New Kids' Easy Readers

Miffy and the band / story written by May Nakamura ; based on the work of Dick Bruna. cover
Miffy is determined to join her friends' band even though she does not play a musical instrument.
Snow day! / by Candice Ransom ; illustrated by Erika Meza. cover
After waking up to a snow day, a brother and sister enjoy winter activities with their friends.
This is Miles Morales / adapted by Alexandra West ; illustrated by Aurerelio Mazzara and Gaetano Petrigno ; painted by Jay David Ramos. cover
"Discover how Miles Morales, a regular kid from Brooklyn, becomes the new Spider-Man"--Provided by publisher.
I like my car / Michael Robertson. cover
Animals show how much they like their cars, of all different colors, while driving, caring for them, and even hugging them.
Squeak the mouse likes his house / Pat Schories. cover
"For a tiny mouse, a sneaker can be a bed and a few crumbs can be a meal"-- Provided by publisher.
Can you find Pup? / Vincent X. Kirsch. cover
Tate loves to draw everything from cats to clowns but ignores his dog Pup, who runs away to join the circus.
Glacier adventure / adapted by Samantha Brooke. cover
"D.A. is more of a researcher than a storyteller, so she's naturally nervous when her parents sign her up to speak in front of a sellout crowd. But thanks to the Friz, D.A. gains inspiration from the greatest storytellers on Earth: glaciers! These mighty, frozen time machines guide the class through the Earth's last 10,000 years, and the incredible tale of the changes it has witnessed"-- Provided by publisher.
Noodleheads find something fishy / by Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton, and Mitch Weiss ; illustrated by Tedd Arnold. cover
Brothers Mac and Mac are outwitted by Cousin Meatball, three fish, and even a fishing rod when they set out to learn something new. Includes author's note on tales of fools and the motifs found in this story.
JoJo and the twins / by Jane O'Connor ; pictures by Robin Preiss Glasser. cover
Helping her parents with the new twins, JoJo must figure out a way to tell the identical babies apart.
Game time! / by Susan Amerikaner, illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team. cover
"Ralph and Vanellope are in a race against time to save their video game Sugar Rush"-- Provided by publisher.
Daddy can't dance / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Katie and her father are invited to a Daddy-Daughter dance, the only problem is that her father is not a good dancer--he frequently steps on his partner's feet.
Katie blows her top / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Katie's class is building model volcanoes, but when most of the ingredients end up on Katie, she blows her top.
Keep dancing, Katie / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Katie loves being the best dancer in her dance class, so when Mattie joins the class and begins to outshine her, Katie is jealous.
Ultimate villains / written by Cefn Ridout. cover
"Read about the incredible powers and evil plots of these ultimate villains. Find out all about their deadly battles with Super Hero foes"--Back cover.
A new car for Charlie / adapted by Trey King ; illustrations by Guido Guidi and Hasbro. cover
On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard, where he is discovered by Charlie, who is trying to find her place in the world.
Pikmi to be your valentine! / written by Meredith Rusu. cover
All of the Pikmis want to be Ollie's Valentine, so they each give him a gift hoping that he will choose them.
Syd Hoff's Danny and the dinosaur : the big sneeze / written by Bruce Hale ; illustrated in the style of Syd Hoff by Charles Grosvenor ; colors by David Cutting. cover
After a day of playing in the rain, Danny and the dinosaur each catch a cold. How will Danny and the dinosaur both turn a sick day into something fun?
Louise and the class pet / story by Laura Driscoll ; pictures by Kelly Light. cover
When Pigcasso, the class guinea pig, stays the weekend at Louise's house, mayhem ensues after he goes missing.
Zip and Beep / by Chris Barton ; illustrated by Troy Cummings. cover
"Mighty Truck is super strong, super fast ... and a super fun babysitter. When Hattie's bulldozer cousins Zip and Beep visit Axleburg, Clarence offers to watch them on his day off. Zip and Beep play tag, kick the can, and jump jumper cables--but no matter how fast they zoom, Zip and Beep just don't run out of gas. How can Clarence keep up with these wheely energetic youngsters? Sounds like a job for Mighty Truck!"-- Provided by publisher.
I wish I was a polar bear / by Jennifer Bove. cover
Introduces polar bears, describing their physical features, what they eat, where they live, and how they care for their young.
Llama Llama, be my valentine! / based on the bestselling children's book series by Anna Dewdney. cover
Llama Llama and his classmates celebrate Valentine's Day by exchanging unique handmade gifts.
The secret of Shazam! / by Christy Webster ; illustrated by Erik Doescher. cover
"Shazam is the world's mightiest mortal! He uses his power to save the day!"--Back cover.
Emmet to the rescue / by Julia March. cover
"Blast off with Emmet on an epic mission. Help him search for his missing friends. Meet Rex the space pilot. Can Rex help Emmet travel through space to find his friends?"--Back cover.
Awesome heroes / by Rosie Peet. cover
Join the brave heroes of Apocalypseburg as they journey to a new galaxy and fight giant aliens.
Flower girl Katie / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Katie is delighted when her Aunt Patty asks her to be a flower girl--but then she starts thinking about everything that could go wrong and worries that she will spoil her aunt's wedding.