New Documentaries & Educational DVDs

15 : a quinceañera story cover
A "quinceañera" is a coming-of-age celebration for a Latina girl's fifteenth birthday, marking her transition from girl to woman. For many American Latina teenagers, it is an event that means much more, allowing the girls to embrace their chosen identities while still honoring their cultures, traditions and, most of all, the families who have sacrificed so much to give them a good life in the U.S.
The newspaperman : the life and times of Ben Bradlee cover
A documentary film presenting the professional and personal life of Ben Bradlee, using home movies, archival material and interview footage with family and colleagues.
Ronaldo vs. Messi : face off! cover
Experts from Messi's first coach, Pep Guardiola to FOX Sports commentator Warren Barton compare their upbringing, progression into the world of sports, their skills and talents, their current successes and awards, their influence on the game, plus their marketability on and off the field. Hear from rabid die-hard fans, colleagues, competitors such as Gerard Pique and former coaches including Sir Alex Ferguson as they debate which player is the best-of-the-best!
WWE : 30 years of summerslam. cover
For over three decades, the WWE universe has gotten fired up by the hottest event of the summer, SummerSlam! Now, relive those incredible moments.
Mister Rogers: it's you I like cover
Mister Rogers: It's You I Like pays tribute to the beloved Fred Rogers and the nearly 900 episodes of the landmark children's television program first seen in 1968 on PBS. In this 60-minute retrospective hosted by award-winning actor Michael Keaton, enjoy memorable segments including visits with Koko the Gorilla and the iconic trip to the Crayola crayon factory.
TVTV : video revolutionaries cover
A new documentary about a band of merry video makers who, from 1972 to 1977, took the then brand-new portable video camera and went out to document the world. In those days, there were only three TV networks, using giant studio cameras, and no one had ever seen a portable camera stuck in their face. The film is like opening a treasure chest into the 1970s, filled with cultural and political events hosted by now-famous characters who were then just beginning their climb to iconic.
Rolling stone : stories from the edge cover
A chronicle of the last 50 years of American music, politics and popular culture. This special documentary offers the unique perspective of a celebrated magazine that always understood that rock 'n' roll was more than just music; it was a cultural force that helped shape America and defined generations.
Tea with the Dames cover
Four celebrated British actresses get together and share their memories and thoughts on various topics.
Satyricon, madness and glory cover
An in-depth look at the notorious nightclub, featuring quality recordings of some of Portland's most influential artists, as well as exciting (and sometimes bizarre) interviews with rock stars, employees and assorted eccentrics. Features footage of groups such as Poison Idea, Napalm Beach, Obituaries, Dead Moon, Smegma, and many others.
No security, San Jose '99. cover
Contains: Tour of '99 and two cd's.
Beast legends cover
The beast hunters team researches the legends and recreate how the monsters might appear to terrified medieval villagers.
Finding Samuel Lowe : from Harlem to China cover
An Afro-Chinese-Jamaican Harlem family seeks their Chinese grandfather who was forever separated from their mother, his three-year-old half-Chinese, half-Jamaican daughter, in 1920. Samuel Lowe returned to China in 1933 with a Chinese wife and six children. After a 91-year separation, his Black Chinese grandchildren journey to China where they find Samuel Lowe's 300 Chinese descendants and the entire clan is reunited.
Cabin pressure : is the air toxic?. cover
How healthy is the air you breathe in airplanes? There have long been claims that cabin air contaminated by engine oil is putting at risk the health of millions of passengers every year. This air often comes directly from the engines, where it is heated and compressed. In the event of an oil leak, potentially toxic chemicals can enter into the plane's air supply. Many pilots and air stewards' claim their health have been seriously affected by these leaks.
Studio 54 cover
For 33 months, from 1977 to 1980, the nightclub Studio 54 was the place to be seen in Manhattan. A haven of hedonism, tolerance, glitz and glamour, Studio 54 was very hard to gain entrance to and impossible to ignore, with news of who was there filling the gossip columns daily. Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, two college friends from Brooklyn, succeeded in creating the ultimate escapist fantasy in the heart of the theater district.
Brothers in arms : the making of Platoon cover
Charlie Sheen narrates a documentary about the making of Platoon, the award winning, non-union, low budget film cast with young, unknown actors. Insider stories of Oliver Stone's unique directing style and brutal filming conditions.
Beyond the brink cover
Witness first hand how California's, evolving water crisis, is a growing threat to our National Security in its capacity of providing healthy food to our Nation and world.
Hondros cover
Explores the life and legacy of late war photojournalist Chris Hondros, who covered every major world event since the late 1990s, taking viewers behind the scenes to tell the untold stories of many of Hondross most iconic photographs. The film follows director Greg Campbell, Hondross childhood friend and fellow journalist on a global journey to visit the people and places made famous by Hondross photos.
The family I had cover
A mother recalls how her brilliant teenage son came to shatter their idyllic family through one horribly violent and shocking act. Now, left to pick up the pieces, the survivors test the boundaries of their newly defined reality in this moving true crime exploration of the nature and limits of familial love.
Scotty and the secret history of Hollywood cover
Profiles the life and career of actor Scotty Bowers.
World's fastest animal cover
Examines the resurgence of the peregrine falcon and its ability to fly at high speeds and thrive in nearly any environment.
Volatile Earth. cover
Follows two teams of scientists as they explore the most dangerous volcanoes in Africa.
I am Paul Walker cover
Explores the life and career of American actor Paul Walker.
The pension gamble cover
Examines the conditions that led America's public pensions into a tremendous shortfall.
Abducted in plain sight cover
The story of Jan Broberg, a twelve-year-old girl who was abducted from a small Idaho town in 1974.