• Classic CelebrationsDon Quixote painting

    2015 marks milestone anniversaries for a number of literary works that continue to have enormous cultural influence all these years after they were first published. A significant anniversary is a great excuse to either revisit or pick up one of these classics for the first time.
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  • Immigration News: Consular Processing

    If someone is living outside of the country, he or she may be required to go through consular processing to apply for a green card. How do I apply for consular processing? The course of action for applying through the consular process is a strict one that requires quite a bit of paperwork and patience. Follow this step-by-step procedure:
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  • Werecats, Chimeras, and Necromancers?!Stray cover

    Stray by Rachel Vincent
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  • Early Literacy in Everday Places: Grocery Storeearly literacy in everday places

    The grocery store is a fun opportunity to incorporate easy early literacy activities into a regularly mundane errand. Before you leave for the market: Write the shopping list together. Have your child practice their writing skills by having them write out the list before you leave for the store. If they haven't learned to write yet, ask them to draw the food (milk cartons, bananas, etc).
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  • Heidi Dolamore Named Assistant Director of San José Public LibraryHeidi Dolamore

    Contact: Elizabeth Castañeda San José Public (408) 808-2175
    Posted by: Elizabeth Castaneda on Monday, January 5, 2015 - 3:30 PM | Comments: 1