New Career & Business Collection Materials

The essential guide to workplace investigations : a step-by-step guide to handling employee complaints & problems / Lisa Guerin, J.D. cover
"The Essential Guide to Workplace Investigations shows you how to legally and successfully investigate and resolve any type of complaint or problem. It covers common workplace issues such as harassment, discrimination, violence, drug and alcohol use, and employee theft."--Publisher.
Flip the script : getting people to think your idea is their idea / Oren Klaff with Andy Earle. cover
"No one likes being pressured into making a purchase. Over decades of being marketed, pitched, sold (and lied) to, we've all grown resistant to sales persuasion. The moment we feel pressured to buy, we pull away. And if we're told what to think, our defenses go up. These days, it's just not enough to make a great pitch. That's why Oren Klaff says it's time to throw out the old playbook on persuasion"-- Provided by publisher.
#SalesTruth : debunk the myths, apply powerful principles, win more sales / Mike Weinberg. cover
Ironically, it seems that the more new miracle solutions you adopt, the harder it is to get results. SalesTruth offers a blunt wake-up call to salespeople and sales leaders on how to get past the noise and nonsense, so you can start winning more new sales.
The employer's legal handbook : how to manage your employees & workplace / Attorney Fred S. Steingold. cover
Covers the most common and current employment law issues including: applications, interviews, and hiring; personnel policies; wage and hour laws; employee discipline and performance reviews, health care insurance and other employee benefits; employee taxes and payroll; family and medical leave; employee privacy; illegal harassment and discrimination; terminations, downsizing, and layoffs. This 14th edition provides updated 50-state legal information and explains the latest developments in employment law, including laws banning employers from asking about an applicant's criminal history; employee benefit changes resulting from Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; and employer drug policies in states that have legalized or decriminalized marijuana for medical or recreational use.
Your limited liability company : an operating manual / Attorney Anthony Mancuso. cover
A limited liability company can give your small business both tax benefits and protection from personal liability for business debts. But without careful record keeping, regular meetings, and formal minutes, you could use these advantages. Mancuso provides all the instructions and forms you need to maintain the legal validity of your LLC. -- adapted from back cover
The memo : what women of color need to know to secure a seat at the table / Minda Harts. cover
"Lean In for women of color: A no-BS look at the odds stacked against women of color in professional settings, from the wage gap to biases and micro-aggressions, with actionable takeaways"-- Publisher's website.
How to write a business plan : win backing and support for your ideas and ventures / Brian Finch. cover
Whether you are starting or selling your own business, business plans are an essential part of the process. How to Write a Business Plan gives you the expert guidance you need to make an impact with your plan, including advice on researching competitors, presenting your management skills and successfully communicating your strategic vision. Whether it is to raise finance, sell a business or develop a specific project, this is your one-stop guide to producing the most professional and convincing business plan for a new venture. Fully updated for 2019, this 6th edition now features even more practical exercises, useful templates, and top tips to help you write a comprehensive and compelling plan, as well as content on digital developments such as crowdfunding, online retailing and digital marketing.