• Looking Back: The Errant Tombstone of Louis PellierLouis Pellier, the 'Prune King'

    Louis Pellier, "The Prune King" Photo courtesy of History San Jose
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  • Outlander SeriesOutlander cover

    On August 9, Starz cable TV station premiered the first installment of the Outlander Series.
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  • Why the Public Library Beats AmazonA reading tablet at a library in San Francisco. Photo by Emily Prapuolenis/The Wall Street Journal

    This well-written Wall Street Journal blog post highlights the reasons that public libraries are way ahead of Amazon Unlimited and the other similar services, Oyster and Scribd. The biggest reason is that after years of negotiations, all of the "big five" publishers are finally allowing libraries to acquire many of their top titles as eBooks.
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  • Meatless Monday - San José City Proclamation - Good for You - Good for the PlanetThe Vegetarian Grill cover

    Forgoing that burger or hotdog once a week will lighten your carbon footprint, pamper your heart and put a smile of relief on the faces of neighborhood cows, pigs and ch
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  • 6 Books for the First Day of SchoolThe First Day of School cover

    Summer is ending and in its place will start a new school year. For many kids, this new school year will be their first school year. Children will be filled with questions, hesitation and excitement about what will be in store for them. Here are some great books to start the discussion on what types of experiences they'll encounter during the next few months.
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