SJPL Invites You to Volunteer this Summer!

Adult volunteer signing up teens for the summer learning program. Text: Summer Volunteer, San Jose Public Library

Become an SJPL Summer Volunteer

Make an impact in your community. Register to be an SJPL summer volunteer!

Summertime is a welcome break for school-goers all over the United States. It’s also a time when many students lose learning ground, access to healthy meals, and opportunities to build skills and confidence. The San José Public Library is looking for teen and adult volunteers wanting to make an impact in their community by devoting between 1-3 hours a week. Assist with our Summer Learning program and our Free Summer Food Program. Two incredibly rewarding programs that greatly benefit from those looking to volunteer.

By fifth grade, low income children without summer learning opportunities are already two to three years behind their peers. As a result, low-income youth are less likely to graduate from high school or enter college.


Sign up for any of these opportunities:

  • Summer Learning Ambassador: Help your community while interacting with local youth and families. We're looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help promote our Summer Learning program.
  • Free Summer Food Program Assistant: Help ensure that local children get the nutrition they need to succeed with SJPL's Free Summer Food Program. Last summer the San José Public Library was able to provide over 7,000 meals to children and families. Volunteer to distribute nutritious food to neighborhood children anytime during the week.

Volunteer - Make a difference!

Volunteer with San José Public Library and encourage lifelong learning while meeting new people with shared interests and your commitment to community.


Hi My name is Nidhi Gowda and I am 16. I am also able to drive to close by locations to my home in San Jose I currently have availability in summer in morning due to my commitment to ACT prep in afternoon. Are there any opportunities to volunteer? How do I sign up? Thanks Nidhi

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the San José Public Library. There are plenty of opportunities for you to volunteer within our library this summer. Simply visit to view our summer volunteer opportunities. Click on the particular volunteer activity that interests you to view the opportunities by location and fill in an application.

I can help some morning or lunches Melissa

That's fantastic! Simply sign up above by clicking on the links under Register.

as a volunteer i sent an email out to 1 out of the 4 managers at the tully location i want them to know it was for all 4 to read since i did type boss for the men and bossess for the woman. thank for reading. i will be in contact to proceed with the application. ok chat later.

My name is Miranda Magee and I’m 16yrs old . I’m hoping to get my driver’s license this week. My brother, Alex is 14 . We both are interested in volunteering in summer food program . Please let me know if we can volunteer . Miranda and Alex Magee

Hi My twin boys are 12 yrs old and interested in volunteering at Evergreen location Pls let me know Thanks Sai

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