We Can Help You with Your New Year's Resolutions

Submitted by Ila Langner on Thu, 12/30/2021 - 10:00 PM
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Get Help from the Library

UPDATED 12/30/2021

If you are thinking about your New Year's resolutions already, you may be surprised to learn that the library has many resources to aid you with your journey.

If you read my blog last week, you will have noticed 3 sub-menus under our Books & eLibrary tab. The first two tabs on the left help you with finding books. The third tab is called eLearning where you will see several sub-menu items like: Learn a Language, Test Prep, Tutor.com, All Online Resources, etc.

What follows here are several different resources that you may not know about on our website:

  • learning a new language
  • test taking or tutoring
  • other subjects that may be related to your New Year's resolution

Learn a New Language

People have told me that they learned a new language by either settling in a foreign country for a few years to teach English or by taking a language course at school, or even by watching soap operas in a foreign language!

We all learn in different ways and If you would like a more self-guided route to language learning, you might consider checking out our language learning databases: Pronunciator or Mango Languages.  Please check out my blog last week for information about LOTE.

Learn conversational skills and grammar in Pronunciator and conversational skills in Mango, including Pirate!

Test Taking

If you have time to prep for tests, the library has resources for that! You may also find tutors to aid you with your homework at tutor.com!

If you hover over Books & eLibrary, you will notice Test Prep under eLearning.

There, you can find links to college admissions, preparing for college, and Peterson's Test Prep.

If you are an adult who is interested in continuing your lifelong learning there are links to adult core skills (for citizenship tests, i.e.,) career preparation, tutor.com's Adult Education and Career Center, and preparing for the high school equivalency exam.

Other Resolutions? Take a Look at These Databases:

All you need is your library card!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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