• Christmas TBRugly chrismas sweater on a light green back ground

    I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... but most importantly I'm dreaming of the perfect Christmas read. I can't think of anything better to do this holiday season than curling up in the UGLIEST Christmas sweater and reading a book. I'll have Christmas music softly playing in the background and my Christmas tree all lit up. I'll brew up a batch of  homemade peppermint mocha and sip it while reading a book. If you think that sounds like a perfect holiday, then we've got you covered with the perfect Holiday reads.
    Posted by: Penelope Gomez on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 - 12:00 PM | Comments: 0
  • eSpotlight - Check out the New Axis 360!Axis 360 logo green background white letters

    The Axis 360 website has got a whole new look! With the new mobile-friendly Axis 360 site, reading on the go has never been easier! Enjoy a responsive experience on any device and have immediate access to what you are currently reading.  On-screen alerts tell you when reserved items become available, so you never miss a hold!
    Posted by: Stacy Tomaszewski on Tuesday, December 4, 2018 - 8:35 AM | Comments: 0
  • November: Books I've Read RecentlyBooks on a light pink background

    SJPL's Penelope Gomez recommends some books she read this November.
    Posted by: Penelope Gomez on Monday, December 3, 2018 - 8:53 AM | Comments: 0
  • YA Friday: November 2018 Monthly Wrap-UpYA Friday white text on pink background logo

    Take a look at some of our favorite books released this month.
    Posted by: Megan Maloy on Friday, November 30, 2018 - 9:00 AM | Comments: 0
  • Early Literacy at Home: December 2018 CalendarPlay, Learn and Grow Together!

    (Photo courtesy of the CA State Library and Terry Lorant Photography)
    Posted by: Nari Ferderer on Friday, November 30, 2018 - 7:00 AM | Comments: 0