California Room Index

The California Room Index is an online index to people, places, and events in the history of San José, Santa Clara County, and California. The index contains citations that are not included in the Library Catalog. Once you have a citation for a resource you want to view, bring the information to the California Room and we’ll retrieve the item for you.

You can search the Index by keyword or browse an alphabetically list of subjects:

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Locating the Information

An entry’s Location field tells you where you can find the physical material in the California Room.

    Help Searching the Index

    Sorting Results
    By default, results are sorted alphabetically by Subject. Click a column header to re-sort results by Title, Author, Location, or Source instead.

    'Notes' Column
    Some entries have additional information that won't fit in the search results table.  If this is the case, you will see a "View" link you can click to access this information in the last column (labeled 'Notes'). Volume numbers will also appear in this 'Notes' column.