teenTakeovers will be popping up at SJPL libraries all over the summer and they are looking for the best of the best. Bring your fidget spinner skills, your bottle flipping expertise, or your encyclopedic knowledge of pop culture to the library and compete against your friends to prove that you are the best. Then work with your fellow teens to do even better because you’re competing with teens all across the city.

The teenTakeovers are a fun part of our Summer Reading program for teens. Each event will include a number of events selected from a list created by librarians and teens from across the city. The events include the following:

fidget spinner
Fidget Spinner Trials

two mineral water bottles
Competitive Bottle Flipping

young boy with hands covering eyes and a question mark floating by his head
Pop Culture Quiz

closeup of hands using Xbox controller
Video Game Tournaments

silhouettes of three people jumping in the air
1 Minute Challenges

The highest scores will be recorded and shared across the city so you won’t only be competing with your friends, you’ll be competing with the best of the best across the city. Win ultimate bragging rights, and a chance and eternal library glory.

teenTakeover Events

more teenTakeover events

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