• eSpotlight - NEW - United States and World Travel InfoA to Z World Travel

    We have added some new travel eResources just in time for summer vacation season. Each one gives you the practical information you need, all in one place, including:
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  • eSpotlight - Vacation ReadseReader

    Image Source: VanessaC (EY) / Flickr
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  • eSpotlight - Juneteenthslaves - photo by Matthew Brady

    President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared freedom for all slaves, in January of 1863. It wasn't until June 19, 1865 - two and a half years later - that the news reached slaves in Texas when General Gordon Granger and his men arrived in Galveston with the news.
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  • 7 Cool Free Summer Activities for the Kidskids reading

    Parents, did summer sneak up on you? Worried about how to entertain the kids during those long summer days? Not to worry. Check out 7 cool FREE summer activities for the kids, courtesy of San Jose Public Library. These activities are offered at multiple locations and dates, unless otherwise noted.  
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  • 20 Summer Reads: Romance beach chairs

    Why Romance? Romance is a genre that is often dismissed out of hand for having cheesy covers, being formulaic, and seemingly not very well written.  Yes, the genre can be all of those things, but so can any other genre. Fans of romance will know they can be funny, endearing, and full of strong-willed powerful women.  So why not read some romance this summer? Here is a list of twenty titles that run the gamut from pulp paperback to classic works of literature.
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