New Documentaries & Educational DVDs

Fátima : el último misterio cover
A series of strange coincidences seem to indicate that the mysterious apparitions of Fatima have changed the course of history of the last 100 years... If so, could the message of Fatima give us clues about our future? This is one of the key questions dealt with in the new documentary "Fatima: The Ultimate Mystery". Based on real data and opinions from top experts, the film reveals previously ignored events and offers an exciting global vision.
Wonders of Mexico cover
Explores the landscapes, flora, and fauna of Mexico through the seasons.
Wait for your laugh cover
Chronicles the life and nine-decade career of actress and entertainer, Rose Marie.
Who killed Tupac? cover
Follows civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump as he investigates the life and murder of rapper Tupac Shakur.
McQueen [videorecording] cover
Examines the life and career of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen.
Fahrenheit 11/9 cover
Filmmaker Michael Moore examines the current state of American politics, particularly the Donald Trump presidency and gun violence, while highlighting the power of grassroots democratic movements. -- From IMDb.
The woman in the iron coffin cover
In 2011, construction workers were shocked to uncover the remains of a woman in an abandoned lot in Queens, New York. Follow forensic archaeologist Scott Warnasch and a team of historians and scientists as they investigate this woman' story, revealing a vivid picture of what life was like for free African American people in the North.
Left behind America cover
Intimate stories of one Rust Belt city's struggle to recover in the post-recession economy. Frontline and ProPublica report on the economic and social forces shaping Dayton, Ohio, a once-booming city where nearly 35 percent now live in poverty.
Arlington : call to honor cover
Every graveyard tells a story, but few can talk to the living like Arlington National Cemetery. Visit the final home of war heroes from the Revolutionary War to 9/11 to the current struggle in Iraq. The American flag flies at half-staff more often than not as more than twenty-seven burials take place daily. Each section of the cemetery reflects a time in history, and each stone signifies a hero.
Addiction cover
As the deadliest drug epidemic in US history rages, follow the cutting-edge work of doctors and scientists as they explore how addiction affects the brain, and how the opioid crisis should be addressed.
Separated : children at the border cover
Examines immigration policy under the Trump and Obama administrations that led to the separation of immigrant children from their parents after crossing the U.S. border illegally.
The men who built America. cover
From the Revolution through the California Gold Rush, it tells the visceral, immersive narrative of the American frontier through the eyes of the most iconic figures who explored and fought to claim the country's vast wilderness. A prequel to the first award-winning miniseries, this four-part docuseries features dramatized portrayals of Daniel Boone, Tecumseh, Lewis & Clark, Davy Crockett, Andrew Jackson, John Fremont, Kit Carson.
Learning to see the world of insects cover
Travel to Colombia with photographer Robert Oelman, who leaves his psychology career behind to pursue his greatest passion - photography. Journey through the vanishing rainforests of the Amazon Basin as Oelman takes striking images of insect species never before recorded, and experience a magnificent world of beauty gone unseen by most. The images Oelman captures are astounding - colors and configurations of insects that are the stuff of dreams.
Transplanting hope cover
NOVA takes viewers inside the operating room to witness organ transplant teams transferring organs from donors to recipients. Meet families navigating both sides of a transplant, and researchers working to end the organ shortage. Their efforts to understand organ rejection, discover ways to keep organs alive outside the body, and even grow artificial organs with stem cells, could save countless lives.
Obama years: the power of words cover
Barack Obama launched into national consciousness at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and ever since, he's delivered messages of patriotism, unity, and hope through the power of words. Interviews with eminent historians and key figures in his writing process give rare insights into these iconic speeches, as well as the Obama presidency and the man himself.
Flying supersonic cover
A history of the legendary Concorde, the passenger plane that flew from the late 70s until 2003 at twice the speed of sound. Designed and built by French and British engineers, the Concorde was the ultimate in speed and luxury for a select group of global jet setters, and the birthplace of many breakthroughs in aviation science. Ultimately, it was not sustainable because of enormous fuel consumption and high-ticket prices.
15 : a quinceañera story cover
A "quinceañera" is a coming-of-age celebration for a Latina girl's fifteenth birthday, marking her transition from girl to woman. For many American Latina teenagers, it is an event that means much more, allowing the girls to embrace their chosen identities while still honoring their cultures, traditions and, most of all, the families who have sacrificed so much to give them a good life in the U.S.
The newspaperman : the life and times of Ben Bradlee cover
A documentary film presenting the professional and personal life of Ben Bradlee, using home movies, archival material and interview footage with family and colleagues.
Ronaldo vs. Messi : face off! cover
Experts from Messi's first coach, Pep Guardiola to FOX Sports commentator Warren Barton compare their upbringing, progression into the world of sports, their skills and talents, their current successes and awards, their influence on the game, plus their marketability on and off the field. Hear from rabid die-hard fans, colleagues, competitors such as Gerard Pique and former coaches including Sir Alex Ferguson as they debate which player is the best-of-the-best!
WWE : 30 years of summerslam. cover
For over three decades, the WWE universe has gotten fired up by the hottest event of the summer, SummerSlam! Now, relive those incredible moments.
Mister Rogers: it's you I like cover
Mister Rogers: It's You I Like pays tribute to the beloved Fred Rogers and the nearly 900 episodes of the landmark children's television program first seen in 1968 on PBS. In this 60-minute retrospective hosted by award-winning actor Michael Keaton, enjoy memorable segments including visits with Koko the Gorilla and the iconic trip to the Crayola crayon factory.
TVTV : video revolutionaries cover
A new documentary about a band of merry video makers who, from 1972 to 1977, took the then brand-new portable video camera and went out to document the world. In those days, there were only three TV networks, using giant studio cameras, and no one had ever seen a portable camera stuck in their face. The film is like opening a treasure chest into the 1970s, filled with cultural and political events hosted by now-famous characters who were then just beginning their climb to iconic.
Rolling stone : stories from the edge cover
A chronicle of the last 50 years of American music, politics and popular culture. This special documentary offers the unique perspective of a celebrated magazine that always understood that rock 'n' roll was more than just music; it was a cultural force that helped shape America and defined generations.
Satyricon, madness and glory cover
An in-depth look at the notorious nightclub, featuring quality recordings of some of Portland's most influential artists, as well as exciting (and sometimes bizarre) interviews with rock stars, employees and assorted eccentrics. Features footage of groups such as Poison Idea, Napalm Beach, Obituaries, Dead Moon, Smegma, and many others.
No security, San Jose '99. cover
Contains: Tour of '99 and two cd's.