Comment Guidelines

San Jose Public Library (SJPL) supports comments on its websites, blogs, and social media sites. SJPL recognizes and respects differences in opinion and healthy dialogue. Comments are expected to follow the basic rules of civility and be relevant to the topic being commented upon. Comments will be reviewed prior to posting. SJPL reserves the right to monitor content, and to modify or remove any messages or postings deemed to be:

  • Comments not topically related to the particular content being commented upon
  • Profane language or content
  • Content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation
  • Sexual content or links to sexual content
  • Solicitations of commerce
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Disparaging remarks which impute motives to a person's action (statements of fact or opinion generally are not considered disparaging remarks)
  • Personal information provided to the City by a private individual, with the reasonable expectation that the information will remain confidential
  • Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems
  • Content that violates intellectual property rights or other legal ownership interest of any other party, including but not limited to copyright, trade secrets, trademarks and publicity rights