New Documentaries & Educational DVDs

Studio 54 cover
For 33 months, from 1977 to 1980, the nightclub Studio 54 was the place to be seen in Manhattan. A haven of hedonism, tolerance, glitz and glamour, Studio 54 was very hard to gain entrance to and impossible to ignore, with news of who was there filling the gossip columns daily. Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, two college friends from Brooklyn, succeeded in creating the ultimate escapist fantasy in the heart of the theater district.
Brothers in arms : the making of Platoon cover
Charlie Sheen narrates a documentary about the making of Platoon, the award winning, non-union, low budget film cast with young, unknown actors. Insider stories of Oliver Stone's unique directing style and brutal filming conditions.
Beyond the brink cover
Witness first hand how California's, evolving water crisis, is a growing threat to our National Security in its capacity of providing healthy food to our Nation and world.
Hondros cover
Explores the life and legacy of late war photojournalist Chris Hondros, who covered every major world event since the late 1990s, taking viewers behind the scenes to tell the untold stories of many of Hondross most iconic photographs. The film follows director Greg Campbell, Hondross childhood friend and fellow journalist on a global journey to visit the people and places made famous by Hondross photos.
The family I had cover
A mother recalls how her brilliant teenage son came to shatter their idyllic family through one horribly violent and shocking act. Now, left to pick up the pieces, the survivors test the boundaries of their newly defined reality in this moving true crime exploration of the nature and limits of familial love.
And the award goes to... : 80 years of the Academy Awards. cover
Examines the first eight decades of the Academy Awards.
Drain the oceans. cover
Pull the plug on the ocean to reveal hidden secrets and lost worlds, using groundbreaking technology, breathtaking photography and insight from top marine archaeologists. Has penetrating new insights into the epic history of human civilization and the deep history of the Earth itself, exposing sunken cities, shipwrecks and the amazing natural wonders of the deep.
Ghosts of portal 31 cover
Deep in the Kentucky mountains hides a tourist attraction unlike any other. Portal 31 is an underground tour that is more than a trip back into a coal mine, its a step back in time. The ghost hunters known as The Crypto Files venture into Portal 31 to investigate claims of paranormal activity. Are the haunted spirits of the miners still lurking around? Take the tour and find out!
Daughters of the sexual revolution : the untold story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders cover
Tells the story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and their founder and long-time director Suzanne Mitchell: symbols of female empowerment, or embodying everything the women's movement was fighting against?
The last race cover
Riverhead Raceway is a rare beast. For decades it has hosted showdowns between local residents who bring their stock cars to do battle on a quarter-mile track, passions spilling out of the cockpit when the checkered flag drops. Forty such tracks used to exist on Long Island alone. Today Riverhead is the last, with the track₂s owners struggle to maintain an American tradition as a real estate boom surrounds them.
TransMilitary cover
Looks at the lives of four transgenders and the challenges they face serving in the U.S. military.
Transformer cover
The story of Matt Kroczaleski, former US Marine and world record weight lifter who was publicly outed as being transgender and now is trying to find a place in society as Janae.
Westwood : punk, icon activist cover
A look into the life and career of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.
Native America cover
Examines the history and culture of Native Americans.
Love, Cecil : the life of legendary photographer Cecil Beaton cover
Chronicles the life and career of photographer, designer, and artist, Cecil Beaton.
Mr. Capra goes to war: : Frank Capra's World War II documentaries. cover
Depicting the ravages of combat, the lives of soldiers engaged in battle, as well as those left behind on the home front, five of the films that Capra was involved in bringing to the screen are represented in this special edition presented in cooperation with the National Archives.
Dust 2 glory cover
From acclaimed director Dana Brown, this much anticipated follow-up to the first documentary tracks the world₂s toughest point-to-point desert race, the Score Baja 1000. Witness the brutal beauty of the race and high-octane action sequences as these ground-pounding, 900-horsepower Trophy Trucks roar through the Baja Peninsula.
Whitney cover
An in-depth look into the life and career of Whitney Houston, featuring never-before-seen archival footage, exclusive demo recordings, rare performances, interviews, and audio archives.
Resistance at Tule Lake cover
Explores the story of the Japanese-American resistance against mass incarceration at Tule Lake during World War II.
Quiet heroes cover
Looks back at the early AIDS epidemic in Salt Lake City where cultural conservatism and religious practices prevented HIV-positive people from receiving adequate medical care and focuses on two women who were the only providers of medical care to the AIDSpatients in the area.
Love, Gilda cover
Never-before-seen footage and journal entries form the narrative spine of the documentary, allowing Gilda Radner to tell her own story; through the laughter and sometimes the tears. Incredibly, she was able to find humor in even the darkest of times. Her spirit lives on in comedy as a female trailblazer who continues to inspire many present day comedic performers.
Letters from Baghdad cover
Told in the words of Gertrude Bell, an English explorer, spy, archaeologist, and diplomat, recounts the events of her life that shaped the modern Middle East after World War I.
Harry Potter : a history of magic cover
Through footage from the British Library's exhibition of a collection of artifacts and interviews with the author, tells the story behind the creation of the magical world of Harry Potter books.
Harriet Tubman : they called her Moses. cover
Recounts Harriet Tubman's daring escape from slavery and her heroic efforts that brought three hundred African Americans to freedom through the Underground Railroad.