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Frequently Asked Questions

Signing Up

Is pre-registration required for Homework Club?

No. Not for in-person Homework Clubs. All attendees will be required to observe the Library’s Safety Guidelines

Do I or my child/student need a library card to join Homework Club?

No, you do not need a library card to take part in Homework Club. We, of course, do encourage you get a library card to have access to our books, eMedia, and more!

Is Homework Club free?

Yes, all events by San José Public Library are free.

What grades can attend Homework Club?

Homework Club is intended for students in Grades K-8.

What is the ratio of students to tutors for Homework Club?

We aim to have each student paired with a volunteer Homework Club Coach to work one-on-one.

Are students required to join every Homework Club session, Monday through Thursday?

No, students are not required to attend every Homework Club session.

Are students required to join Homework Club at the beginning of the session? Can students join the Homework Club session late?

Please arrive at the start of the session and no later than 30 minutes before the close of homework club. Volunteer coaches are paired up with students on a first-come, first-served basis. Students may meet with a tutor as long as they need until the end of the program. 

Are students required to remain in Homework Club for the entire session?

No, they are not. Once a student has completed their homework or no longer needs assistance, they may leave at any time. However, if they find they need more assistance later, they may be paired with a different coach or have to wait if all of the coaches are already engaged. Students may also remain working independently and request one-on-one assistance as they need it. 

Do parents/teachers need to stay with their children/students in Homework Club?

We encourage parents or teachers to accompany their children during the program but we do not require it. Parents or teachers of young children in Grades 4 and below are especially invited to stay and assist with technical issues as they arise.

Is coaching available in languages other than English in Homework?

Yes, we do have tutors who are bilingual and we will do our best to connect students who need this with the coaches that have that skill.

Volunteers and Program Quality

Who are the Homework Club volunteers? How are the Homework Club volunteers trained?

Our Homework Club Coaches are teen or adult volunteers ages 15 and up. Adults ages 18 and up have passed a fingerprint check for safety. All Homework Club Coaches have gone through an online training developed by SJPL.

Can students request specific Homework Club volunteers?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same coach each time. We do love to hear feedback about our volunteers. Please email staff at the branch

I have been told that my child/student is not behaving/paying attention during Homework Club...? Is there a behavior code for participating in the Homework Club?

Yes - Students will be introduced to a behavior code the first time they attend the Homework Club and periodically thereafter. The behavior code will also be available on the library website as part of the Behavior in the Library Policy. Students will be expected to behave in a respectful manner toward coaches and library staff, demonstrate a willingness to work with the coach on their homework, and follow instructions from coaches. Students not adhering to the behavior code will be warned and if the behavior continues, students may be removed from the Zoom session for the day. If the behavior persists in future sessions, they may be blocked from attending the Homework Club until they and their parents have met with a librarian.

How does Homework Club protect student privacy?

Each Homework Club session will be overseen by Resiliance Corps Associates (RCAs) who will monitor volunteers and students and provide assistance when possible. All adults volunteers of 18 years of age are fingerprinted by the City of San Jose. We also invite parents to join students during the program.

How do I provide feedback or ask additional questions regarding Homework Club?

Please email staff at the branch you are attending Homework Club. 


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