New Kids' Easy Readers

The kid and the chameleon / Sheri Mabry ; illustrated by Joanie Stone. cover
When Tessy meets Newton the chameleon she's determined that they'll be friends, but quickly learns that children and chameleons have little in common. Includes facts about chameleons.
This makes me silly / Courtney Carbone ; illustrated by Hilli Kushnir. cover
A little girl spends the day at the zoo with her family and learns that it is okay to be silly but sometimes it is important to be calm.
Save the cake! / by Molly Coxe. cover
"Two snails, Nate and Kate, bake a cake for their grandpa but have to avoid a snake by the lake to get it to him, in this book that features the long 'a' sound"-- Provided by publisher.
Rat attack / by Molly Coxe. cover
"Gran is making jam but rats want the jam and attack in this easy-to-read book featuring the short 'a' sound"-- Provided by publisher.
This makes me scared / Courtney Carbone ; illustrated by Hilli Kushnir. cover
With his teacher's help, a boy begins to overcome his fear of swimming.
This makes me jealous / Courtney Carbone ; illustrated by Hilli Kushnir. cover
"A girl feels jealous of Amy, the new girl in school, but she acknowledges her own feelings and lets Amy in"-- Provided by publisher.
Greedy Beetle / by Molly Coxe. cover
Beetle does not want to share the last three leaves on the tree with Weevil and Flea, but feels bad when he sits down to eat them alone, in this book that features the long 'e' sound.
This makes me happy / Courtney Carbone ; illustrations by Hilli Kushnir. cover
"Follow a young girl on a field trip to the fair, complete with face painting, a roller coaster, and a petting zoo! When her pesky nut allergy gets in the way of eating dessert, she learns that focusing on happy moments can be an even sweeter treat"--Back cover.
This makes me angry / Courtney Carbone ; illustrated by Hilli Kushnir. cover
A young boy having a bad day that continues to get worse has a chance to reflect on the events and determine why he was so mad.
Surprise Island / based on the movie Surprise Island, based on the book by Gertrude Chandler Warren ; interior art by Shane Clester. cover
"Siblings Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny used to live in a boxcar. Now they have adventures everywhere they go. What secrets will the children find on their very own island?"-- Provided by publisher.
Math in the bath / Jennifer Oxley + Billy Aronson. cover
"Peg and Cat are in the bath. One, two friends in the bath. Peg and Cat do math in the bath!"--Back cover.
The kid and the chameleon sleepover / Sheri Mabry ; illustrated by Joanie Stone. cover
Tessy invites Newton the chameleon for a sleepover, but neither one enjoys it until they stop trying to have "kid fun" or "chameleon fun" and have "friend fun" instead. Includes facts about chameleons.
The case of the missing painting / Dosh Archer. cover
"Detective Paw and Patrol Officer Prickles must track down who stole a painting from the Big City Art Museum -- Provided by publisher.
The case of Piggy's Bank / Dosh Archer. cover
Old-fashioned dog Detective Paw and his young partner, Patrol Officer Prickles, a porcupine armed with the latest in police equipment, are called to find out who stole the money from Piggy's Bank.
The case of the stolen drumsticks / Dosh Archer. cover
On the eve of the Battle of the Bands, Vinnie "The Crash" McLaren's best drumsticks are stolen, and it is up to Detective Paw and Patrol Officer Prickles to determine which of Vinnie's neighbors is the thief.
I like my bike / AG Ferrari. cover
Illustrations and easy-to-read text show the advantages of being on a bicycle when streets are jammed with other vehicles.
The Boxcar Children / based on the book by Gertrude Chandler Warner ; cover and interior art by Shane Clester. cover
"Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden are orphans looking for a place to live together as a family. Could a boxcar in the woods be their new home?"-- Provided by publisher.
Seven ruff-ruff rescues! cover
A collection of seven early readers featuring the Paw Patrol dogs.
See me run / by Paul Meisel. cover
A dog has a fun-filled day at the dog park, in this easy-to-read story.
See me dig / by Paul Meisel. cover
A group of dogs that loves to dig has a fun-filled day of making mischief, in this easy-to-read story.
The LEGO movie 2. Welcome to Apocalypseburg / adapted by Kate Howard. cover
"A leveled reader with stickers based on The LEGO MOVIE 2! After DUPLO aliens invaded Bricksburg, things changed. The once-amazing city was turned to rubble. Now it's called Apocalypseburg! Explore Apocalypseburg and meet Emmet's new friends (and frenemies) in this all-new story! Based on the movie starring Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Alison Brie, and more, this reader is sure to delight fans of all ages!"--Publisher's description.
Countdown to trouble / Megan McDonald ; illustrated by Erwin Madrid. cover
"Frank Pearl in The Awful Waffle Kerfuffle: Frank Pearl is in it to win it. He's not sure what, exactly, but he wants to win something. Stink Moody in Master of Disaster: Stink takes a star turn -- and helps stave off cosmic calamity. Triple Pet Trouble: The unusual Moody pets (Jaws, Mouse, and Toady) are the center of attention for Dr. Judy, pet vet!"-- Provided by publisher.
You can do it, pout-pout fish! / Deborah Diesen ; pictures by Isidre Monés. cover
"Mr. Fish has a fun idea! He is going to make a painting for his friends at school, and he does not need any help--that is, until his plan doesn't work"--Back cover.
Leaf it to Dot / written by Andrea Cascardi. cover
Dad joins Dot and Hal outdoors while they work to earn their Rangeroo scavenger hunt badges and to not let technology distract them from nature.
Rocket out of the park / written by Andrea Cascardi. cover
"Dot is at the Creative Fair, where everyone's excited about making fizz-powered rockets. 'Make your rocket ship your own!' says Dot's mom. Dot is keen on making the fastest rocket of them all, with no decorations to weigh it down. When it's time for liftoff, Dot's rocket soars out of sight, while Ruby's snows down glitter, Nev and Dev's sprays out shaving cream, and Hal's makes a huge noise. Everyone's rockets are totally different, and it turns out they're all the best!""--Provided by publisher.