New Graphic Novels for Teens

RWBY. Vol. 1, Red like roses / translation, Joe Yamazaki ; English adaptation, Jeremy Haun & Jason A. Hurley ; touch-up and lettering by Evan Waldinger. cover
Defeating monsters and stopping evil is a tough job, but TEAM RWBY is up for any challenge! Well, except for homework. Ruby may be team leader, but she's got insecurities just like the rest of us. In fact, her worries run deep. These stories show how Ruby overcomes her shortcomings to be a true hero—and what drives her to do it! From a team of exciting new manga artists comes the first volume in a series of short story collections showcasing Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang!
Requiem of the rose king. 8 / story and art by Aya Kanno ; translation, Jocelyne Allen ; lettering, Sabrina Heep ; design, Izumi Evers ; editor, Megan Bates. cover
Ten years after the king's death, things have changed for Richard. The siblings' feud has depend, and the witch Jane tempts the new king with her mysterious charms. In this swirl of human desire, Richard reaches toward the future and rises again in defense of the York family!
The promised Neverland. 3, Destroy! / story by Kaiu Shirai ; art by Posuka Demizu ; translation, Satsuki Yamashita ; touch-up art & lettering, Mark McMurray ; design, Julian (JR) Robinson ; editor,... cover
In order to escape the orphanage where they are being raised as food for demons, Emma, Norman, and Ray begin recruiting allies. But convincing the other children to believe them may not be an easy task." --Page [4] of cover.
Iceman. Vol. 2, Absolute zero / writer, Sina Grace ; pencilers, Robert Gill with Sina Grace (#11) ; inkers, Robert Gill with Ed Tadeo (#9-10) ; color artist, Rachelle Rosenberg. cover
"Iceman reunites with Angel, Hercules, Ghost Rider, and Darkstar, but will even they be enough to protect Los Angeles from a swarm of rogue, haywire Sentinels? All eyes are on Bobby--how will he fare as a leader? And as if that's not enough, Iceman and his younger counterpart must team up--to face their parents. The Drakes have discovered the existence of the time-torn teen, but what are their true motives for engineering a meeting?"--Back cover.
Waiting for spring. 6 / Anashin ; translation: Alethea and Athena Nibley. cover
"In her efforts to become a more proactive person, Mitsuki has agreed to join the school festival committee. Now she must lead class in putting together a café for the day of the big event. Towa has agreed to help her, but his mind is elsewhere. His team is about to have a joint practice with Hōjō, and he and Aya will finally have a basketball showdown.." -- Page [4] of cover.
Hard-traveling hero / Benjamin Percy, writer ; Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreyra, Stephen Byrne, Jamal Campbell, artists and colorists ; Nate Piekos of Blambot, letterer. cover
"They killed Oliver Queen. They made an outlaw of Green Arrow. Now the Ninth Circle will gather its forces to destroy the hero's very soul. Buildings will topple. Innocents will starve. Disease will spread. And Seattle will die. The biggest Green Arrow story ever is here!"-- Provided by publisher.
A quick & easy guide to they/them pronouns / Archie Bongiovanni & Tristan Jimerson. cover
"A quick, easy and important educational comic guide to using gender-neutral pronouns."--Amazon.
Archival quality / written by Ivy Noelle Weir ; illustrated and colored by Steenz ; lettered by Joamette Gil ; edited by Robin Herrera. cover
"'Weir and Steenz have crafted a freshly-textured ghost story for the new millennium. It's a grand mystery, a pointed critique, and a celebration of individual resilience all wrapped up with a perfectly charming dose of the macabre.'--Daniel F. Yezbick. (Back cover) The Logan Museum is a mysterious old building practically covered in skulls, and also the new workplace of Celeste "Cel" Walden, a librarian who was let go from her previous job after a mental breakdown. But Cel is desperate to feel useful, and Abayomi Abiola, the Logan Museum's chief curator, is desperate to hire an archivist. Cel soon realizes the job is unlike any other she's had. There's an apartment onsite she's required to live in, she only works in the middle of the night, and she definitely gets the impression that there's more to the museum than Abayomi and her new boss, Holly Park, are letting on. And then strange things start happening. Odd noises. Objects moving. Vivid, terrifying dreams of a young woman Cel's never met, but feels strangely drawn to. A woman who for some reason needs Cel's help. As Cel attempts to learn more about the woman, she begins losing time, misplacing things, passing out--there's no denying the job is becoming dangerous, but she can't let go of the woman in her dreams. Who is she? Why is she so fixated on Cel? And does Cel have the power to save her when she's still trying to save herself?" (Inside front flap of cover)
Avengers : mighty origins / writer, Peter David ; artists: Andrea Di Vito, Jon Buran, Nigel Raynor, Mike Bowden & Walden Wong ; color artist: Wil Quintana ; letterer: VC's Clayton Cowles. cover
A hidden foe manipulates the newly assembled team from the shadows, meticulously sowing the seeds of discord and mistrust - and causing the new allies to question the very ties that bind them together as they hunt for the fugitive Hulk. Thor - a shape-shifting alien with a secret agenda? Captain America - a hoax? Iron Man - an enemy conspirator? Their confidence in each other shattered, will the heroes destroy each other before the conspirator is revealed?
Assassination classroom. 21, Time to say thank you / Yusei Matsui ; translation/Tetsuichiro Miyaki ; English adaptation/Bryant Turnage ; touch-up art & lettering/Stephen Dutro. cover
"What does a pathetic class of misfits have in their arsenal to combat their schoolteacher's alien technology, bizarre powers and...tentacles?! Ever caught yourself screaming, "I could just kill that teacher"? What would it take to justify such antisocial behavior and weeks of detention? Especially if he's the best teacher you've ever had? Giving you an "F" on a quiz? Mispronouncing your name during roll call... again ? How about blowing up the moon and threatening to do the same to Mother Earth--unless you take him out first?! Plus a reward of a cool 100 million from the Ministry of Defense! Okay, now that you're committed... How are you going to pull this off? What does your pathetic class of misfits have in their arsenal to combat Teach's alien technology, bizarre powers and... tentacles ?! In the aftermath of tragedy, the students of 3-E nevertheless march proudly in their graduation ceremony. Will their futures still unfold as planned? And what will they do with their reward money...? Then, enjoy a long side story revealing what Koro Sensei was really up to over winter break! Can Koro Sensei truly make a friend and ally out of anyone ...?! Plus, a bonus short story with all-new characters, set in a dystopian future."--Page [4] of cover.
Love at fourteen. 7 / Fuka Mizutani ; translation: Sheldon Drzka ; lettering, Lys Blakeslee. cover
"Whether it's pondering blood types or investigating the seven wonders of the school for the class newspaper, Kanata and Kazuki manage to enjoy every day they spend with each other. But with decisions about their futures on the horizon, their mutual affection might not be enough to keep them together..."--Page [4] of cover.
Laid-back Camp. 2 / Afro ; translation: Amber Tamosaitis ; lettering: DK. cover
Rin enjoys camping by the lakeshore, Mt. Fuji in view. Nadeshiko rides her bike to see Mt. Fuji, too. As the two eat cup noodles together, what scenery will they behold? This series will make readers fall in love with camping!
Animosity : evolution. Volume 1, Lex animata / Marguerite Bennett, creator & writer ; Eric Gapstur, artist. cover
The world is plunged into chaos as the newly intelligent Animals fight humanity--and one other. The enigmatic wolf Wintermute has taken over the city once known as San Francisco.
Animus / Antoine Revoy. cover
"The residents of a quiet Japanese neighborhood have slowly come to realize that inauspicious, paranormal forces are at play in the most unlikely of places: the local playground. Two friends, a young boy and girl, resolve to exorcise the evil that inhabit it, including a snaggle-toothed monster. In Animus, a beautiful but spooky young adult graphic novel of everyday hauntings, Antoine Revoy delivers an eerie tale inspired by the Japanese and French comics of his childhood"--Provided by publisher.
Silver spoon. 4 / Hiromu Arakawa ; translation: Amanda Haley ; lettering: Abigail Blackman. cover
"By purchasing Pork Bowl, Hachiken takes a step forward in reconciling a farmer's care and concern for livestock that will ultimately be eaten. But Pork Bowl has yielded a whole lot more than a pork bowl's worth--or even a dozen pork bowls' worth!--of meat, and all of Ezo Ag is more than happy to help with the surplus! Hachiken may raise a lot of tough questions, but he sure knows how to make a mean batch of bacon..."-- Page [4] of cover.
Wake up, sleeping beauty. 5 / [story & art by] Megumi Morino ; translation Alethea and Athena Nibley ; lettering, Lys Blakeslee. cover
Every moment spent with friends who care has gradually brought Shizu Karasawa out of her shell. Running from her father who wants isolate her in the hospital, Karasawa's family has a suprising enemy that may become Shizu's most-needed advocate.
Waiting for spring. 7 [graphic novel] / Anashin ; translation, Alethea and Athena Nibley ; lettering, Sara Linsley. cover
"Mitsuki has been working so hard to prepare for the school festival that she passes out from exhaustion. When she wakes up, she finds herself in an unfamiliar bed... it turns out to be Aya who's come to her rescue, like he always used to. Meanwhile, Towa comes to an important realization of his own-- he resolves to confess his feelings to Mitsuki, and the day of the school festival may be his best chance!"--Provided by publisher.
Spill zone / The Broken Vow Scott Westerfeld ; Alex Puvilland ; colors by Hilary Sycamore. cover
After her own encounter with the Spill Zone gives her uncanny powers, Addison teams up with fellow survivor Don Jae, and a curious rag doll, Vespertine.
Graphic novel making contest : winning entries 2018. cover
Compilation of the adult, teen and children's category winners of the San José Public Library's 2018 graphic novel making contest.
Animosity. Volume 3, The swarm / Marguerite Bennett, creator & writer ; Rafael De LaTorre, artist ; Rob Schwager, colorist ; Marshall Dillon, letterer. cover
"Jesse and her animal companions continue their road trip to California, picking up ex-Animilitary member Kyle along the way. But nothing can ever be easy, and soon Jesse and the others are caught between a hive of bees and the perfect-seeming Old Gold Commune. Tensions run high as betrayal stings Jesse in a way she could have never imagined. Can Kyle shed his humanity long enough to aid Jesse in her quest? Can Sandor forsake his bestial nature in order to save that which he loves?"--Page 4 of cover
Animosity. Volume 2, The dragon / Marguerite Bennett, creator & writer ; Rafael De LaTorre, artist ; Rob Schwager, colorist ; Marshall Dillon, letterer. cover
"The world is plunged into chaos as the newly-intelligent Animals fight humanity, and simply fight each other, for their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. in the midst of the turmoil is Jesse, an 11-year-old girl, and her dog, Sandor, who is devoted to Jesse and her protection. One year after the incident, Jesse and Sandor continue their cross-country journey to find Jesse's half-brother Adam in San Francisco...but they are unprepared for the various dangers that block their path."--Page 4 of cover