In-Person Inclusive Storytime and Any Ability Art Activity Starts on April 19!

In-person Inclusive Storytime is returning to the Library!  In addition, join us for an Any Ability Art Activity, after a short break from the Storytime!

Inclusive Storytime is a storytime for all children, including children with special needs.

The Any Ability Art Activity is an art enrichment activity that allows children of all abilities to participate in art in a way that they would like to participate!

Let's learn more about these programs!

In-Person Inclusive Storytime Returns!

If you have been enjoying our virtual Inclusive Storytime, you will be happy to learn that we are now moving to an in-person program so that your child can still enjoy Inclusive Storytime, but can now also practice their behavioral skills in a real storytime environment.

Here is what you can expect at the Inclusive Storytime:

  • Visual schedule and cues
  • Big Books and visual vocabulary cues
  • Signed song
  • Slower pace
  • Flannel stories

In addition, you can enjoy a short 10 minute break before the next activity begins: Any Ability Art Activity!

Any Ability Art Activity

Here is an art enrichment program that will allow your child to guide their art.  

Here is what you can expect at the Any Ability Art Activity:

  • Art opportunities for any child of any ability.
  • Children will have an hour to complete their very own masterpiece using a variety of materials.
  • There will be a consideration of sensory issues and fine motor skills development for the project.

Interested?  Learn more below:

Register Online Now!

  • WHERE: Cambrian Branch Library, 1780 Hillsdale Avenue, San Jose, CA 95124
  • WHEN:
    • 3:30 - 3:50 PM: Inclusive Storytime (you may bring a fidget toy or one will be provided)
    • 3:50 - 4:00 PM: BREAK
    • 4:00 - 5:00 PM: Any Ability Art Activity
  • RE-OCCURRING: Each 3rd Wednesday from 3:30 - 5:00 PM