Introducing the Berryessa Branch Seed Library

Wheat Grass, Mixed Greens, Parsnip, and Fava Bean seeds

What is a Seed Library?

The original intent of a Seed Library is simply to keep seeds in the hands of the people. Here at the Berryessa Seed Library, we want to encourage our community to learn more about how to grow seeds, how seeds are harvested, and how seeds are saved. For more information on everything seed, from the libraries to the saving, check out the book, Seed Libraries.

How does a Seed Library work?

The way a Seed Library works is this: people are able to "borrow" seeds to grow their own plants, they can then save seeds from their plants, and then finally "return" some of those seeds to the library. We are fortunate enough to have our generous Friends of the Library and our amazing 2016 Volunteer of the Year Camille DaRocha working hard to keep our Seed Library growing. However we would love all of our seed "borrowers" to be able to "return" some of their hard earned seeds to share with others!

Give it a try!

Step 1: Take the Seed You Need

Remember one little seed can equal one big plant (see sunflower seeds), and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to experiment with our seeds. The books below can help get you started on planning your planting space:

Step 2: Show What You Can Grow

Plant your seed at the appropriate depth, in the appropriate space, and at the appropriate time. Use the below books to get started and then the waiting begins!

Step 3: Save the Seeds if You Please

Once you get the hang of it, saving seeds can become second nature. Almost all plants will give you enough to donate back to your library AND keep for yourself!

See more fun photos from the plants we’ve grown at our Seed Library and join our monthly Master Gardener programs to learn about all things gardening!

Poppy Garden by parking lot containing poppies, carrots, hollyhocks, and other plants grown from our Seed Library seeds
Image: Our Poppy Garden is proof you can grow anywhere! The poppies, carrots, hollyhocks, and other plants were all grown from our Seed Library seeds.

close up of the Berryessa Poppy Garden
Image: a close up of our Poppy Garden

This post was written by guest blogger Taylor Cecil


This sounds wonderful, what a great idea : )

Seed Library doesn’t exist at this location as of 12.21.18. Cry

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