• Looking Back: A Golf Course in Willow GlenImage: Advertisement for the Ironwood Swim and Gold Club.  Courtesy of Carol McDill Theuriet.

    Image: Advertisement for the Ironwood Swim and Gold Club.  Courtesy of Carol McDill Theuriet.  
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  • Niches: Some Really Really Specific Genres of FictionThe Good Fairies of New York Book Cover

    So, you might know you’re in the mood to read a thriller, a romance, a good science fiction novel, or a mystery. But what kind of thriller (medical? political? ecothriller?) What brand of romance (contemporary? regency? paranormal?) What type of science fiction (cyberpunk? space opera? apocalyptic?) What kind of mystery (hard-boiled? caper? cat detective?) Just how far can you narrow it down? Here are some existing genres that have it pretty neatly pegged to a very particular market.
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  • Learn English at the Library: A Conversation with ESL Teacher CrisPhoto of ESL teacher Cris

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  • 5 Books About (Old) BooksPeople of the Book cover

    Last week, the American Library Association hosted its annual Rare Books & Manuscripts Section Conference in Florida. Even if you are not a librarian, archivist, antiquarian bookseller or rare books collector, you might still enjoy reading about old books and all the drama, mystery and knowledge they contain. If that sounds interesting, check out this quick list of five books about (old) books for your reading pleasure.  
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  • eSpotlight - NEW - United States and World Travel InfoA to Z World Travel

    We have added some new travel eResources just in time for summer vacation season. Each one gives you the practical information you need, all in one place, including:
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