New Kids' Easy Readers

Much too much birthday / by J. E. Morris. cover
Maud the koala has happily invited all fifty-six of her friends to her birthday party, but when the crowd arrives she feels overwhelmed and needs to be alone. Includes note to caregivers.
Flubby will not play with that / by J. E. Morris. cover
When Kami brings home a bag full of toys, Flubby the cat rejects each offering until an unexpected "toy" piques his interest.
I dig / Joe Cepeda. cover
"At the beach, a boy digs a tunnel where he finds a crab, starfish, and best of all, a dog"-- Provided by publisher.
Flubby is not a good pet! / by J. E. Morris. cover
Although Flubby the cat refuses to do pet tricks, he proves his pet worthiness during a scary situation.
The hair book / by Graham Tether ; illustrated by Andrew Joyner. cover
"A celebration of hair--and all the things you can do with it!"-- Provided by publisher.
Paint it out! / Ethan Long. cover
When an effort to paint a mural results in knocked-over paint cans and spattering brushes, Horse reluctantly accepts help from Buggy.
See me play / Paul Meisel. cover
In this easy-to-read book, a playful pack of dogs chase a ball that is caught by a bird, a whale, and a lion.
A good team / written by Heather Ayris Burnell ; art by Hazel Quintanilla. cover
"New friends Unicorn and Yeti are having a little trouble finding something they are both good at; Yeti is good at kicking a ball, Unicorn is not, Unicorn is fast, Yeti is not--so they finally try ice skating, which neither of them has ever done, because they have a chance to be equally good (or bad) at it."--Publisher's description.
A sea otter to the rescue / by Thea Feldman ; illustrated by Rachel Sanson. cover
"In an aquarium in California, there was a sea otter who was a mother for rescued pups. She taught them how to look for crabs and open clam shells. She also inspired a state law to protect the endangered species. A special section at the back of this book includes tips on how readers can help sea otters!"-- Provided by publisher.
Bruce's big fun day / by Ryan T. Higgins. cover
Nibbs the mouse wants to give Bruce the bear a Big Fun Day, but unfortunately grumpy Bruce does not like fun.
Sisters save the day! / adapted by Kristen L. Depken based on the original screenplay by Grant Moran. cover
Barbie and her sisters--Skipper, Stacie, and Chelsea--always have fun in this reader based on the new animated comedy series Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures.
Charlie & Mouse even better / by Laurel Snyder ; illustrated by Emily Hughes. cover
It's Mom's birthday, and Charlie and Mouse and their Dad want everything to be perfect--so when the cake gets burnt the boys have to come up with a new plan, pronto.
Timo goes camping / Victoria Allenby ; illustrated by Dean Griffiths. cover
"Nervous about his first camping trip, Timo starts with a trip to the library to research canoeing, fire-building, and navigation. But his biggest challenge turns out to be Suki, who teases whenever one of her friends makes a mistake. Timo's anxiety that he will be the next one ridiculed threatens to ruin his trip until a confrontation with Suki leads to better communication and consideration all around"--Publisher's marketing.
Fun, fun, fun! / by Derek Anderson. cover
"Croc is grumpy. Ally is happy. Croc sees a problem. Ally finds a solution. The best friends overcome their differences as they go for a swim, shop for hats, and deal with a big bug"-- Provided by publisher.
Breakaway / by David Sabino ; illustrated by Setor Fiadzigey. cover
"A history of soccer, including trivia facts about the game"-- Provided by publisher.
Fergus and Zeke at the science fair / Kate Messner ; illustrated by Heather Ross. cover
Fergus and Zeke are the class pets in Miss Maxwell's room, and they do everything the students do. So when it comes to the science fair, they want to do an experiment, not be an experiment.
Spike goes to school / adapted by Shannon Penney. cover
On Spike's first day of school, Cleo helps him answer all the questions he has, but when he asks questions she does not know the answers to, it makes a mess for the other Super Monsters.
Baby Shark and the balloons. cover
"Baby Shark gives his friends special balloons to make them smile"--Back cover.
Panda excess / adapted by Travis Braun ; illustrated by the Disney Storybook Art Team. cover
"Pip and Freddy try to resist the cutest panda baby ever"--Page 4 of cover.
Pedro keeps his cool / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
It is snowing and Pedro and his friends go the park to have some fun in the snow; his snow figure and snow angel are not successful, but Pedro knows he is a great sledder--and he is determined to help Roddy overcome his fear of sledding on the big hill.
Pedro goes wild! / by Fran Manushkin ; illustrated by Tammie Lyon. cover
Pedro and his father go on a hike in the woods--where it turns out that Pedro knows a lot more about the plants and animals then his father does, but they both have fun anyway.
Epic adventures / written by Julia March. cover
Presents information about classic battles from the history of Ninjago City and the villains that the LEGO Ninjago heroes have defeated, from the slippery Snake Tribes to the ghoulish Ghost Army.
My first Bob books. 12 Books in 1 Pre-reading skills / text, Lynn Maslen Kertell ; pictures, Sue Hendra and John R. Maslen. cover
Presents a collection of stories that introduce important skills and prepare children to read.
The 100 hats of the Cat in the Hat / by Tish Rabe ; illustrated by Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu. cover
"The Cat in the Hat celebrates the 100th Day of School and explains how to count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide the number 100."-- Provided by publisher.
The buddy bench / by Gwendolyn Hooks ; illustrated by Shirley Ng-Benitez. cover
When Padma notices a boy standing by himself, she enlists her friends to create a buddy bench, where anyone at school can go if they want or need a friend.