New Kids' Easy Readers

Save the rainbow! / by Kristen L. Depken ; illustrated by Dave Aikins. cover
When the magic of Zahramay Falls runs dry, twin genies Shimmer and Shine search for a special staff that will help restore its power.
How to start kindergarten / by Cathy Hapka and Ellen Titlebaum ; illustrated by Debbie Palen. cover
"David is the new kid at school. Steve shows him around--but David starts to copy him. What will Steve do?"--Back cover.
Robot power! / by Celeste Sisler ; illustrated by Dave Aikins. cover
When Crusher builds robots that go out of control and run wild in Axle City, it's up to AJ, Gabby, and Blaze to stop them.
Pedro's big break / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
When Pedro breaks his arm racing his bike he has to cope with the frustration of wearing a cast for a whole month--but with the help of his friends he discovers that there are still fun things to do.
In a people house, by Theo. LeSieg. Illustrated by Roy McKie. cover
Easy-to-read rhyme cites a number of common household items. A tour of household objects by an enraptured mouse. A zany, exuberant, useful word book.
Would you rather be a bullfrog? / by Theo. LeSieg ; illustrated by Roy McKie. cover
Poses questions for pondering: "Would you rather be a dog or be a cat?", "Would you rather live in igloos or in tents?", "Would you rather be a mermaid with a tail instead of feet?"
Chez Nancy / adapted by Nancy Parent ; illustrations by the Disney Storybook Art Team. cover
"Nancy has a new playhouse, and it's time for some ooh-la-la fancy fun! But when one friend wants to be the boss of who can come to play, Nancy has to decide what it means to be a good friend."
I wish I was an elephant / by Jennifer Bové. cover
Simple text and color photographs provide readers with basic facts about elephants, such as where they live, what they eat, and how they behave.
On top of the world / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Pedro's family and his friends are spending the day at the amusement park, enjoying the rides and the snacks, so when they get separated from Pedro's brother, Paco, and their mother, a ride on the Ferris wheel seems like it offers an excellent way to spot Paco in the crowded park.
The big stink / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Something in Miss Winkle's classroom smells really bad, and when the class bully declares that it must be the new boy, Pablo, Pedro steps in to defend him--but the class still needs to know what is causing the stench and dispose of it.
Pedro's monster / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Despite his father's reassurances, Pedro is frightened by the monsters in his dreams--until he finds a way to use his love of monster trucks to defeat his dream monsters.
Rocket the brave / Tad Hills. cover
Rocket the dog has fun chasing a butterfly up a hill and around a pond, but he does not want to follow it into the scary forest.
Big Brown Bear's birthday surprise / David McPhail. cover
It's Big Brown Bear's birthday! To celebrate, his friend Rat has prepared a lovely picnic on the riverbank. But when Big Brown Bear is suddenly distracted by boat floating past, Rat's plans for the afternoon take a watery turn. Boating is so much fun...right?
The perfect gift / by Paula Yoo ; illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez. cover
As her baby brother's 100-day celebration approaches, Mei struggles to find the perfect gift for him. Includes directions for making traditional red eggs.
Mr. Monkey visits a school / Jeff Mack. cover
Mr. Monkey is invited to visit a school to perform a trick he just learned, but nothing goes as planned.
Mr. Monkey bakes a cake / Jeff Mack. cover
Mr. Monkey bakes a cake and enters it in a contest, but nothing goes as planned.
The itchy book! / by [Mo Willems and] LeUyen Pham. cover
Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Brontosaurus, and T-Rex each have an itch, but Dino-Mo reminds them of the sign with a very important rule: Dinosaurs do not scratch.
Amelia Bedelia helps out / Peggy Parish ; pictures by Lynn Sweat. cover
Amelia Bedelia shows her niece Effie Lou how to follow instructions to the letter as they dust the potato bugs and sew seeds.
The bike lesson, by Stan and Jan Berenstain. cover
Small bear gets a new bike and his father teaches him to ride.
Jump / David McPhail. cover
"Two boys and a frog, a cow, and other animals jump for joy in this easy-to-read book"-- Provided by publisher.
Pidge's story / by Natalie Shaw ; illustrated by Patrick Spaziante. cover
Pidge reveals how after her brother and father went missing she took on a new identity to infiltrate the Garrison and find them herself, before being recruited as the Green Lion.
Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur and the sand castle contest / written by Bruce Hale ; illustrated in the style of Syd Hoff by Charles Grosvenor. cover
When Danny wants to win the sand castle contest, his dinosaur friend, who has never been to the beach before, is eager to help.
Chicken on vacation / by Adam Lehrhaupt ; pictures by Shahar Kober. cover
Zoey the chicken decides to use her imagination to have a beach day and bring her friends along to find buried treasure.