Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 Recap

San Jose is once again overtaken by Silicon Valley Comic Con for the 3rd exciting year in the row!

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Welcome fellow nerds and geeks to a very special edition of Fangirls Unleashed, where we're collaborating with our fellow blogger, Jessica! If you're into graphic novels and pop culture, she's the blogger for you.

This last month we attended the 3rd annual Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC), created by Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee. What sets this Con apart from others is the unique combination of Hollywood with science and technology.  There's something for every here, from artist alley to celebrities to authors.  Couldn't make it? Don't worry, because we've got the top highlights of SVCC down below.

1. Celebrities

Celebrities at SVCC

With Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak's names attached to this con, you bet that you're going to see an abundance of celebrities here.  There was everyone from Doctor Who's David Tennant to Lord of the Rings and Stranger Things's star Sean Astin.  Also attending, the legendary Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek as Lt. Uhura, who inspired many women of color to join NASA, including Dr. Mae Jemison, the first woman of color to enter space.  How's that for girl power? For all you die hard Harry Potter fans, SVCC came through again with yet another actor from the films in the form of Matthew Lewis, who portrayed Neville Longbottom on the big screen.

2. Panels


For those that couldn't make it to an autograph session or meet and greet, most celebrities participated in panels where they talk about their lives, experiences filming, and can answer questions from the audience. For highly anticipated panels, such as the Jessica Jones panel with Krysten Ritter and David Tennant, SVCC held these in their largest presentation room, and livestreamed the event on one of their dozen tv displays throughout the con.  This way, everyone can view the panel, including guests who want to casually watch.

Another panel that we attended was the Geeky Fashion Show! SVCC hosted their 3rd annual geeky fashion show this year.  This fashion show shows off some geeky chic apparel as designers and models from all walks of life show off their geeky interests in fashion form! The show starts off with a great intro from actor Sean Astin.  There were Kigurumis, fancy dresses inspired by the Shire and you even has the chance to win some cool prizes.  The designers were from all over the U.S. and it doesn't matter what your geeky interest is because this fashion show had it all! Disney fan? They got you! Star Wars fan? They have that too! Just looking for something cozy that makes you look super kawaii? They have you covered.  We will definitely be checking out this show next year.

3. Vendors


The largest portion of SVCC is the exhibition hall, which includes vendors selling everything from keychains to even comic-inspired furniture.  There are dozens of comic book shops and other retailers to help get your fandom fix.  There are customized t-shirts, collectible figures, armies of plush toys, replica weapons, geeky jewelry and so much more! You can even find rare one-of-a-kind movie memorabilia and animation cells from your favorite childhood films and cartoons.  Each year, more vendors join the convention creating a unique experience, including ceramic and glass work, tarot card readings, and confectionery creations.  This year, I purchased some Sailor Moon enamel pins, awesome t-shirts, a Jurassic Park badge, and a giant marshmallow corgi that my cat isn't thrilled about.

4. Artist Alley

Artist Alley

This year there were approximately 240 different artists and studios present at SVCC.  Here, visitors can find unique prints of their favorite comics, movies, and television shows, as well as original indie comics.  There is something for everyone in Artist Alley, from crocheted Pokemon plush toys, Sailor Moon woodcuts, to Ukiyo-e style prints of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I love decorating my apartment with original art and unique prints from different fandoms that I enjoy.  They're often more fun than typical posters you would find elsewhere. I also recommend taking business cards of artists whose work you like, follow them on social media and your feed is full of art to admire!

5. Authors


Representing San Jose Public Library, you bet we made a beeline for the authors there.  SVCC had almost 15 different authors from YA author Dan Wells to Mercedes Lackey to debut author R. Liftin.  A few of them even allowed Alyssa to conduct a short interview with them, which is yet another reason why we love this con.  All of them were so incredibly kind and even wanted to introduce Alyssa to the other authors at the convention.  We sincerely hope that SVCC continues to bring more authors to this amazing con and Alyssa definitely walked out with a few signed books.

6. Cosplayers


What's a con without some cosplayers? Alyssa brought back her Silk cosplay and we all enjoyed the creativity of some of the cosplayers there.  We saw everything from your favorite super heroes from Marvel and DC and everything in between.  SVCC even highlighted a few big name cosplayers such as Macy Rose and Ivy Doomkitty.


So that's a wrap on Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018! Couldn't make it? Have no fear, for we have a vlog on a few of the highlights of SVCC. If you attended the Con, what was your favorite part of it? Comment below, and we'll see you at our next convention adventure, Fanimecon this month!


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This blog post has been a collaboration between Jessica Novak, Adilene Rogers and Alyssa Mendoza.


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I am having a geek-gasm reading about all of the cool events, this year! I missed David Tennant!! and one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey! and the truly awesome Nichelle Nichols!! I wish I had my timeturner so I could attend... Next year, for sure! Thanks for sharing :)

Great blog! Comic Con looks so interesting and fun . . . makes me want to check it out next year. Great video and editing too. :)

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