New Graphic Novels

Vote Loki / Christopher Hastings, writer ; Langdon Foss (#1, #3-4) & Paul McCaffrey (#2), artists ; Chris Chuckry with Rachelle Rosenberg (#3), color artists. cover
"Loki is may things: god, trickster, brother, son, villain, even hero. Now he wants to add one more title to the list: President of the United States! That's right, the God of Mischief wants to be ruler of the free world! But is this just another scheme? One fact is certain: With Loki's winning smile and silver tongue on the campaign trail, this election just got a lot more interesting! He'll soon have the American people eating out of the palm of his hand, but can would-be President Laufeyson sway the media? And what will be his response when the heroes of Earth launch their attack ad? A crisis in Latveria offers Loki the chance to demonstrate his foreign policy...but surely he wouldn't cause a national catastrophe just for a little good press? Would he?,"--page [4] of cover.
Axcend : the world revolves around you. Volume 1 / Shane Davis, writer, penciller ; Michelle Delecki, inker ; Morry Hollowell, colorist ; Patrick Brosseau, letterer. cover
"When a group of gamers mistakenly set loose a virtual reality game into the real world, they risk everything to save an existence they always sought to escape."--Page [4] of cover.
Birthright. Volume two, Call to adventure / Joshua Williamson, creator, writer ; Andrei Bressan, creator, artist ; Adriano Lucas, colorist ; Pat Brosseau, letterer ; Michael Williamson, assistant e... cover
Mikey's return home has divided the Rhodes family in unexpected ways ... just as a new warrior from Terrenos arrives, looking for the father of her child.
We are Robin. Jokers Volume 2, Jokers / written by Lee Bermejo ; art by Jorge Corona, Rob Haynes, Carmine Di Giandomenico ; colors by Trish Mulvihill, Mat Lopes, Cris Peter ; letters by Jared K. Fl... cover
"Following the epic events of the DC Universe-spanning crossover event ROBIN WAR, the Robins are tired, tested and could use at least a little break from the non-stop action of the world of crime-fighting and superheroics. The only trouble is, the villains of Gotham see the aftermath of the Robin War as the perfect opportunity to strike the worn out and weary teen wonders. One particularly sadistic new force of evil has made it their mission to destroy the Robins, one by one. This new movement laughs in the face of justice. They believe in anger. They believe in fear. They believe in chaos. They are...JOKERS!"-- Provided by publisher.
Mobile suit gundam Thunderbolt. 1 / story and art by Yasuo Ohtagaki ; original concept by Hajime Yatate and Yoshiyuki Tomino ; translation, Joe Yamazaki ; English adaptation, Stan!. cover
"In the Universal Century year 0079, humanity is divided between Earth and huge space colonies known as Sides. The colony known as Side 3 proclaims independence as the Principality of Zeon, and declares war on the Earth Federation. As the conflict nears the one-year mark, the Earth Federation and the forces of Zeon are locked in a fierce battle for the Thunderbolt Sector, an area of space scarred by the wreckage of destroyed space colonies."--Amazon.