New Kids' Folk & Fairy Tales Books

The crane girl : based on Japanese folktales / adapted by Curtis Manley ; illustrations by Lin Wang. cover
A boy helps an injured crane, and the good deed is rewarded with the arrival of a mysterious guest who weaves beautiful silk for the family. Includes author's note about Japanese folktales and poetry, information about red-crowned cranes, and pronunciations.
Cat goes fiddle-i-fee : a folk tale classic / adapted and illustrated by Paul Galdone. cover
An old English rhyme names all the animals a farm boy feeds on his daily rounds.
Aesop's fox / retold and illustrated by Aki Sogabe. cover
Several fables from Aesop are adapted and woven into a story about the adventures of a fox.
The twelve dancing princesses / illustrated by Alison Jay ; adapted by Alison Ritchie. cover
A retelling of the classic fairy tale follows twelve princesses who, despite being locked in their rooms at the end of each day, are found in the morning with their slippers in tatters from dancing through the night.
The shady tree / Demi. cover
Ping returns and deals with the selfish Tan Tan, who owns a beautiful house and a beautiful shady tree, but who does not share, so Ping turns Tan Tan's greed into his own gain, but remains true to his generous nature.
Miss Muffet, or what came after / by Marilyn Singer ; pictures by David Litchfield. cover
With the help of friendly spider Webster, aspiring violinists Patience Muffet and LIttle Bo-Peep find personal fulfillment in the court of Old King Cole.
Red / Jed Alexander. cover
A wordless take on the classic tale, Little Red Riding Hood, in which the Big Bad Wolf and other woodland creatures are planning something surprising.
Once upon a slime / written by Andy Maxwell ; illustrated by Samantha Cotterill. cover
Beginning with Goldilocks, various fairy tale characters are drenched in slime and join forces to discover who is responsible.
The great race : story of the Chinese zodiac / Christopher Corr. cover
Presents a retelling of the creation of the Chinese zodiac, in which the Jade Emperor held a great race to determine which twelve animals would be the first to cross the river and have a year named after them.
The Chinese emperor's new clothes / by Ying Chang Compestine ; illustrated by David Roberts. cover
A young emperor, whose advisors have taken advantage of him, enlists the help of honest tailors to reveal their misdeeds in this retelling of the classic fairy tale. Includes historical notes and instructions for making a robe.