New Kids' Easy Readers

The kid and the chameleon / Sheri Mabry ; illustrated by Joanie Stone. cover
When Tessy meets Newton the chameleon she's determined that they'll be friends, but quickly learns that children and chameleons have little in common. Includes facts about chameleons.
Seven ruff-ruff rescues! cover
A collection of seven early readers featuring the Paw Patrol dogs.
See me run / by Paul Meisel. cover
A dog has a fun-filled day at the dog park, in this easy-to-read story.
See me dig / by Paul Meisel. cover
A group of dogs that loves to dig has a fun-filled day of making mischief, in this easy-to-read story.
Countdown to trouble / Megan McDonald ; illustrated by Erwin Madrid. cover
"Frank Pearl in The Awful Waffle Kerfuffle: Frank Pearl is in it to win it. He's not sure what, exactly, but he wants to win something. Stink Moody in Master of Disaster: Stink takes a star turn -- and helps stave off cosmic calamity. Triple Pet Trouble: The unusual Moody pets (Jaws, Mouse, and Toady) are the center of attention for Dr. Judy, pet vet!"-- Provided by publisher.
Fishtastic! / by Victoria Kann. cover
When Pinkalicious goes fishing with Peter, she wants to catch the pinkest fish in the sea, but what they catch is definitely not pinkapretty, though it may turn out to be even better.
A friend for Dragon / Dav Pilkey. cover
Dragon is lonely so he goes looking for a friend and when an apple falls on his head he is convinced that he has found one; but at home Apple is quiet and unresponsive, and when a visit to the doctor only makes things worse, Dragon mourns the loss of his friend--until an apple tree grows where Apple is buried.
Sparkly new friends / written by Heather Ayris Burnell ; art by Hazel Quintanilla. cover
Unicorn and Yeti run into each other (literally) while looking for sparkly things, and despite some differences, (for instance Unicorn is magic, Yeti is not, Yeti likes snowball fights, Unicorn can not throw snowballs)--the two become friends over a shared love of hot chocolate with rainbow sprinkles.
A bad case of the hiccups / adapted by Shannon Penney. cover
Just as Katya plans to perform a new spell, she gets a bad case of the hiccups, making her magic go crazy, and the other super monsters offer their family cures to stop the hiccups.
Made to play! / by Natasha Bouchard ; illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team. cover
"Woody is on a mission to rescue Bonnie's newest toy!"--Page 4 of cover.
Much too much birthday / by J. E. Morris. cover
Maud the koala has happily invited all fifty-six of her friends to her birthday party, but when the crowd arrives she feels overwhelmed and needs to be alone. Includes note to caregivers.
Flubby will not play with that / by J. E. Morris. cover
When Kami brings home a bag full of toys, Flubby the cat rejects each offering until an unexpected "toy" piques his interest.
I dig / Joe Cepeda. cover
"At the beach, a boy digs a tunnel where he finds a crab, starfish, and best of all, a dog"-- Provided by publisher.
Flubby is not a good pet! / by J. E. Morris. cover
Although Flubby the cat refuses to do pet tricks, he proves his pet worthiness during a scary situation.
The hair book / by Graham Tether ; illustrated by Andrew Joyner. cover
"A celebration of hair--and all the things you can do with it!"-- Provided by publisher.
Big Shark, Little Shark go to school / by Anna Membrino ; illustrated by Tim Budgen. cover
Little Shark is very excited about the first day of school, but Big Shark sleeps late and they miss the bus.
The best tree house ever / written by Laura Buller ; illustrated by the Ameet Studio Artists. cover
"When Rapunzel tells her friends that she needs some alone time, they decide to build a surprise tree house for her in the garden"--Back cover.
Paint it out! / Ethan Long. cover
When an effort to paint a mural results in knocked-over paint cans and spattering brushes, Horse reluctantly accepts help from Buggy.
See me play / Paul Meisel. cover
In this easy-to-read book, a playful pack of dogs chase a ball that is caught by a bird, a whale, and a lion.
A puppy for Miguel / by Melissa Lagonegro ; based on an original story by Roni Capin Rivera-Ashford and Daniel Rivera Ashford ; illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team. cover
When a stray puppy goes in search of food and friends, he eventually meets a boy named Miguel and they become the best of friends.
Moana's new friend / adapted by Jennifer Liberts ; illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team. cover
When Moana and Pua make friends with a sea turtle, they help her find a good place to lay her eggs.
A good team / written by Heather Ayris Burnell ; art by Hazel Quintanilla. cover
"New friends Unicorn and Yeti are having a little trouble finding something they are both good at; Yeti is good at kicking a ball, Unicorn is not, Unicorn is fast, Yeti is not--so they finally try ice skating, which neither of them has ever done, because they have a chance to be equally good (or bad) at it."--Publisher's description.
A sea otter to the rescue / by Thea Feldman ; illustrated by Rachel Sanson. cover
"In an aquarium in California, there was a sea otter who was a mother for rescued pups. She taught them how to look for crabs and open clam shells. She also inspired a state law to protect the endangered species. A special section at the back of this book includes tips on how readers can help sea otters!"-- Provided by publisher.
Bruce's big fun day / by Ryan T. Higgins. cover
Nibbs the mouse wants to give Bruce the bear a Big Fun Day, but unfortunately grumpy Bruce does not like fun.
Lost stars / adapted by Steve Foxe. cover
The Super Wings travel with a young Italian girl to the stars to find a lost constellation.