New Kids' Folk & Fairy Tales Books

The three little superpigs / written and illustrated by Claire Evans. cover
After their triumph over the Big Bad Wolf, the pigs fancied themselves as crime fighters, so when the Wolf escapes, the residents of Fairyland call on the brothers to capture the villain--but the Wolf is planning his own revenge (and a pork dinner) so itwill be up to the cleverest pig to once again rescue his brothers and save Fairyland.
Swan lake / by Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky ; retold and illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger ; translated by Marianne Martens. cover
A prince's love for a swan queen overcomes an evil sorcerer's spell in this fairy tale adaptation of the classic ballet.
Snow Pony and the seven miniature ponies / written by Christian Trimmer ; illustrated by Jessie Sima. cover
In this twist on the story of Snow White, pretty and sweet Snow Pony--beloved by children for her talent in braiding hair and dancing--follows a trail of delicious apples into the woods, where she meets seven miniature ponies.
Rapunzel / Bethan Woollvin. cover
"The prisoner of an evil witch, Rapunzel lives all alone in a tall, dark tower. If she ever escapes, the witch will put a terrible curse her. But is Rapunzel frightened? Oh no, not she!"-- Provided by publisher.
Never satisfied : the story of the stonecutter / as told by Dave Horowitz. cover
Relates the consequences of a stonecutter's foolish longing for power.
Inside the villains / Clotilde Perrin. cover
An extraordinary pop-up book that reveals the secrets of the most famous fairy-tale villains--the giant, the wolf and the witch--with interactive flaps, a twist on well-known tales, and personality cards for each villain. Lift the flaps to see the diabolical thoughts inside the villains' heads, what hides beneath their disguises, or the victims of their last meals (now comfortably settled inside their stomachs!). Read all about each villain on their personality card, which shows strengths and weaknesses, pastimes, physical characteristics, their best meal and--of course--their favorite books. And if the wolf bites your fingers while you're reading, you can always pull his tail ...
In the land of happy tears : Yiddish tales for modern times / collected and edited by David Stromberg. cover
A collection of stories from the early- and mid-20th century Yiddish literary tradition, in a variety of genres, by Eastern European writers such as Moyshe Nadir, Jacob Reisfeder, and Sonya Kantor.
Hansel & Gretel / Bethan Woollvin. cover
In a fairy tale twist, Hansel and Gretel ransack Willow the good witch's gingerbread cottage and play havoc with her spells, driving the poor witch to her wit's end.
Not one damsel in distress : heroic girls from world folklore / collected & told by Jane Yolen ; with illustrations by Susan Guevara. cover
A collection of fifteen traditional tales from various parts of the world, with the main character of each being a fearless, strong, heroic, and resourceful woman.
Indian children's favorite stories / retold by Rosemarie Somaiah ; illustrated by Ranjan Somaiah. cover
Eight retold stories that introduce the values of Indian culture.
The legend of the poinsettia / retold and illustrated by Tomie dePaola. cover
When Lucida is unable to finish her gift for the Baby Jesus in time for the Christmas procession, a miracle enables her to offer the beautiful flower we now call the poinsettia.
They dance in the sky : Native American star myths / [compiled by] Jean Guard Monroe and Ray A. Williamson ; illustrations by Edgar Stewart. cover
The authors combine factual information on both astronomy and Native American culture with authentic tales and myths about constellations told by many American Indian tribes.
The little red hen : a favorite folk-tale / pictures by J.P. Miller. cover
The little red hen finds none of the lazy barnyard animals willing to help her plant, harvest, or grind wheat into flour, but all are eager to eat the bread she makes from it.
Juan Bobo goes to work : a Puerto Rican folktale / retold by Marisa Montes ; illustrated by Joe Cepeda. cover
Although he tries to do exactly as his mother tells him, foolish Juan Bobo keeps getting things all wrong.
The house that Jack built = La maison que Jacques a bâtie : a picture book in two languages / Antonio Frasconi. cover
A cumulative rhyme in French and English relating the chain of events that started when Jack built a house.
Two bear cubs : a Miwok legend from California's Yosemite Valley / retold by Robert D. San Souci ; illustrated by Daniel San Souci. cover
Retells the Miwok Indian legend in which a little measuring worm saves two bear cubs stranded at the top of the rock known as El Capitan.
Love flute : story and illustrations / by Paul Goble. cover
A gift to a shy young man from the birds and animals helps him to express his love to a beautiful girl.
Martina, the beautiful cockroach : a Cuban folktale / retold by Carmen Agra Deedy ; illustrated by Michael Austin. cover
In this humorous retelling of a Cuban folktale, a cockroach interviews her suitors in order to decide whom to marry.
Mañana Iguana / by Ann Whitford Paul ; illustrated by Ethan Long. cover
Iguana, Conejo, Tortuga, and Culebra are excited about having a spring party, but only Iguana is willing to do any of the work. Includes a glossary of Spanish words used.
d'Aulaires' book of Norwegian folktales / a dapted and and Illustrated by Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire. cover
Twenty-one of the Norwegian folk tales collected by Asbjørnsen and Moe telling of trolls, sprites, princesses, cinderlads, talking cats, and mountains made of glass.
Uncle Snake / Matthew Gollub ; pictures by Leovigildo Martínez. cover
When his face is changed into that of a snake after he visits a forbidden cave, a young boy wears a mask for twenty years, before being taken into the sky.
The moon was at a fiesta / by Matthew Gollub ; pictures by Leovigildo Martínez. cover
Jealous of the sun, the moon decides to create her own fiesta and celebrates a bit too much.