New Career & Business Collection Materials

Home Run A pro's guide to selling your business : 7 principles to make your company irresistible / Jim Cumbee JD, MBA cover
"In Jim Cumbee’s Home Run, a Pro’s Guide to Selling Your Business, you’ll learn how a buyer will look at your business based on what Cumbee calls the Seven Principles of Irresistibility: DIVERSE CUSTOMER BASE, SUSTAINABLE REVENUE, RELIABLE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, DEMONSTRABLE SCALABILITY, UNIQUE MARKET POSITION, OWNER INDEPENDENCE, BELIEVABLE GROWTH STORY" - from book jacket
Managing up : how to move up, win at work, and succeed with any type of boss / Mary Abbajay. cover
Managing Up is your guide to the most valuable 'soft skill' your career has ever seen. It's not about sucking up or brown-nosing; it's about figuring out who you are, who your boss is, and finding where you meet. It's about building real relationships with people who have influence over your career. Managing up is good for you, good for your boss, and good for the organization as a whole. This book gives you strategies for developing these all-important connections and building more than rapport; you become able to quickly assess situations, and determine which actions will move you forward; you become your own talent manager, and your boss's top choice for that new opportunity. As a skill, managing up can do more for your career than simply 'networking' ever couldand this book shows you how.
The women's small business start-up kit : a step-by-step legal guide / Peri Pakroo, J.D. cover
Have an idea or skill that you're ready to turn into a business? Want to expand or improve your current business operations? This book is for you!
Gambling on granola : unexpected gifts on the path of entrepreneurship / Fiona Maria Simon. cover
"In Gambling on Granola: Unexpected Gifts on the Path of Entrepreneurship, Simon shares a tale that is uplifting and inspiring but also raw and honest. This is a business memoir but also a love story--the love for her daughter, of a journey in uncharted waters, of the products and company she created, and of the continued challenge to follow her dream. We see her growth and healing over fifteen years, as mistakes, weaknesses, and naiveté, evolve into resilience, resolve, and inspiration. For Fiona, it started out as all new businesses do--with an idea. But her world quickly became more complex as she established her company, developed new product lines, forged personal relationships in a competitive environment, grew her business, and held onto her deepest values--all while raising her daughter, Natalie, as a single mom."--Back cover.
Business skills all-in-one for dummies / by John A. Tracy, Mary Ann Anderson, Dr. Edward G. Anderson Jr., Dr. Geoffrey Parker, Dawna Jones, Stan Portny, Joel Elad, Natalie Canavor, Ryan Deiss, Russ... cover
There are some things that will never go out of style, and good business skills are one of them. With the help of this informative book, youll learn how to wear multiple hats in the workplace no matter what comes your waywithout ever breaking a sweat.Compiled from eight of the best Dummies books on business skills topics, Business Skills All-in-One For Dummies offers everything you need to hone your abilities and translate them into a bigger paycheck. Whether youre tasked with marketing or accounting responsibilitiesor anything in betweenthis all-encompassing reference makes it easier than ever to tackle your job with confidence.
The festival organiser's bible : how to plan, organise and run a successful festival / Judith Spelman. cover
This book applies to all festivals - literary, music, folk, jazz, food, arts - big and small. It explains how to get a festival started, using local features, team-building, grants, sponsorship, networking and putting together a balanced programme. There are 340 literary festivals and almost 400 music festivals in the UK each year, with many smaller local festivals organised by towns and villages. From the Bridport Hat Festival to Glastonbury Festival, the organisers faced the same initial decisions when they began and this book explains how they dealt with them.
Instagram for business / by Jenn Herman, Eric Butow, Corey Walker. cover
Instagram For Business For Dummies shows you how to use the app to connect with your audience in a meaningful way as you showcase your products and offer a unique insider's view of your brand. Perfect for Instagram newbies or those who want to spruce up an existing account, this book helps you set up a powerful business profile, compose successful posts, and tell your story to the world.
How to start and run a B&B / Stewart Whyte. cover
Buying a property that can pay for its own upkeep and give you a comfortable lifestyle is a popular option. Not only has the interest grown in becoming a B&B proprietor, so has the interest by the public in the B&B as a viable short-break option. With this rise in popularity, however, come expectations. This book will help you determine who your customers are; manage the necessary financial tools; ready your house for B&B service, or help you buy or build a new one; successfully market your property; and ensure you make a profit from your enterprise. This book has been written for would-be and current B&B owners. It can be used as a short course giving invaluable insights for the experienced and inexperienced alike.
Starting your career as a freelance writer / Moira Allen. cover
Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer, Third Edition, offers a step-by-step guide to launching a successful freelance career. For beginners and experts, full time or part time, Moira Allen explains everything freelancer writers need to know, including how to set up a home office, develop and pitch marketable ideas, approach editors and other clients, and prepare and submit material. In addition, readers will learn the business side of freelancing, such as how to deal with rights and contracts as well as how to manage income, expenses, and taxes.
Reinventing you : define your brand, imagine your future / Dorie Clark. cover
A step-by-step guide to reinventing you ... Are you where you want to be professionally? Whether you want to advance faster at your present company, change jobs, or make the jump to a new field entirely, the goal is clear: to build a career that thrives on your unique passions and talents. But to achieve this in today's competitive job market, it's almost certain that at some point you'll need to reinvent yourself professionally. Consider this book your road map for the next phase of your career journey. In Reinventing You, branding expert Dorie Clark provides a step-by-step guide to help you assess your unique strengths, develop a compelling personal brand, and ensure that others recognize the powerful contribution you can make. Mixing personal stories with engaging interviews and examples from well-known personalities--Mark Zuckerberg, Al Gore, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, and others--Reinventing You shows how to think big about your professional goals, take control of your career, build a reputation that opens doors for you, and finally live the life you want.-- Provided by publisher.
The digital helix : transforming your organization's DNA to thrive in the digital age / Michael Gale & Chris Aarons. cover
"Digital transformations are everywhere: business to business, business to comsumer, and even government to citizens. Digital transformation promises a bridge to a digital future, where organizations can thrive with more fluid business models and processes. Less than 20% of organizations are getting digital transformations right, but these digitally transformed organizations can deliver twice as fast as other organizations, cut OPEX by over 30%, and have seen a near-immediate doubling in brand value. The power to act faster and do it better than before sits at the heart of truly digitally transformed organizations." -- Book jacket.
I can get paid for that? : 99 creative careers to live a life less ordinary / Jo Stewart ; [illustrated by Stephanie Spartels]. cover
This practical guide to 99 creative careers is here to help you open up to all of the incredible career possibilities out there. While some of the featured careers may not be for you, others may be the perfect fit for your skill set, interests, talents and curiosities. Beyond the obvious creative careers (painting, dancing, writing) there are many other sectors that require creative, enquiring minds.
MCAT general chemistry review 2019-2020 / edited by Alexander Stone Macnow, MD. cover
"Kaplan's MCAT General Chemistry Review 2019-2020 offers an expert study plan, detailed subject review, and hundreds of online and in-book practice questions all authored by the experts behind the MCAT prep course that has helped more people get into medical school than all other major courses combined." --