Winners! Graphic Novel Making Contest 2017

Graphic Novel Making Contest

The winners for the 9th Annual Graphic Novel Making Contest were announced on Saturday, August 26, 2017, at 2:00 PM at the Seven Trees Community Center.

This year the library received 132 entries and had over two hundred community members come to the awards ceremony.  Making this year one of our biggest ever! We want to send out a special thank you to this year's guest speaker award winning writer Mariko Tamaki


Congratulations to this year's winners! 


  • First Place: Nandita Rao Moving from the Mouse Hole
  • Second Place: Aanya Arvind Baby Takes a Stroll
  • Third Place: Sonia Wang Best Friends
  • Honorable Mention: Amruta Mahi Gonugunta Princess Mia Gets Long Hair


  • First Place: Sarah Suwandi In Another Life
  • Second Place: Sophia Chung Translucent 
  • Third Place: Alisa Chiang The Slimey Happiness Story 
  • Honorable Mention: Tsai-Ni Lin Bubblerella: Mission Find a Dress 


  • First Place: Angie Pan Love
  • Second Place: Megan Huddlesteen Oddness
  • Third Place: Shreya Patel Colors of Friends
  • Honorable Mention: Mikayla Hines Hot Seats


  • First Place: Janey Hoang Old Timers
  • Second Place: Jessica Ferrante The Rich Man & Lazzarus 
  • Third Place: Ivana Lewis Just Add Water
  • Honorable Mention: Anisha Braganza 4 Snails in a Comic 


Thank you to this year's generous sponsors: Sakura of America, Hijinx Comics, TRY Japan Cultural Center, TokyoPop Comics, San Jose Museum of Arts, Top Shelf Productions, First/Second Books, Action Labs, and Boom! Studios.


what happens if i had to go away for this weekend and i win, would i still get the prize or does the prize go to someone else?

Does anyone know how many participants total in under 8 group?

we do not know what happened with the final result . we want to see the winners name and their works as we were waiting for this result for so long . needless to say, as a participant ,we did not get any mail. even if we did not win it is our right to have at least an invitation mail with the result like we have won or not .we know the result has been published at the community center but it was not possible for everyone to attend . as we do not know if the winners got any mail or not we want to confirm our position so we want to see the whole result in the website as soon as possible please. thank you.

Yes, a confirmation and/or a thank you for trying would have been the professional and courteous thing to have instigated for all those who entered. Many of us worked VERY hard on this project, including myself. Room for improvement in this process next year for sure!

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