New Fines and Fees - Effective July 1

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***Important Message from the City Librarian***

SJPL's new Fines & Fees - Effective July 1, 2016

Impacted FeePast AmountNew Amount, Effective July1
Daily late fee per item50¢25¢
Damaged or lost itemsFull price of item plus a $20 processing feeFull price of item plus a $10 processing fee
Maximum Late fee Per Item$20$5
Holds Pick-up Fee$3$0
Pay for Print at Branches15¢ per black and white print
$1 per color print
15¢ per black and white print
65¢ per color print
Community Room Rental Fee$35 per use up to 4 hours
$70 per use for over 4 hours
$37 per use up to 4 hours
$70 per use for over 4 hours



I check out a lot of books and I am very grateful that late fees have decreased!. I sincerely hope that the book drop will remain open all day and that there will be a substantial change to the book return machines. The lines can get long or a machine is out of order or it doesn't accept your book or read it properly. I despise those machines!

The fees can be really hard on some families and I'm so happy that people worked hard to get fees lowered instead of raised! Awesome! I love the library so much!

Thank you for this! I love going to the library and hardly ever have fines (I'm a weekly regular) but I appreciate this on behalf of those who have trouble paying or who can't read books because they have too many fines.

This will encourage more families to checkout books . With everything going up in prices , this is definitely a welcome change. I am already a fan of library services, this is extra icing on the cake.

This move to lower fees really helps to make sure people feel like they can use the library's valuable resources without fear. Thank you for this!

I avoided using the library while in college after I racked up over $60 in fees for 1 lost book that cost less than $10 to replace. I couldn't afford to pay the fine and stayed away from the library for 2 years until I could finally pay it off. Thank you for making fines more reasonable for those who can't always afford it.

it sets a bad example to forgive fines. If you don't want to pay a fine, here's a novel idea: don't lose stuff! A better idea would have been to cut off compuuter access to those who don't pay. Not paying your debt hurts everyone. As i write now, it is monday and the library doesnt open til 1pm. Thanks freeloaders!

San Jose's fines are now more reasonable. They used to be twice as much as surrounding libraries; now they are the same. While library fines do encourage people to return books and do so on time, cutting off people from borrowing and reading books just because they (1) made a mistake and (2) are poor is a way to doom them to a life of uneducated poverty. In the past five years, I've paid $22 in fines to several different libraries. I've gladly paid them, and donated hundreds of dollars to the libraries besides. If you aren't giving money to the library, you might be the freeloader. I encourage everyone reading this to figure out what you would have spent if instead of borrowing from the library, you bought those books, CDs, and DVDs at Amazon or Borders or Barnes & Noble, and donate 10% of that to the library.

Why do parents let their kids forget to return books then not make them pay fines? It's not always important to be a "cool" parent. At the library, you need to be respectful. There's this one lady who lets her daughter talk very loudly in the library at Pearl, and even said to her "any b----h that tells you to be quiet is going to start getting slapped". This girl is spoiled and a total crybaby if she's not getting her way. The mom is not doing her any favors by making her think it's all about her.

A little disturbing because the library is free, on the condition you return books on time. Very simple instructions, yet people manage to screw even that up.Glad none of these people i flying the plane I'm going on.

Even if you have a lot of fines, chances are that is still a lot cheaper than gassing your car, buying beer, buying fast food, buying cigarettes, using your air conditioner, getting new clothes, or paying for your cell phone. Just reduce your budget for other things and pay your friggin fine already. Just because the library is free if you follow the rules doesn't mean you have to b ea freeloader!

I appreciate the elimination of pick up fees!!

Thank you for lowering the fees! It's very helpful when the kids check out many books each week for their homeschooling!!

Thanks a lot! These new reduced fines are very helpful.

Good to know about the fine reduction.

This is great, thank you. Hoping that people continue being responsible and returning their books back with relatively little damage, so that others may also read them!

THANK YOU FOR THIS NEW CHANGES!!! It is greatly appreciated!!! I wonder if they allowed to bring the same Item that it was lost in order to replace it.

Is the overdue book rate the same for kids and adults? On this website it said 25 cents, but I don't know if it meant kids, adults, or if they have the same fine. If it is different, what is the fine per day?

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