Transform Yourself in 2017

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Now that we're done with 2016, it's time to take on the year ahead. What is it that you want to cultivate within your life and bring into your reality? Prioritize yourself enough to create habits that define who you truly want to become. This year is going to be a whole new venture for all of us, and it's up to us to take the reins on our lives.

To set yourself up for success, we have four steps you can follow to transform yourself and your life in 2017.

Step 1: Reflection

The 2016 year meant a lot of different things for many of you.That being said, take a moment to sit with yourself and reflect on what this past year really meant to you. Think of some significant changes and events that took place. What were some key game changers that impacted the person you've become? Think of the community that has helped shape you into the individual you are and continue to grow into. Though sometimes it's easier to move on and just tackle the next project ahead, it's important to take note of what has been accomplished so that we can make greater strides towards the doorways ahead.

Step 2: Uprooting

Using your reflections of 2016, what would you change if you could? What are you going to do about it? We survived the holidays, and 'tis the season of the mantra "New year, new me!" This means we are striving to build new habits and eliminate old ones that no longer serve our visions. Old habits can easily drag you down. We become stuck in our old ways. As many books will say, it takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit, so what might you have in mind?

The events that have transpired in your life are no longer worth our energy in dwelling upon it. Instead, move yourself forward by changing the results of your actions. We only have so much time and energy in the day, so let's stop making excuses for our future and take action. It may be as simple as reducing the amount of sugar in your coffee or limiting yourself to one Netflix episode per day. Conversely, it could be as large as quitting an addiction or changing a thought pattern. Regardless of the level of difficulty, it's important to be patient with yourself as you create these new steps to success. It might not be easy to pull some of these roots that have started to rot away at you, but the right mind set and resources will keep you on track.

Step 3: Visualization

Seeing is believing, so it's important to take time to really envision where you want to be tomorrow, next month, or for the rest of the year. What does this look like in your head? Being able to see your reality unfolding in front of you is one of the keys to success. This may be new to many of you, but take a moment and use your imagination to see the year you desire. Try writing a list, drawing it out, or even just closing your eyes. Whichever technique gives you the most evocative vision, run with it! Places you may want to visit, people you want to see, accomplishments, milestones, you name it: Tap into each of your senses. Don't stop at what you see; go further by imagining what you might hear, feel, or taste. Do this as many times as you'd like, and watch as it shapes the day that unravels before you.

Step 4: Goal Setting

This isn't just about your resolutions of 2017. This is about what kind of person you want to become. Let your actions speak for you, they will define you so much more than your thoughts alone. Set your intentions for something greater: the bigger picture. Conversely, with every grand scheme comes small milestones that get you to where you are, so jot down what these goals are and set yourself up for success by creating little endeavors to get you to the endpoint. Start creating routines that will keep you in the mindset of growth and evolution. This 2017 year is a fresh start, a new slate, and a continuation of one long, magnificent adventure.

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