New Documentaries & Educational DVDs

Ancient aliens : And the illuminati. cover
"Ancient Aliens and the Illuminati" is a 2 DVD set containing compelling and cutting-edge research into these fascinating subjects
Bodystrikes. cover
An intense total body cardio to help you get strong, lean legs.
Bodystrikes. cover
An intense total body cardio to help you get strong, lean legs.
Bodystrikes by powerstrike. cover
An intense total body cardio designed to help you get strong, shapely legs.
Gilad Xcelerate 4. cover
A high-energy workout designed to challenge the muscles through their full range of motion against resistance. Volume four of the series.
Gilad Xcelerate 4. cover
Includes exercises that work the core, flatten and tone the tummy and re-shape hips, thighs, and buns. Volume three in the series.
Gilad Xcelerate 4. cover
Use light hand weights, resistance bands and body weight to tone all muscle groups. Volume two in the series.
Gilad Xcelerate 4. cover
Low impact moves raise the heart rate to the ideal fat burning zone. Volume one in the series.
This is Bob Hope cover
During his eight-decade career, Bob Hope was the only performer to achieve top-rated success in every form of mass entertainment: Vaudeville, Broadway, movies, radio, television, popular song and personal appearances, including hosting the Academy Awards a record 19 times and his annual USO Christmas military tours. Includes film, television, and radio clips; readings of excerpts from Hope's writings; and interviews with prominent entertainment industry figures, family members, and Hope's writers.
Women's March : a documentary film about democracy & human rights cover
Women from different backgrounds discuss their reasons for participating in the 2017 Women's March on Washington, in which hundreds of thousands of Americans participated in response to the election of Donald Trump on the day following his inauguration.
Qi Gong for healthy joints cover
Exercises to give immediate pain relief, improve joint strength and flexibility, and circulate the life force energy.
Nanook of the north : a story of life and love in the actual Arctic cover
Robert Flaherty's classic film tells the story of Inuit hunter Nanook and his family as they struggle to survive in the harsh conditions of Canada's Hudson Bay region. Enormously popular when released in 1922, Nanook of the North is a cinematic milestone that continues to enchant audiences.
The new radical cover
Making a printable gun landed Cody Wilson on the U.S. government's watch list. Together with British programmer Amir Taaki, they founded a Bitcoin app that allows its users to 'go dark', because for this pair of crypto-anarchists, ensuring freedom of information and challenging economic structures they view as corrupt is mandatory. Adam Lough glimpses a rarified world, where these radicals revel in questioning everything from gun control to encryption, even if it means incarceration.
Troll Inc. cover
The avant-garde has moved online, and they have an agenda. Coming from deep within computer programming culture, Internet trolls are pissed off and using the click-bait obsessed mass media to propel their movement into the mainstream. Influencing presidential elections, manipulating journalists, inventing meme culture, trolls are either our saviors or driving our culture off a cliff. Prosecuted as a whistle-blower by the Federal Government, it follows the world's most famous Internet troll.
The rape of Recy Taylor cover
Recy Taylor, a 24-year-old black mother and sharecropper, was gang raped by six white boys in 1944 Alabama. Common in Jim Crow South, few women spoke up in fear for their lives. Not Recy Taylor, who bravely identified her rapists. The NAACP sent its chief rape investigator Rosa Parks, who rallied support and triggered an unprecedented outcry for justice.
Life after life cover
After spending most of their lives incarcerated, Harrison, Noel, and Chris are forced to reconcile their perception of themselves with a reality they are unprepared for. Each struggles to overcome personal demons and reconstruct their fractured lives. Grappling with day-to-day challenges and striving for success, they work to reconnect with family and provide for themselves for the first time in their adult lives.
Kingdoms of the sky : Himalaya, Rockies, Andes cover
Looks at the landscapes, animals, and people of the Himalaya, Rockies, and Andes.
Basquiat : rage to riches cover
Jean-Michel Basquiat was a rock star of the early 80s art scene: he lived fast, died young and created thousands of drawings and paintings. It took less than a decade to go from anonymous graffiti writer to an epoch-defining art star. He has emerged as one of the most important artists of his generation and his work is now exhibited in museums all over the world.
The untold tales of Armistead Maupin cover
Jennifer Kroot's documentary about the creator of Tales of the city moves nimbly between playful and poignant and laugh-out-loud funny. Maupin offers a disarmingly frank look at the journey that took him from the jungles of Vietnam to the bathhouses of '70's San Francisco to the front line of the American culture war.
Secrets of the dead. cover
Hannibal, one of history's most famous generals, achieved what the Romans thought to be impossible. With a vast army of 30,000 troops, 15,000 horses, and 37 war elephants, he crossed the mighty Alps in only 16 days to launch an attack on Rome from the north. In Hannibal in the Alps, a team of experts conclusively proves for the first time that Hannibal's army did indeed cross the Alps.
The real story. cover
Looks at the reality of life for women in America's Old West and the accuracy of outlaws portrayed in the film "True grit."
One October : a nightmare in Las Vegas cover
Examines the mass shooting that occured at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 1, 2017, including interviews, eyewitness accounts, and stories from survivors about the incident and its aftermath.
Rise of the superstorms cover
Examines the 2017 superstorms that devastated parts of the United States and the Caribbean and the science that determines how well people are equipped to deal with hurricanes in the future.
Decoding the weather machine cover
Explores the problems of climate change and extreme weather.