• Fantasy with a Little Romance (for young or not-so-young adults)Graceling cover

    If you’re a fan of lighter fantasy with a romantic slant for younger adults, you might enjoy these five books:
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  • Looking Back: Jack Graham - the Father of Sandlot Baseball of Santa Clara ValleyGraham Avenue

    Photo courtesy of San Jose Evening News
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  • Not Your Mother's Mysteries: Suspenseful Novels by Female AuthorsStill Missing cover

    As the nights grow longer and the days feel cooler, fall is the perfect season to relish in the twisting and winding of a well written mystery. The women in these stories are complex characters brought to life by female authors who fuel their writing with the everyday struggles and triumphs of modern women; ideas of feminism, amoral behavior, mental illness, motherhood, justice, and fear commingle with the standard "whodunit" plot. A word of caution, most of these titles will keep you up into the wee hours of the night through thrilling plot twists as well as the deeper meanings held within their pages.
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  • The Letter, "Why": Economics in Everyday LifeThe Power of Habit cover

    Ever wonder why things are the way they are? In these titles, experts from different fields all use economics to support their theories on the what, how, and why our world operates as it does. The authors observe everyday objects and events and create accessible anecdotes to explain their theories. Explore these titles and read seemingly random observations on topics as varied as the success of duct tape to the impact of World War II on the stock market. Try a new perspective on familiar items and events that try to answer the age old question, "WHY?"
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  • Itching to Travel? (Guaranteed No Bedbugs!)River Town cover

    If you’ve got an itch to travel, but no time or cash, this list might just be the next best thing!
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