Security & Facilities Operations Analyst I/II

Salary/Hourly Range
$88.058.88 - $107,016.00 / annually
Job ID
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Position and Duties

Under the direction of the Manager of Capital/ Facilities, Logistics and Safety, this position is responsible for performing work of considerable difficulty managing operations focused around ensuring project management and coordination of facilities improvement projects, and implementation of security related initiatives at all of the 24 SJPL branches and providing a safe and welcoming environment for staff and the public.

The Security and Facilities Operations Analyst will have direct contact with library staff, administration, customers, and community stakeholders as well as serve as the project and budget liaison between other city departments such the Public Works Department, Police Department, PRNS Department. They will be responsible for the implementation of a security assessment recommendations, including but not limited to facilities improvements and repairs, support the department with tracking project expenditures, creation of reports and operational workflows, trainings, as well as conduct data analysis as requested. These efforts will work to ensure a comprehensive and data informed capital improvement program, establish improved facilities management workflows, improve project coordination and implementation, as well as provide maximum safety and accessibility to San José Public Library patrons and employees.

Project Management and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Organizes and presents research, analytical reports, and operational protocols.
  • Formats contract payment information into understandable, workable, reports as directed by the Manager.
  • Reviews facilities improvement projects, work orders, deferred maintenance schedules, and building life cycle analysis to ensure compliance with standard operating procedures, federal and state regulations, or other city standards/guidelines.
  • Organizes and presents verbal and written research and analytical reports on capital and construction costs, market standards for projects.
  • Develop and maintain an implementation plan for security assessment recommendations, including but not limited to facilities improvements.
  • On occasion, may attend project scoping meetings with Executive Leadership Team, City Budget Office, program managers, Public Works, PRNS, Police, City Manager’s Office and contractors as necessary.
  • Research the industry construction cost, generate report on market escalation factors for facilities and security improvement projects and report and discuss with Program Manager.
  • Support the Manager with preparing reports and written communication to provide Library Branch Managers and Public Services Staff with a thorough Annual Report of facility and security status of each branch/ facility.
  • Review library operations policies and business process and analyze data and information to identify operational improvement opportunities.

Tracking of Budget and Project Expenditures

  • Tracks the department’s Capital Improvement Plan Budget, including communicating ideas and recommendations through verbal and written reports on Capital Budget Spending, Bond Status Reporting, and Grant Related Implementation.
  • Prepares or assists in preparing the forms and documents used in capital project budget preparation, entering and verifying data and assisting in the preparation of the overall project and unit operations budget.
  • Supports Program Manager and Deputy Director of Operations in presenting data, preparing documents, and reports to personnel in Public Works, PRNS, and City Manager’s Office.
  • Perform related research using publicly available data sources, implement partner training and format project data in accordance with change requests by the Program Manager, City Budget Office Personnel, Library Administrative Officer, and as needed to the Executive Leadership Team.
  • Works with Library Finance and Business team to create and maintain complex budget databases.
  • Generate complex financial status reports, building/facilities improvement/s maintenance spending report, and grant implementation/spending reports in accordance with state guidelines, federal regulations, and city contracting policies.
  • Works with Library Finance and Business team to create and maintain complex budget databases in order to generate reports related to security improvements, security assessment recommendations, and any additional grant implementation/spending reports in accordance with state guidelines, federal regulations, and city contracting policies.

Minimum Qualifications

Analyst I - A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university. Analyst II - A Bachelor's Degree from an accredited college or university
Analyst II - Two (2) years of increasingly responsible professional staff analytic or administrative experience conducting studies, organizing and analyzing data, and preparing reports, recommendations, or conclusions for a functional area in budget, finance
Acceptable Substitutions
Additional years of experience in a position comparable to the Staff Specialist with the City of San José in areas such as budget, finance, grant administration, organizational analysis, general administration or human resources may be substituted for the education requirement on a year for year basis.
Employment Eligibility
Federal law requires all employees to provide verification of their eligibility to work in this country. Please be informed that the City of San Jose will NOT sponsor, represent, or sign any documents related to visa applications/transfers for H1-B or any other type of visa which requires an employer application.