New Audio Books on CD

Always look on the bright side of life : a sortabiography / Eric Idle. cover
From the ingenious comic performer, founding member of Monty Python, and creator of Spamalot, comes an absurdly funny memoir of unparalleled wit and heartfelt candor.
The greatest love story ever told : an oral history / Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman. cover
At last, the full story behind the Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman's epic romance, sharing stories, portraits, and the occasional puzzle, all telling the smoldering tale that has fascinated Hollywood for over a decade.
Reagan : an American journey / Bob Spitz. cover
A full and rich biography of an epic American life, capturing what made Ronald Reagan both so beloved and so transformational.
Consumed / J.R. Ward. cover
Anne Ashburn finds her new career as an arson investigator a pale substitute for the adrenaline-fueled life she left behind, until she encounters a string of suspicious fires setting her beloved city ablaze.
Legion : the many lives of Stephen Leeds / Brandon Sanderson. cover
"Stephen Leeds is perfectly sane. It's his hallucinations who are mad. A genius of unrivaled aptitude, Stephen can learn any new skill, vocation, or art in a matter of hours. However, to contain all of this, his mind creates hallucinatory people--Stephen calls them aspects--to hold and manifest the information. Wherever he goes, he is joined by a team of imaginary experts to give advice, interpretation, and explanation. He uses them to solve problems ... for a price. His brain is getting a little crowded and the aspects have a tendency of taking on lives of their own. When a company hires him to recover stolen property--a camera that can allegedly take pictures of the past--Stephen finds himself in an adventure crossing oceans and fighting terrorists. What he discovers may upend the foundation of three major world religions--and, perhaps, give him a vital clue into the true nature of his aspects."--Amazon.
The forbidden door : a Jane Hawk novel / Dean Koontz. cover
Jane Hawk thinks her precious five-year-old son is hidden safely away, with vigilant, indomitable friends. But the malice and resources of her powerful adversaries are boundless and their hunters are circling ever closer to the boy, hoping to draw his mother into their trap. Jane's courage, wits, discipline, and skill will be tested as never before, as she searches for a way through an ever-contracting labyrinth of terror.
The good neighbor : the life and work of Fred Rogers / Maxwell King. cover
Maxwell King delivers the first full-length biography of Fred Rogers, telling the story of this utterly unique and enduring American icon. Drawing on original interviews, oral histories, and archival documents, he traces Rogers's personal, professional, and artistic life through decades of work, including a surprising decision to walk away from the show to make television for adults, only to return to the neighborhood with increasingly sophisticated episodes, written in collaboration with experts on childhood development.
A spark of light : a novel / Jodi Picoult. cover
The Number One New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things returns with a provocative, masterfully written new novel.
Leaving Cloud 9 : the true story of a life resurrected from the ashes of poverty, trauma, and mental illness / Ericka Andersen. cover
Describes how Rick Sylvester, after enduring a childhood of poverty and abuse, struggled through adulthood until he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and shares how he was able to overcome the odds to live a rewarding life.
Red war / by Kyle Mills. cover
When the terminally ill Russian president launches a massive campaign that threatens millions of lives, Mitch Rapp is dispatched by the CIA to prevent an all-consuming war.
Blood communion : a tale of Prince Lestat / by Anne Rice. cover
Lestat, rebel outlaw, addresses the tribe of vampires, directly, intimately, passionately, and tells the riveting story of the formation of the Blood Communion and how he became Prince of the vampire world, the true ruler of this vast force, and how his vision for all the Children of the Universe to thrive as one, came to be.
In pieces [Audiobook CD] / Sally Field. cover
The actress shares insights into her difficult childhood, the artistic pursuits that helped her find her voice, and the powerful emotional legacy that shaped her journey as a daughter and mother.
Button man / Andrew Gross. cover
Morris, Sol, and Harry Rabinowitz grew up poor in the Lower East Side. After the death of their father, Morris and Sol take over a clothing factory, while Harry falls in with a mobster tied to the garment makers union.
The soldier / Neal Asher. cover
Her mission is vital. Her failure is unthinkable. A hidden corner of space is swarming with lethal alien technology, a danger to all sentient life. It's guarded by Orlandine, who must keep it contained at any cost, as it has the power to destroy entire civilisations. She schemes from her state-of-the-art weapons station, with only an alien intelligence to share her vigil. But she doesn't share everything with Dragon. Orlandine is hatching a plan to obliterate this technology, removing its threat forever. For some will do anything to exploit this ancient weaponry, created by a long-dead race called the Jain. This includes activating a Jain super-soldier, which may breach even Orlandine's defences. Meanwhile, humanity and the alien prador empire keep a careful watch over this sector of space, as neither can allow the other to claim its power. However, things are about to change. The Jain might not be as dead as they seemed, and interstellar war is just a heartbeat away.
The plastic magician / Charlie N. Holmberg. cover
Alvie Brechenmacher has arrived in London to begin her training in Polymaking, the magical discipline of bespelling plastic. Polymaking is the newest form of magic, and in a field where there is so much left to learn, every Polymaker dreams of making the next big discovery. Alvie's enthusiasm reinvigorates her mentor's work, and together they create a device that could forever change Polymaking, and the world.
Rich dad, poor dad : what the rich teach their kids about money-- that the poor and middle class do not! / Robert T. Kiyosaki. cover
Rich Dad Poor Dad will: Explode the myth that you need to earn a high income to become rich, Challenge the belief that your house is an asset. Show parents why they can't rely on the school system to teach their kids about money. Define once and for all an asset and a liability. Teach you what to teach your kids about money for their future financial success. Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. With perspectives that often contradict conventional wisdom, Robert has earned a reputation for straight talk, irreverence and courage. He is regarded worldwide as a passionate advocate for financial education.
The spy and the traitor : the greatest espionage story of the Cold War / Ben Macintyre, New York times bestselling author of A spy among friends and Rogue heroes. cover
Traces the story of Russian intelligence operative Oleg Gordievsky, revealing how his secret work as an undercover MI6 informant helped hasten the end of the Cold War.
21 lessons for the 21st century / Yuval Noah Harari, #1 New York times bestselling author of Sapiens. cover
Shares insights into such present-day issues as the role of technology in transforming humanity, the epidemic of false news, and the modern relevance of nations and religion.
Accessory to war : the unspoken alliance between astrophysics and the military / Neil deGrasse Tyson and Avis Lang. cover
Explores the centuries-old relationship between science and military power, describing how the methods and tools of astrophysics have been used in the service of war, from early celestial navigation to satellite-enabled warfare.
Leadership / Doris Kearns Goodwin. cover
Are leaders born or made? Where does ambition come from? How does adversity affect the growth of leadership? Does the man make the times or do the times make the man? Goodwin draws upon four of the presidents she has studied most closely, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson (in civil rights), to show how they first recognized leadership qualities within themselves, and were recognized by others as leaders.
Endless summer / Nora Roberts. cover
In One Summer, photographers Bryan and Shade disagree about everything, except the fierce attraction they have for each other. In Lessons Learned, publicist Juliet has a plan to make Carlo the world's sexiest chef.
Dyeing up loose ends / Maggie Sefton. cover
Murder hits too close to home for Kelly Flynn and the Lambspun Knitters when it involves a well-liked waitress at Pete's Porch Café in Fort Connor, Colorado.
Handcrafted / by Clint Harp. cover
Clint Harp, maverick carpenter on HGTV's smash hit Fixer Upper and the star of Wood Work on the DIY Network, presents his inspirational memoir that celebrates meaningful work, turning a craft into a career, and recognizing the importance of the journey itself.
Killing the SS : the hunt for the worst war criminals in history / Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard. cover
Confronting Nazi evil is the subject of the latest installment in the mega-bestselling Killing series.
After Emily [sound recording] : two remarkable women and the legacy of America's greatest poet / Julie Dobrow. cover
The untold story of the mother and daughter who opened the door to Emily Dickinson's poetry. Emily Dickinson may be the most widely read and beloved of all American poets, but the story behind her work's initial, posthumous publication in 1890 and the mother-and-daughter team most responsible for her enduring legacy are barely known. After Emily recounts the extraordinary lives of Mabel Loomis Todd and her daughter, Millicent Todd Bingham, and the powerful literary legacy they shared. Mabel's complicated relationships with the Dickinsons-including her thirteen-year extramarital affair with Emily's brother, Austin-roiled the small town of Amherst, Massachusetts. Mabel and Austin's love led to her work with Emily Dickinson's poetry, which inspired both Mabel's life and her daughter's, and fed controversies over the poetry's promotion, editing, and ownership. Julie Dobrow has unearthed hundreds of primary sources to tell this compelling narrative and reveal the surprising impact Mabel and Millicent had on the Emily Dickinson we know today.