• Summer on the Farm in the South BayHistoric Milk Barn and Tank House at McClellan Ranch Preserve

    June can be a great month to get out with your kids! The longer daylight hours stretch the window of opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. Not sure where to go? Luckily the Bay Area has many options whether you’re focusing on the South Bay or beyond. It can be helpful to have a point of interest as an incentive. This month, as part of the Take a Hike (with the kids) series, the featured hikes are farm-centric, giving those youngest hikers a chance to explore farm life and farm animals with a little hiking mixed in. Many baby farm animals have recently arrived in the spring to add to the fun!
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  • eSpotlight - Introducing the Beanstack Tracker Alexa Skill!Beanstack Logo

    Tracking your Reading just got easier!
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  • The Genealogy Sojourner: Traditions Of ServiceBook Cover For The Secret Solider

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  • YA Friday: Tropes Spring Eternal - The Love TriangleYA Friday white text on pink background logo

    Who will they choose? Characters in these books often find themselves torn between two loves in the most controversial plot device in YA literature: The Love Triangle.
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  • Learn with Me: Early Literacy K & Lyoung boy playing with educational toy

    Learn With Me: Early Literacy from A to Z Early literacy is more than just reading, talking and singing with your child. What you say and share has just as much impact as how it's delivered. Whether its through books, conversations or jokes, a shared and diverse mix of activities and interactions with young children can shape the way they see, interpret and understand the world around them.
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