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The San Jose Public Library, Vineland Branch is happy to announce the opening of the Vineland Seed Library this Monday, January 24, 2022! This is the third seed library within the San Jose Public Library system. With the help of the Friends of the Vineland Library, seed donors and seed savers, the Vineland Seed Library will offer free seeds to the public every planting season.

What is a Seed Library?


Seed libraries are a place where communities receive seeds for free or a small fee. The San Jose Public Library, Vineland Branch Seed Library offers seeds to the public for free. Seed libraries are created in response to climate change, loss of seed integrity, and to preserve genetic diversity. The Vineland Seed Library was created in response to a growing need in the community for locally adapted seeds. By taking, donating and returning seeds the community develops a sustainable food network and cultivates self sustainability.

How You Can Help

Tomatoes growing on a vine

The Vineland Seed Library welcomes small donations from public or personal gardens all year long. For large quantity donations, donations from local organizations and businesses please contact the Vineland directly to create an appointment with the seed Librarian.

We ask that you take only what you need for the season from the Vineland Seed Library. When it comes time to harvest, set aside seeds to give back to the community.

Local Seed Libraries

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So happy to learn that Vineland also has a seed library!

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