Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Results

Submitted by Jason Pell on Fri, 02/24/2023 - 3:00 PM
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Each year we ask our volunteers to give us their feedback through an online survey to give us insight into the experience of our volunteers and help our program to be the best it can possibly be! This year was particularly interesting because in-person volunteering has returned to the library while some volunteers continue to work completely virtually. Over 200 current volunteers responded to the survey.

A dashboard of the satisfaction survey results can be viewed here but here are some of the things we learned:


Volunteers thrive at SJPL.

  • 92% feel that their volunteer role is well suited to their skills and talents.

Volunteers help spread the word about Library services, resources, and opportunities.

  • 95% of volunteers recommend SJPL as a volunteer.

  • 86% of volunteers tell their friends and family about Library services and resources.

Library staff help volunteers feel prepared and supported in their role.

  • 94% feel prepared for their volunteer role.

  • 93% feel comfortable approaching a staff member when they need assistance or have a question.

Word of mouth and the Library’s website are effective tools for finding volunteers.

  • 40% of volunteers said they heard about volunteering at the library from SJPL.org

  • 33% of volunteers said they heard about volunteering from a friend or family member

To learn more about volunteering at the Library, visit SJPL.org/volunteer.

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