Women in Pop Culture

March madness can wait, what can't wait is celebrating Women's History month! And what better way to appreciate women, who by the way should be appreciated everyday, is to spotlight some of the most influential women in Pop Culture! From animated characters to supernatural superheroes, these women are definitely worth your respect.

Amy Farrah Fowler

Amy Farah FowlerAmy is a perfect example of a female character who proves STEM jobs aren’t just for dudes. As a Neurobiologist with a Ph.D. on the show, she transcends the stereotypical careers society places on women. And not only is Amy a super genius, but the actress who portrays her, Mayim Bialik, is a super genius herself. With a Doctorate in Neuroscience, Mayim is a well established scientist who wrote wrote her dissertation by investigating hypothalamic activity in individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome. Proving that women can do anything men can do.

Check out the Big Bang Theory out at the library!


KorraAs the current incarnation of the Avatar, master of all four elements, Korra is the most powerful being in the world! As the Avatar, she has been through, and survived, the toughest trials and most devastating battles anyone can imagine. Battles that have left her heart broken, physically damaged, and even mentally hurt. But these are the situations that proved Korra is tough as nails, and since season one, we have seen Korra grow up and became a legend both young girls and boys can look up to.

Sad the show is over? Have no fear, the library in here! Check out these comics and art books featuring characters from the Avatar universe.

Buffy Summers

Buffy the Vampire SlayerFrom Sunnydale California, Buffy Summers is your average student, friend, and not to mention a rocking Vampire Slayer. Don’t take her girly attitude or short stature for a weakness, because this girl knows how to hold her own against a fight. She’ll prove that no matter what people think of you, whether it’s based off your gender or appearance, the only opinion that counts is yours. And as a full time student and slayer, Buffy has no problem being herself. She can kick evil’s butt and still look amazing for prom.

Continue fighting the good fight with Buffy with comics written after the series finale: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8, 9 & 10

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