New Kids' Folk & Fairy Tales Books

Once upon a time : traditional Latin American tales = Habia una vez : cuentos tradicionales latinoamericanos / by Rueben Martinez ; illustrated by Raul Colon ; translated by David Unger. cover
A collection of seven traditional tales from Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain retold in English and Spanish. Includes notes about each story.
All our relatives : traditional Native American thoughts about nature / compiled and illustrated by Paul Goble ; [foreword by Joe Medicine Crow]. cover
Presents quotations, songs, dreams, and tales about the life of the Plains Indians and how their ceremonies express the interdependence of creation and the presence of the Creator in all things.
The three little superpigs : once upon a time / written and illustrated by Claire Evans. cover
When they arrive in Fairyland to settle down and build their own houses, everyone they meet warns the three little superpigs about the Big Bad Wolf, but only one of them pays much attention--and when the Wolf comes looking for a pork dinner, it is his brick house that saves his foolish brothers and earns them all the status of superheroes in Fairyland (which is what they have always dreamed of being).
Lion and mouse / written by Jairo Buitrago ; pictures by Rafael Yockteng ; translated by Elisa Amado. cover
A modern update on the classic fable of the lion and the mouse shares the relationship between two unlikely friends.
Holy squawkamole! : Little Red Hen makes guacamole / retold by Susan Wood ; illustrated by Laura Gonzalez. cover
In this version of the classic tale, the Little Red Hen craves guacamole, and she asks her friends to lend a hand in making it, but every one says no, so she cooks up a comeuppance that they will never forget.
The little pigs and the sweet rice cakes : a story told in English and Chinese / by Li Jian ; translated by Yijin Wert. cover
Three young pigs eat all the sweet rice cakes that their mother made for the Minor Spring Festival that precedes Chinese New Year and then lie to her about it only to realize that they have done wrong when they see her reaction.
The great gran plan / Elli Woollard ; Steven Lenton. cover
When a pig discovers the wolf's plan to eat Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother, he rushes out to buy supplies that he will need to catch the wolf and save the grandmother.
Mythical beasts / by Andrea Mills. cover
Introduces magical creatures from mythology around the world, including unicorns, dragons, werewolves, and kappa.