New DVDs

The sinner. cover
Following the murder of a couple by their eleven-year old son, Detective Harry Ambrose returns to his hometown in rural New York to assess the unsettling and heart wrenching crime. He finds himself pitted against those who'll stop at nothing to protect its secrets.
Creed cover
Apollo Creed's son Adonis Johnson turns to his late father's friend Rocky Balboa to train him to be a fighter.
Top of the lake. cover
Five years after the shocking events that rocked her hometown in New Zealand, Detective Robin Griffin has returned to Sydney and is trying to rebuild her life. When the unidentified body of an Asian girl washes up on Bondi Beach, there appears little hope of finding the killer, until Robin realizes "China Girl" didn't die alone.
Destination wedding [videorecording]. cover
When Frank and Lindsay meet on a way to a destination wedding, they soon discover they have a lot in common: they both hate the bride, the groom, the wedding, themselves, and most especially each other. As the weekend's events continually force them together, and their cheerlessness immediately isolates them from the other guests, Frank and Lindsay find that if they verbally spar with someone long enough, anything can happen.
The miseducation of Cameron Post [videorecording]. cover
Cameron is sent to a gay conversion therapy center after getting caught with another girl in the back seat of a car. Run by the strict and severe Dr. Lydia Marsh and her brother, Reverend Rick the center is built upon repenting for same sex attraction. In the face of intolerance and denial, Cameron meets a group of fellow sinners, including the amputee stoner Jane and her friend, the Lakota Two-Spirit Adam. Together, this group of teenagers forms an unlikely family as they fight to survive.
White boy Rick cover
Based on the moving true story of a blue-collar father and his teenage son, Rick Wershe, Jr., who became an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s, before he was arrested for drug trafficking, abandoned by his handlers, and sentenced to life in prison.
Operation finale cover
The thrilling true story of the secret mission led by Israeli intelligence agent Peter Malkin to infiltrate Argentina and capture Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer who masterminded the plans that sent millions of innocent Jews to their deaths during World War II, and bring him to justice.
Zack and Miri cover
Because of their financial problems, Zack and Miri hire a haphazard cast and crew to create an adult film. Little do they know that romantic feelings for each other will soon come to the surface.
Marrowbone cover
"Four siblings move to America with their mother to escape a troubled past. When she dies, they vow to stay together, no matter what. But when a ghostly presence torments what's left of their family, and a lawyer threatens their pact, the four must stand together or be torn apart forever in this chilling thriller."-- (Source of summary not specified).
Dark crimes cover
When police officer Tadek finds similarities between an unsolved murder and a crime outlined in a book by famed writer Krystov Kozlow, Tadek begins to track Kozlow and his girlfriend, a mysterious underground sex-club worker. As his obsession with Kozlow grows, Tadek descends into a deadly underworld of sex, lies, and corruption to find the shocking, deadly truth.
Kings cover
Millie Dunbar is a foster parent who looks after her many children in Los Angeles in 1992. After the verdict from the Rodney King Incident is revealed, the city quickly begins to descend into all-out chaos between its denizens and the police. Now Millie must protect her children from the ensuing anarchy and erupting violence all while navigating the precarious waters of police violence and finding justice for her family.
Crazy ex-girlfriend. cover
A young woman moves to West Covina, California after leaving her job at a law firm and her life in New York.
Elizabeth blue cover
Recently released from a psychiatric hospital, Elizabeth returns to her L.A. apartment where she lives with her fiance. With the guidance of her new psychiatrist, she works at regaining control of her mental stability as she begins to plan her wedding. Navigating hallucinations, medications, and her unsupportive mother, she clings to the hope that love will truly conquer all, even mental illness.
Sneaky Pete. cover
A con man on the run from a vicious gangster takes cover by assuming the identity of his prison cellmate, Pete, reuniting with his estranged family, that threatens to drag him into a world just as dangerous as the one he's escaping.
Rememory cover
Gordon Dunn, a visionary scientific pioneer, is found dead shortly after he unveils his newest work: a device able to extract, record, and play a person's memories. Soon, a mysterious man shows up at his widow's door, claiming to be a friend of her late husband. After stealing the machine from the house, the man uses it to try and solve the mystery of Gordon's death, beginning an investigation on memories that lead him to unexpected and dangers places.
The 100. [videorecording]. cover
In the aftermath of Praimfaya, the 100 must begin again. With Season Five, our heroes have to examine their responsibility to the new place they call home, and the future generations who will inhabit it. Can they begin again and celebrate what remains, or will the frailties of human nature cost them their one chance to rise from the ashes?
The magicians. [videorecording]. cover
The hit series based on Lev Grossmanѫs best-selling novels returns for season three as Quentin Coldwater and his magician friends now face a world without magic. Deprived of their special powers, Quentin and the other magicians are desperate to find a way to restore magic. But in order to regain what has been lost, they must embark on an epic quest that cannot be accomplished alone. Now more than, ever, our heroes must rely on one another.
I am not a witch cover
In present day Zambia, a nine-year-old orphan girl is accused of witchcraft and is sent to a witch camp.
The old man & the gun cover
Based on a true story, follows Forrest Tucker, who escaped from San Quentin State Prison at the age of seventy, as he commits a string of heists and embarks on a late-life romance while staying ahead of the authorities.
A star is born cover
Rock star John Norman Howard has noticed that his career has begun to decline. Too many years of concerts, bad managers and life on the road have made him cynical. Then he meets the innocent, pure and very talented singer Esther Hoffman. John shows Esther the way to stardom while forsaking his own career. As they fall in love, her success only makes his decline even more apparent.
The tunnel. vengeance cover
Two detectives, one English and one French, are reunited in the midst of mid-Brexit hysteria.
The tunnel. sabotage cover
Commander Elise Wassermann and DCI Karl Roebuck reunite to investigate the abduction of a French couple from the Eurotunnel and suspected terrorism when a plane crashes in to the Channel killing all on board.
Loving Pablo cover
A journalist strikes up a romantic relationship with infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar.
We the animals cover
Manny, Joel, and Jonah tear their way through childhood and push against the volatile love of their parents. As Manny and Joel grow into versions of their father and Ma dreams of escape, Jonah embraces an imagined world all on his own.
1985 cover
Closeted advertising executive Adrian returns to his Texas hometown for the holidays during the first wave of the AIDS crisis. Burdened with an unspeakable tragedy in New York City. Adrian looks to reconnect with his preteen brother Andrew while navigating his relationship with religious parents Eileen and Dale. When he reaches out to his estranged childhood friend, their unresolved issues force Adrian to confront an uncertain future that will significantly alter the lives of those around him.