New Computer Collection Materials

Aurelia in action / Sean Hunter. cover
Aurelia in Action teaches you how to build fantastic single-page applications with the Aurelia framework. You'll learn about modern design practices and a modular architecture based on web components, perfect for hybrid web + mobile apps.
Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5 : vector graphics for web design / Amelia Bellamy-Royds, Kurt Cagle and Dudley Storey. cover
Starts with the basics, explaining how simple shapes and icons are defined in SVG, and then builds upon that foundation to create complex graphics and interactive, animated applications, covering all the features one would likely come across in web design, while avoiding areas with poor browser support.
Kotlin programming : the Big Nerd Ranch guide / Josh Skeen & David Greenhalgh. cover
"Kotlin is a statically typed programming language designed to interoperate with Java and fully supported by Google on the Android operating system. Based on Big Nerd Ranch's popular Kotlin Essentials course, this guide shows you how to work effectively with the Kotlin programming language through hands-on examples and clear explanations of key Kotlin concepts and foundational APIs. Written for Kotlin 1.2, this book will also introduce you to JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA development environment. Whether you are an experienced Android developer looking for modern features beyond what Java offers or a new developer ready to learn your first programming language, the authors will guide you from first principles to advanced usage of Kotlin. By the end of this book, you will be empowered to create reliable, concise applications in Kotlin." -- Provided by publisher.
Practical Android : 14 complete projects on advanced techniques and approaches / Mark Wickham. cover
Choose the best approach for your app and implement your solution quickly by leveraging complete projects. Thhis book is a collection of practical projects that use advanced Android techniques and approaches.
Smartphone-based indoor map construction : principles and applications / Ruipeng Gao, Fan Ye, Guojie Luo, Jason Cong. cover
This book focuses on ubiquitous indoor localization services, specifically addressing the issue of floor plans. It combines computer vision algorithms and mobile techniques to reconstruct complete and accurate floor plans to provide better location-based services for both humans and vehicles via commodity smartphones in indoor environments (e.g., a multi-layer shopping mall with underground parking structures). After a comprehensive review of scene reconstruction methods, it offers accurate geometric information for each landmark from images and acoustics, and derives the spatial relationships of the landmarks and rough sketches of accessible areas with inertial and WiFi data to reduce computing overheads. It then presents the authors' recent findings in detail, including the optimization and probabilistic formulations for more solid foundations and better robustness to combat errors, several new approaches to promote the current sporadic availability of indoor location-based services, and a holistic solution for floor plan reconstruction, indoor localization, tracking, and navigation. The novel approaches presented are designed for different types of indoor environments (e.g., shopping malls, office buildings and labs) and different users. A valuable resource for researchers and those in start-ups working in the field, it also provides supplementary material for students with mobile computing and networking backgrounds.