New Kids' Folk & Fairy Tales Books

The crane girl : based on Japanese folktales / adapted by Curtis Manley ; illustrations by Lin Wang. cover
A boy helps an injured crane, and the good deed is rewarded with the arrival of a mysterious guest who weaves beautiful silk for the family. Includes author's note about Japanese folktales and poetry, information about red-crowned cranes, and pronunciations.
Cat goes fiddle-i-fee : a folk tale classic / adapted and illustrated by Paul Galdone. cover
An old English rhyme names all the animals a farm boy feeds on his daily rounds.
Red / Jed Alexander. cover
A wordless take on the classic tale, Little Red Riding Hood, in which the Big Bad Wolf and other woodland creatures are planning something surprising.
Once upon a slime / written by Andy Maxwell ; illustrated by Samantha Cotterill. cover
Beginning with Goldilocks, various fairy tale characters are drenched in slime and join forces to discover who is responsible.
The great race : story of the Chinese zodiac / Christopher Corr. cover
Presents a retelling of the creation of the Chinese zodiac, in which the Jade Emperor held a great race to determine which twelve animals would be the first to cross the river and have a year named after them.
The Chinese emperor's new clothes / by Ying Chang Compestine ; illustrated by David Roberts. cover
A young emperor, whose advisors have taken advantage of him, enlists the help of honest tailors to reveal their misdeeds in this retelling of the classic fairy tale. Includes historical notes and instructions for making a robe.
Mademoiselle Grands Doigts : a Cajun New Year's Eve tale / written by Johnette Downing ; illustrated by Heather Stanley. cover
Long ago, when a young woman's beauty made other girls jealous, they cursed her with ugliness but on New Year's Eve, she comes out of hiding to reward good children with treats. Includes glossary of Cajun words and information about the legend.
How the finch got his colors / retold by Annemarie Riley Guertin ; illustrations by Helena Perez Garcia. cover
Retells the story of how the Gouldian Finch learned the power of patience when Rainbow descended to bestow her colors on the creatures of the world.
Chinese myths and legends : the monkey king and other adventures / retold by Shelley Fu ; illustrations by Patrick Yee ; Chinese calligraphy by Dr. Sherwin Fu. cover
"Chinese Myths and Legends is a delightful collection of seven classic Chinese stories that make for great reading adventures. From the stories of Pan Gu and Nu Wo, creators of the world, to Bai Su-Tzin, a snake who took on human form and found true love, this mesmerizing book includes myths of creation, mortality, and love. More than just a Chinese children's storybook, Chinese Myths and Legends also explores the historical impact and roots of each tale, inviting you and the children you love to enjoy the many layers of meaning contained within them fully. The included pronunciation guide, as well as information for further reading, makes this a perfect tool for educators, librarians, and parents." --
A treasury of fairy tales / retold by Helen Cresswell ; illustrated by Sian Bailey. cover
A collection featuring such tales as "Beauty and the Beast," "Cinderella," "Rapunzel," "Snow-White and Rose-Red," and "The Princess and the Pea."