New Kids' Folk & Fairy Tales Books

Jack and the beanstalk and the french fries / by Mark Teague. cover
In this humorous version of the traditional tale, Jack's magic beanstalk produces so many beans that soon everyone in the village is sick of eating them, and mad at Jack, and when he climbs the beanstalk he finds that Mr. Giant is equally fed up with beans--but fortunately Mrs. Giant suggests a solution to their diet problem.
Deep in the woods : a folk tale / Christopher Corr. cover
Deep in the woods is a little wooden house, with nine neat windows and a red front door. When a little mouse decides it will make the perfect home, so do the other animals in the woods. One by one other animals are welcomed to share the home until the little house is full. All the animals live happily together until the day a great big bear wants to squeeze in too. But will the bear be able to put everything right when their home comes tumbling down? Find out in this beautifully illustrated retelling of a classic Russian folk tale.
The three billy goats Gruff / Jerry Pinkney. cover
Three billy goats must outwit the big, ugly troll that lives under the bridge they have to cross on their way up the mountain.
Little Red Riding Hood / illustrated by Ed Bryan. cover
Presents a retelling of the story of a little girl who meets a hungry wolf in the forest while on her way to visit her grandmother.
Jack and the beanstalk / illustrated by Ed Bryan. cover
Presents a retelling of the classic story of the boy who climbs a beanstalk and outwits a giant.
Jack & the beanstalk : a folktale / pictures by Nina Towe. cover
Retells the classic tale in which Jack, trading the family cow for some magic beans which produce a beanstalk, climbs to the sky and to the land of a hungry giant.
The crane girl : based on Japanese folktales / adapted by Curtis Manley ; illustrations by Lin Wang. cover
A boy helps an injured crane, and the good deed is rewarded with the arrival of a mysterious guest who weaves beautiful silk for the family. Includes author's note about Japanese folktales and poetry, information about red-crowned cranes, and pronunciations.
Cat goes fiddle-i-fee : a folk tale classic / adapted and illustrated by Paul Galdone. cover
An old English rhyme names all the animals a farm boy feeds on his daily rounds.
Aesop's fox / retold and illustrated by Aki Sogabe. cover
Several fables from Aesop are adapted and woven into a story about the adventures of a fox.
The twelve dancing princesses / illustrated by Alison Jay ; adapted by Alison Ritchie. cover
A retelling of the classic fairy tale follows twelve princesses who, despite being locked in their rooms at the end of each day, are found in the morning with their slippers in tatters from dancing through the night.
The shady tree / Demi. cover
Ping returns and deals with the selfish Tan Tan, who owns a beautiful house and a beautiful shady tree, but who does not share, so Ping turns Tan Tan's greed into his own gain, but remains true to his generous nature.
Miss Muffet, or what came after / by Marilyn Singer ; pictures by David Litchfield. cover
With the help of friendly spider Webster, aspiring violinists Patience Muffet and LIttle Bo-Peep find personal fulfillment in the court of Old King Cole.
La Madre Goose : nursery rhymes for los niños / Susan Middleton Elya ; illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal. cover
A collection of classic nursery rhymes presented with a bilingual twist.
I am Pan! / Mordicai Gerstein. cover
"A picture book about the Greek god of the wild, shepherds, music, hunting and misrule, Pan."-- Provided by publisher.
Baba Yaga / An Leysen. cover
Living alone with her father, Olga finds her life turned upside down when her father falls in love with a woman whose sister is Baba Yaga, the famous witch from Russian folklore.
The year of the rooster : tales from the Chinese zodiac / written by Oliver Chin ; illustrated by Juan Calle. cover
"The young rooster Ray befriends the girl Ying, as well as other animals of the Chinese lunar calendar, and demonstrates the qualities of a confident adventurer. Lists the birth years and characteristics of individuals born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster"-- Provided by publisher.
The teeny-tiny woman : a folk tale classic / Paul Galdone. cover
A very small woman brings home a very small bone from a very small churchyard, thereby ensuring for herself a very sleepless night.
Tales from the Arabian nights : stories of adventure, magic, love, and betrayal / Donna Jo Napoli ; illustrations by Christina Balit. cover
A collection of tales told by Scheherazade to amuse the cruel sultan and stop him from executing her as he had his other daily wives.
The princess and the warrior : a tale of two volcanoes / Duncan Tonatiuh. cover
"Award-winning author Duncan Tonatiuh reimagines one of Mexico's cherished legends. Princess Izta had many wealthy suitors but dismissed them all. When a mere warrior, Popoca, promised to be true to her and stay always by her side, Izta fell in love. Theemperor promised Popoca if he could defeat their enemy Jaguar Claw, then Popoca and Izta could wed. When Popoca was near to defeating Jaguar Claw, his opponent sent a messenger to Izta saying Popoca was dead. Izta fell into a deep sleep and, upon his return, even Popoca could not wake her. As promised Popoca stayed by her side."-- Provided by publisher.
My very first Mother Goose / edited by Iona Opie ; illustrated by Rosemary Wells. cover
A collection of more than sixty nursery rhymes includes "Hey Diddle, Diddle," "Pat-a-Cake," "Little Jack Horner," and "Pussycat, Pussycat."
The Land of Stories : a treasury of classic fairy tales / Chris Colfer ; illustrated by Brandon Dorman. cover
An illustrated nursery rhyme and fairy tale collection features the classic tales that Alex and Conner fall into in the Land of Stories series.
Jason and the Argonauts : the first great quest in Greek mythology / Robert Byrd. cover
Retells the story of Jason and his quest for the golden fleece, from his training as a child by Chiron the centaur and his gathering of famous Greek heroes for his journey to his battles with harpies, Stymphalian birds, and the sirens.
The dragon's hoard : stories from the Viking sagas / written by Lari Don ; illustrated by Cate James. cover
Eleven folk tales from the Vikings includes stories of a greedy dragon guarding a huge hoard of gold, a girl who becomes a swan to protect her warrior love in battle, and a polar bear brought to the king of Denmark as a gift.
The blue jackal / written by Shobha Viswanath ; illustrated by Dileep Joshi. cover
Juno the jackal is suddenly treated like a king after he inadvertently dyes his fur blue.