Virtual Reality at the Library

The Occulus Rift headset, and controllers neatly rest on a teal TeenHQ cushion.

Virtual Reality at Evergreen Branch Library and Teen HQ

Get ready to experience Virtual Reality (VR) at the Evergreen Branch Library and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library’s TeenHQ. You will be able to try out VR for yourself at either location when they have programs featuring our Oculus Rift Systems.

What will I be able to do with VR at the library?

  • Explore: Experience our planet like you've never experienced it before! Travel around the world, to distant planets and even back in time without ever leaving the library.
  • Learn: Discover more about the ocean, outer space or the human body through VR experiences.
  • Create: Make works of art in VR.
  • Play: Try gaming as never before by immersing yourself in a 3D environment.

When and where can can I use VR equipment?

Virtual Reality (VR) will be available at the Evergreen Branch Library and TeenHQ during special programs and other events. For a complete list featuring Oculus Rift gear, check out our upcoming VR events.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality uses a computer, headset, and sensors to immerse you directly into a three-dimensional, computer-generated world. Your head, hand(s), and sometimes body movements, are tracked to let you interact with what you see inside the headset.

TeenHQ's unboxing might help to clarify (or get you even more pumped about VR at the library):

What else should I know?

Oculus Rift is only available for customers ages 13 and up.

VR experiences may cause dizziness and disorientation. Those prone to motion sickness should take care when using the Oculus Rift.

Become a Guide Through Virtual Worlds

Help customers experience the digital world like never before with the library’s Virtual Reality headsets as a volunteer VR Guide! VR Guides help make Virtual Reality more accessible to library customers by teaching them how to operate and use SJPL VR headsets and equipment, and making sure that participants take appropriate breaks. Sign up today at either of these locations: King Library Teen HQ or the Evergreen Branch Library.

VR at the public library made possible by:

VR at the public library is made possible through a California State Library grant. Oculus VR, Califa, and VAR Libraries have teamed up with the California State Library to bring 100 Oculus Rift headsets and compatible computers to 90 libraries throughout California.

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