New Career & Business Collection Materials

Climbing the Hill : how to build a career in politics and make a difference / by Jaime R. Harrison and Amos Snead. cover
"Inspiring, nonpartisan insider's advice on how anyone can build a career in local, state, and national government, from two rising stars in Washington government and policy. Written by former staff members of Democratic and Republican House leadership teams who began their careers with modest backgrounds, this guide provides all the hard-won secrets and strategies needed to build a career in local politics and Congress, make a difference, and ascend from an internship to leadership. With practical tips on how to not only land a job but also create the foundation for a lasting and impactful career in public service, this guide will empower anyone who feels the urge to improve this country with meaningful work"-- Provided by publisher.
The four commitments of a winning team / Mark Eaton. cover
"Why do some organizations regularly outperform their competition? What’s the key to creating a united team that’s an unstoppable force in your market? The answer lies in eliminating internal competition, people knowing and doing their job, and protecting each other. As a starting center for the Utah Jazz for over 10 years, Mark Eaton experienced the transformation of his team from cellar dweller to one with an extraordinary 20 consecutive playoff appearances. In The Four Commitments of a Winning Team, Eaton shares the lessons he learned in his incredible journey from a 21-year-old auto mechanic to a record-breaking NBA All-Star, distilled into a simple but powerful plan of action. This book will help you whether you're a CEO, team leader, or individual inspire, strengthen, and motivate your team to outperform your competition and achieve record-breaking success." Publisher description.
Small business / by Eric Tyson and Jim Schell. cover
Small Business For Dummies has been a leading resource for starting and running a small business. Calling upon their six decades-plus of combined experience running small businesses, Eric Tyson and Jim Schell once again provide readers with their time-tested advice and the latest information on starting and growing a small business. This new edition covers all aspects of small business from the initial business plan to the everyday realities of financing, marketing, employing technology and management--and what it takes to achieve and maintain success in an ever-changing entrepreneurial landscape.
Increasing your influence at work : all-in-one / Shamash Alidina [and twelve others]. cover
Get ahead in the workplace by influencing others. Influence is a timeless topic for business leaders and others in positions of power, but the world has evolved to the point where everyone needs these skills. No matter your job, role, rank, or function, if you want to get things done you need to know how to influence up, down, across, and outside the organization. Increasing Your Influence at Work All-in-One For Dummies shows you how to contribute more fully to important decisions, resolve conflicts more easily, lead and manage more effectively, and much more. Plus, you'll discover how to develop the most important attributes necessary for influence--trustworthiness, reliability, and assertiveness--and find out how to move beyond. Includes easy-to-apply information for influencing managers, peers, and subordinates. Shows you how to build trust with your co-workers and cultivate reliability through consistency and being personal. Illustrates how influencing others in the office helps you enjoy a greater measure of control over your work life. Helps you advance your career more rapidly than others No matter who you are, where you work, or what your professional goals are, achieving more influence in the workplace is critical for success.
How to get a meeting with anyone : the untapped selling power of contact marketing / Stu Heinecke. cover
"[The author] found that getting meetings with previously unreachable people was easier than ever. Now he shares his tactics and tips in this essential guide for anyone who needs to make contact. In [this book], Heinecke explains how you can use your own creative Contact Campaigns to get those critical conversations. He divulges methods he's developed after years of experience and from studying the secrets of others who've had similar breakthrough results-- results that other marketers considered impossible, with response rates as high as 100 percent. Through real-life success stories, Heinecke lays out 20 categories of Contact Campaigns that anyone can research and execute. Tactics range from running a contact letter as a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal to unorthodox uses of the phone, social media, email, and snail mail to using personalized cartoons to make connections. He also packs in plenty of tips on how to determine your targets, develop pitches, and gain allies in your contact's circle of influence."
Enterprise agility for dummies / by Doug Rose. cover
"An enterprise agile transformation can be a radical organizational change. Do it successful with the guidance in this book! You'll learn how to identify and understand your organization's culture, match the best agile framework, and develop a positive change management strategy. Real-world case studies show you what to expect, and step-by-step instructions help you craft the solution that fits the unique needs of your enterprise. Enterprise agility helps your organization quickly adapt to market changes and seize new opportunities"--Back cover.
Remember who you are : achieve success. create balance. experience fulfillment / Paula Brown Stafford & Lisa T. Grimes. cover
"It's the elusive trifecta every working woman is desperately seeking. Do you find yourself trying to be everything to everyone, but never quite good enough? Do you run yourself ragged trying to find time for family and friends, still feeling that something is missing--perhaps you? For women who are still trying to 'have it all', Paula and Lisa share relatable experiences, insights and encouragement--what they wish they had known 30 years ago. Nine successful female executives also share personal letters to their younger selves. Learn how achieving success, creating balance, and experiencing fulfillment begin and end with Remembering Who You Are."--Page [4] of cover.
Strive : how doing things most uncomfortable leads to success / Scott Amyx. cover
"Has success eluded you, no matter how hard you try? Are you frustrated by trying to achieve your dreams by copying others? Internationally-acclaimed speaker and founder of the cutting-edge venture capital Amyx Ventures, Scott Amyx reveals how you can attain real success in your life, your way. His theory of Strive is a challenge to the conventional wisdom that has held so many people back from achieving their goals and enjoying lasting happiness. Scott rose from obscure poverty to globe-trotting success, and he invites you to share in his journey by adopting a new mindset towards your personal challenges: embrace them. Scott shows you how through stories of the most unlikely individuals who embraced difficult personal change to become outrageously successful. He helps you take stock of your own habits and practices to identify how your routine and misconceptions are holding you back. Fascinating insights from throughout history up through todays cutting-edge research show how embracing discomfort fuels lasting success. Shape your life in new, exciting ways. You can have control over your career, your outlook, your actions, and your priorities. This book helps you get a fresh start to begin building the successful life you want. Discover what really drives success--and how conventional wisdom is wrong Clearly identify your own personal challenges--and how to overcome them Delve into the latest research on high performance to create a better you Learn how high-achievers approach challenge, change, and success Strive is an unconventional approach to attaining your dreams because it takes what makes you unique and turns it to your advantage. Have you been duped by common myths of success? Are you disappointed by the constant struggle in life? Scott reveals how only you have the power to change your trajectory. Strive is your handbook for getting comfortable with discomfort, embracing and enjoying new challenges, and achieving real, lasting success"-- Provided by publisher.
Bullshit jobs / David Graeber. cover
"'Does your job make a meaningful contribution to the world?' David Graeber asked this question in a playful, provocative online essay titled On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs. He defined a bullshit job as 'a form of paid employment that is so completely pointless, unnecessary, or pernicious that even the employee cannot justify its existence, even though as part of the conditions of employment, the employee feels obliged to pretend that this is not the case.' After a million views in seventeen different languages, people all over the world are still debating the answer. ... Graeber, in his singularly searing and illuminating style, identifies the five types of bullshit jobs and argues that when 1 percent of the population controls most of a society's wealth, they control what jobs are 'useful' and 'important.' ... Graeber illustrates how nurses, bus drivers, musicians, and landscape gardeners provide true value, and what it says about us as a society when we look down upon them. Using arguments from some of the most revered political thinkers, philosophers, and scientists of our time, Graeber articulates the societal and political consequences of these bullshit jobs. Depression, anxiety, and a warped sense of our values are all dire concerns. He provides a blueprint to undergo a shift in values, placing creative and caring work at the center of our culture, providing the meaning and satisfaction we all crave."--Jacket.
The art of gathering : how we meet and why it matters / Priya Parker. cover
"A bold new approach to how we gather that will transform the ways we spend our time together--at work, at home, in our communities, and beyond. In The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker argues that the gatherings in our lives are lackluster and unproductive--which they don't have to be. We rely too much on routine and the conventions of gatherings when we should focus on distinctiveness and the people involved. At a time when coming together is more important than ever, Parker sets forth a human-centered approach to gathering that will help everyone create meaningful, memorable experiences, large and small, for work and for play. Drawing on her expertise as a facilitator of high-powered gatherings around the world, Parker takes us inside events of all kinds to show what works, what doesn't, and why. She investigates a wide array of gatherings--conferences, meetings, a courtroom, a flash-mob party, an Arab-Israeli summer camp--and explains how simple, specific changes can invigorate any group experience. The result is a book that's both journey and guide, full of exciting ideas with real-world applications. The Art of Gathering will forever alter the way you look at your next meeting, industry conference, dinner party, and backyard barbecue--and how you host and attend them"-- Provided by publisher.
Why people don't believe you-- : building credibility from the inside out / Rob Jolles. cover
"For some of us, projecting confidence and credibility is second nature. For the rest of us, it seems like a foreign language we'll never learn - until now. Robert Jolles, bestselling author and expert speaker, preaches that what you say actually matters far less than how you say it--it's the tune, not the lyrics, that truly convinces people. Let's face it - there are some of us who are born with a natural ability to effortlessly communicate with others and be believed. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses this natural talent, and as a result struggle with the simple act of being believed. Frequently, this inability to get others to believe becomes a significant stumbling block affecting those we interact with, and the paths we choose in life. Expert author Rob Jolles has actively mentored and coached thousands who battle with long-term unemployment, and have a particularly acute problem with presenting themselves effectively. The problem, he says, is we rely far too heavily on our words to secure the belief of others, when in reality only seven percent of the emotional impact of our message comes from the words we use. The solution he offers here is building confidence through a series of process behaviors and techniques, and learning how to cope with fear, which can significantly impact how credible others perceive our message to be. Moving past the words, and applying acting and improv skills, along with improving pitch, pace, and tone, his programs have achieved astonishing results"-- Provided by publisher.