• eSpotlight - Halloween

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  • Independent Publishing and the Evolution of Graphic NovelsAlternative Press Expo Vendor Hall

    The annual Alternative Press Expo has come and gone once again and I'm quite honestly bummed out that I didn’t get a chance to attend this year. I'm especially bummed out because I had planned to write about it and spread the word to those who haven’t experienced this independent comic and publisher exposition. Nevertheless, I'll spend the time to reflect on last years APE expo instead and give some insight to why independent publishing is so special and the creators they are promoting are becoming more relevant to patrons of the library and fans of graphic novels in general.
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  • 9th Annual Battle of the Bands: Audience Choice Battle of the Bands

    Rock out at the 9th Annual Battle of the Bands! The final competition will take place on Saturday, November 19, 2016 from 3:00 - 6:00 pm at the Almaden Branch Library. Now is your chance to vote for your favorite submission. The submission with the most votes will win a special Online Audience Choice Award at the final competition. Our panel of judges will still choose the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize overall winners at the final event. Voting will be open from now until October 28, 2016.
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  • eSpotlight - How Do I...? Return an eBook -- OverDriveOverDrive

    How do I return an eBook? One of the beautiful things about eBooks is that they don't HAVE to be returned!  They return themselves, so you never have overdue fines, or lost fees, or any other headaches of that kind.   That said, there are times when you might want to return an eBook or eAudiobook early.  You might have checked out your limit and want to return something you've finished to make way for a new book.  You might also just want to make sure that others have a chance to read or listen to the book as soon as they can.  Whatever the reason, it's easy to return items -- you just have to know how.
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  • Election Information 2016Vote November 8, 2016

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