Python For Teens In Grades 6-12

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Teens in grades 6-12 will learn the basics of programming in Python and will learn about several uses for it.  

Participants of this class series will gain a strong computer programming foundation which will help them adapt to learning other computer programming languages. 

There will be a project by the end of the four week class series which will be done as a class.  Participants will be free to create their own versions afterwards. 

It is recommended that participants attend starting day one, in order to stay on track; however there will be an opportunity to get personal help from a coding volunteer instructor in case any  participant missed day one. 

Participants cannot miss day two since it is only a four week program, and the final day will be focused on the participant’s project.

This class session will also prepare those participants who would like to participate in the next class session, which will teach the computer programming language Java.

Please register by visiting the Information Desk or by calling 408-294-1237

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Hashtag: #Coding5K

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Audience: Teens
Keywords: Coding
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Biblioteca Latinoamericana Branch Library
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