2018 Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle

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UPDATE: Check out photos from the 2018 Tour

Join us for the fifth annual Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle on Saturday, May 12

Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle Vineland Branch Library staff hold welcome signs for Tour participants arriving at branchThe ride will visit the following libraries:


Register online at Eventbrite 

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle Almaden Branch Library Staff stand at table greeting Tour participantsRide Details

  • The Tour date is Saturday, May 12, 2018. Participants may begin arriving at 8:45 AM, at the Joyce Ellington Branch Library. Tour departs branch at 9:45 AM.
  • From 8:45 AM - 9:45 AM Community Cycles of California will be onsite to do basic bicycle safety checks and adjustments.
  • The 20 mile route will start and finish at the Joyce Ellington Branch at 491 East Empire Street.
  • The Tour is ridden at a casual and leisurely pace and we try to stay together as a group.
  • Route map available on MapMyRide
  • New this year! Mobile Bike Repair Clinic at Joyce Ellington on Thursday, May 10, 4:00-6:00 PM
  • NOTE: The bicycle tour will not be held in the event of inclement weather

Tentative Schedule

  • 8:45 AM Check-in begins at Joyce Ellington Branch
  • 9:30 AM Bicycle safety talk
  • 9:45 AM Depart Branch
  • 10:35 AM Arrive Lupe Columbian Mammoth
  • 11:15 AM Arrive Riverview Park
  • 12:20 PM Arrive Alviso Marina
  • 12:45 PM Arrive Alviso Branch
  • 3:30 PM Arrive Joyce Ellington Branch
  • 4:00 PM Finish

Library stops will include library tours, snacks and activities.

*NOTE: Longer stop at Alviso Branch for light lunch provided by San Jose Public Library

Stuff to Bring

Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle participants outside Cambrian Branch LibraryIn addition to having a bicycle in good working condition, please bring your own following items for a more comfortable and safer ride:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Bike helmet
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Layers and/or weather appropriate clothing

Social Media

Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle tandem bicyclists approaching Vineland Branch LibraryShare the adventure or follow the journey:


Why Bicycle Library Tours?

The Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle is a fun tour for library lovers and bicycle enthusiasts. With the growing momentum of bicycle awareness, advocacy and infrastructure in Silicon Valley, libraries are pursuing innovative bicycle-related services and programming. Hosting library bicycle tours increases the visibility of our libraries and get librarians out into the community.

Library bicycle tours appeal to a broad demographic including young adults, adults and families. They bring people of all ages together and highlight the importance and significance of the library's role in the community and in bringing people together. Additionally, library bicycle tours get people of all ages out of cars and moving, showing that bicycling is a viable means of transportation to the library and everyday use.

What's in a name?

The name of the Tour, Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle, is a play on the name of the famous Italian professional road bike stage race, Gira D'Italia, which starts May 4. SJPL's Gira de Libro roughly translates to "turns of the book" or "book tour."


This looks awesome!

Yay! Thank you for your encouraging comment and apologies for the delayed response. The Gira de Libro Library Tour by Bicycle is loads of fun! This is our fifth year hosting the Tour and we love it! It celebrates our libraries and contributes to the vibrancy of San Jose. We're also big on sustainable transportation and leading healthy and active lifestyles!

Michele, I'm bummed that I missed the ride this year! Been to every one before this, but since we had a new arrival in our family last month, going out on a long bike ride wasn't an option just now. He'll definitely be along for the ride next year though! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Geoff

Hello Geoffrey! It is wonderful to hear from you and congratulations on the new arrival to your family! I can't wait to see everyone. This is one of the amazing and wonderful things about the Gira. I get to see many repeat participants year after year. I have even witnessed children graduating from ride-along bicycles to tandem bicycles and welcomed new additions to families. The 2018 Tour was loads of fun with a few different stops including Lupe the Columbian Mammoth and the Alviso Marina. I'm not positive yet where the 2019 Tour will lead us as we have visited nearly all of San Jose's 24 locations. We are considering a downtown/Willow Glen/Rose Garden Tour. We won't know for sure until 2019 January/February. But stay tuned! Thank you for being in touch and I look forward to pedaling with you again!

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