the alien seas."--Page 4 of cover
Limbo lounge / Dave Calver. cover
"Limbo Lounge" is the place where newly dead people await their fate while surrounded by bored interlopers from hell.
Kill or be killed. Volume three / Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser. cover
Brubaker and Phillips best-selling series ratchets up the tension and violence as Dylan escalates his assault on the Russian Mafia, putting his secret and the lives of his friends at risk. Both a thriller and a deconstruction of vigilantism, KILL OR BE KILLED is unlike anything this award-winning team has done before.
The lie and how we told it / Tommi Parrish. cover
Parrish's emotionally loaded, painted graphic novel is a visual tour de force, always in the service of the author's themes: navigating queer desire, masculinity, fear, and the ever-in-flux state of friendships. -- summary.
Not drunk enough. Book one / written, illustrated, and lettered by Tessa Stone ; collection edited by Robin Herrera & Bess Pallares ; designed by Fawn Lau. cover
Logan is a repairman in the wrong place at the wrong time--which is a creepy corporate lab in the middle of the goddamn night. After fighting off a freaky creature, he joins forces with three other poor souls trapped inside the building. Who are they? What are they doing here? What the hell is going on? And will any of them get out alive? The first in a brand new series from the mind of Tessa Stone (Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name, Buzz!)!