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Volunteer Spotlight - Rahul Amin

Photo of Rahul Amin

Introducing Rahul Amin

Rahul assisting a library user with the computer

In the 2.5 years Rahul has volunteered with the Alviso Branch, his growth in regard to both leadership and dedication to the Alviso community has clearly been demonstrated. He has worked seamlessly with all age groups in one capacity or another. As a Tech Mentor, he helps adults with technology questions. He has led a 3D printing workshop for teens. He’s also initiated a tutoring program for children. His desire to help others is admirable.

Submitted by Librarian, Shirley Tanase from the Alviso Branch Library

A Chat with Rahul

As a child... I always enjoyed exploring my neighborhood especially the library because I enjoy reading and the nearby nature reserve because I enjoy looking at animals.

My first volunteer experiences... was at the Alviso Library 2.5 years ago. Mostly showing up to Teens Reach meetings. I was the only one there but now we have more people attending.

My fondest memory... going to my first Warriors game and being able to watch Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Kevin Durant.

I am most proud of... I am most proud of my ability to solve the Rubik's cube in under two minutes. 

My biggest challenge... in my AP Calculus class because the content was pretty challenging and the teacher made it even more challenging.

My role model... is basketball player, Kawhi Leonard. A lot of people used to doubt him but he worked really hard then, now he’s a great player, probably one of the best in the league.

My community... is small and quiet but it’s really close knit and the people in the community really benefit from the library.

Libraries are... a quiet place where I can relax with a good book or a place where I can get in some distraction free work time.

My favorite book is... the Harry Potter series.

If I had a super power, it would be... the power to give myself more super powers.

I volunteer... as a tech mentor to help people learn how to use technology and to help with any questions/problems they may have. It’s important because everyone should know how to use devices and the Internet.

If I wasn’t volunteering, I’d be... reading a book or watching or playing basketball.

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