New Fines and Fees - Effective July 1

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***Important Message from the City Librarian***

SJPL's new Fines & Fees - Effective July 1, 2016

Impacted FeePast AmountNew Amount, Effective July1
Daily late fee per item50¢25¢
Damaged or lost itemsFull price of item plus a $20 processing feeFull price of item plus a $10 processing fee
Maximum Late fee Per Item$20$5
Holds Pick-up Fee$3$0
Pay for Print at Branches15¢ per black and white print
$1 per color print
15¢ per black and white print
65¢ per color print
Community Room Rental Fee$35 per use up to 4 hours
$70 per use for over 4 hours
$37 per use up to 4 hours
$70 per use for over 4 hours



Wow! Prices keep going up everywhere else. It's refreshing to see prices go down for a change. Thanks for being here for the community. <3

As a family we love to use the library! I know some parents won't even take there kids there due to the fines adding up so fast. Thank you for making them more reasonable!

Parents need to parent their kids, not be their pal. That means making them return books on time, having respectful behavior when in the libary and letting them know beforehand there is to be no being a crybaby, screaming , yelling or raising of the voice. People are trying to study in here!

This was very unprofessionally said, ghetto way to have this on your site, there is a better way to address parenting at the library then to throw out exclimation marks and sound extremely unprofessional, i mean cry baby really?

Anna, Thank you for your comment. Please note that blog comments represent the views of the person commenting, not necessarily those of San José Public Library.

Why do you have to criticize everything

Finally, the fees are going down

Sending the wrong message in my opinion. people who have a lot of fines deliberately waited for July 1 so they wouldnt have to pay as much.

many families actually avoid using the library due to the fines. That is sending the wrong message to children. If you can afford to donate more please do, I do, but not everyone could afford fees from a lost book.

This is great news. As a parent of 3 kids who love to read, we rack up lots of fines. This new fine structure will make it less of a hardship when a book goes missing in my house!

maybe parent your kids rather than be their pal. thus this kind of thing can be prevented.

Don, I highly doubt you know the family in which you're replying to so you're angry comments attacking families are unfounded. I think it's wonderful she has kids who love to read. Late book returns happen, get over it.

Fabulous! I wish children's items were even less but this is a huge improvement over the old draconian fines.

So glad to see golden tickets and reduction of fines and elimination of pick up fees!

I opened the link thinking yet another increase.. What a pleasant surprise that the library is reducing fines and making knowledge ever more accessible! Thanks for all the good work SJ library!

You are the BEST Library in California !!

I appreciate the lower fees.

I was expecting to see a rate increase, and instead saw a DECREASE! Wow! What a refreshing sight in the midst of everything being so expensive in the Bay Area. Thank you, SJPL!

What a merciful new policy for people like me who usually borrow a whole bunch and have problems remembering the due date.

Yes, I too was pleased to see the daily rate decrease to $.25. Thanks SJPL! I just want to remind those who don't use the online renewal procedure: It's convenient and a way to keep fines from accruing. Renew up to two times if no one is requesting your item.

has the maximum items also changed? should this notice be "borrowing" policies?

Hello, The maximum number of items a person can check out currently remains the same.

I ran up some library fines. I will pay them. However, what I am frustrated about is this. I am a disabled person. It is very hard to get to the library. It is hard to get someone to reliably take the books back. It would be nice if the library could offer a service where I can have books delivered and someone come and pick them up. How many older people do without the pleasure of reading and watching videos because they have no way to get back and forth.

Hi Randy, Thank you for the suggestion we will be sure to bring it up to library administration. I understand it is challenging for you to visit our library, however, since you mentioned you have late fees you should sign up for our Summer Reading Challenge before July 31 to have your late fees waved. You can read more about the Summer Rewards program at

I think this is a great move. This will definitely encourage the public to come back to the libraries.

Totally unexpected. Most welcome. Next might be to allow holds on DVDs and CDs?

Hi Edward, Thanks for the suggestion.

You can put holds on DVDs now.

This is a great initiative. Thanks for bringing this in.

Thank you SJPL. This is such a welcome and refreshing thing!

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