eSpotlight – New Year, New You: See The World, Leaving Home Optional

New Year, New You

It's time for a New Year, New You with eResources from the California State Library. For the next 6 weeks, we'll be sharing online resources you can use for a great 2023.

Week 3: GetSetUp

Last week in our series, we shared HelpNow with you, including specific tools to help you improve your chess game. This week, we're sharing GetSetUp—your passport for travel tips as well as armchair travel (explore new places without the hassle of travel).

Geared to our community members aged 50+, this online resource provides hundreds of live online classes—not just travel—to keep you mentally, physically and socially active. Classes are interactive, easy to join, offered day and night, and are free.

GetSetUp: Your Passport to the World

GetSetup has a whole section on travel. You can get tips on traveling or book one of their online adventures. To get started, follow these sign-up instructions.


Need Help?

Do you have questions about using GetSetUp? We are happy to help. We've got an online resources help page, or you can contact our online resources specialists.

What's Next?

Interested in setting up a budget or staying safe online? We'll share resources you can use for each one of these plus more. If you are interested in learning about all of the eResources we have available thanks to the California State Library, please check out "New eResources for Academic Support, Job Skills, and More!".