Silicon Valley Reads: Film Screening: Finding Samuel Lowe

 Title of film with individual photos of main character and her family.

Join us for a free screening of the Silicon Valley Reads film selection "Finding Samuel Lowe".

An Afro-Chinese-Jamaican Harlem family seeks their Chinese grandfather who was forever separated from their mother -- his 3-year-old half-Chinese, half-Jamaican daughter -- in 1920.

Samuel Lowe returned to China in 1933 with a Chinese wife and six children.

After a 91- year separation, his Black Chinese grandchildren journey to China where they find Samuel Lowe's 300 Chinese descendants and the entire clan is reunited.

This film takes viewers to Harlem, Toronto, Martha's Vineyard, three cities in Jamaica and two cities in China to see these families of different races become one.

Educational Park Branch Library


Educational Park Branch Library
Room & Floor: Tech Connect Area

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