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Manga Word Cloud made up of titles of Manga series

Check out our newest collection at OverDrive - Manga!

We recently added several hundred volumes of Manga to OverDrive, including several full series!

There's something for everyone...

Here's a sample.  Check out the whole list!

One Piece 82Assassination Classroom 16Tokyo Ghoul 5

Bleach 70Anonymous noise 2RWBY

Case Closed 45Haikyu 23One- Punch Man 3

Pro Tip: Most Manga reads right to left -- even when it's in English.  These eBooks will open at what we usually consider the back, and you will swipe right to read.  It's easy to get the hang of it!

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I love manga, so I'm super excited to see this, but the number of options is a little overwhelming. Do you know if there's any way to see a listing of what series are available? I'd hate to miss something interesting in the shuffle.

Hi Jeff, It is a little bit overwhelming to see so many different volumes. Unfortunately, OverDrive doesn't get very exact with their subject headings. The only subject heading that all of these book have in common is Comic and Graphic Books. One thing you can do is sort by author, which will group the books roughly into series order. You could also try sorting by title, since many of the volumes have the series title as their main title. Many of the series do have the series name in the record under the title when you open the record. If you click on it you will get everything in the series. It's not very easy to search for the series name, though, except as a keyword. -Stacy

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