TeenHQ Spring 2021 Middle and High School Survey

Submitted by TeenHQ on Tue, 06/15/2021 - 8:45 AM
TeenHQ Spring 2021 Middle and High School Survey

In March 2021, TeenHQ launched a survey for middle and high school students in San Jose.

We wanted to learn:

  • How the Library can better support San Jose middle and high schooler's transition to in-person learning
  • Inform TeenHQ’s Summer programming for middle and high schoolers
  • Align Summer programs and resources with College and Career Readiness standards 

We sent the survey out via email and on TeenHQ social media in March to San Jose middle and high schoolers and received...

Over 1,000 responses!

A map of San Jose with zip codes shaded in blue.

We received responses from over 35 zip codes from all across San Jose and very evenly distributed from all grades (6-12).

We asked teens to answer a few questions about how they were doing during the Spring 2021 Semester.

A bar graph of Average Emotional State by Grade with the numbers trending downward.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 worst/10 best), how have you felt emotionally this Spring 2021 semester? (school, home, with friends, etc.)

The mean average for all respondents was 5.4 (with a standard deviation of 2.8). So on average, students were feeling kind of "meh," and as grade level increases, their emotional state trends downward.

"I look back and I beat myself up for not making enough friends, for not having a solid friend group like everyone else seems to have, for not staying out late at night doing questionable things, basically for not having had the traditional teenage experience that I see in movies. I feel so old but also too young for college. I want my time back. I want to be four years old again."

What are you struggling with emotionally this semester (school, home, with friends, etc.)?

  • 77% of responses were from teens who were struggling with social isolation and missing friends and family.
    • Difficulty in maintaining friendships, drifting apart, stressors in trying to make new friends in a new school, miss going to movie theaters, Golfland, and mall.
  • 59% of responses were about struggles with school
    • Overload of schoolwork, lack of empathy from teachers, and lack of motivation.
  • 27% of responses were around struggles regarding mental and emotional health.
    • Stress, isolation, burnout, anxiety, insomnia, sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, and depression
"I feel like I'm excelling at self-appreciation. Last year in 2020, I was going through a lot and was in a rough spot. While I don't want to release too many details, I made changes and have been on a good streak with my own self lately. To put it simply, I can smile at myself in the mirror. "

What are you excelling at this semester (school, home, with friends, etc.)?

  • 30% of responses were from teens who were doing well socially and with friends and family.
    • Made new friends online, less shy than in person, scheduled Facetimes, spending time with siblings, doing well with chores, checking in on one another, and hiking with family.
  • 55% of responses were about how teens were doing well in a virtual school setting.
    • Getting good grades, college acceptance letters, studying, completing assignments, class attendance, and doing well in subjects they had struggled with before.
  • 18% of responses were regarding mental and emotional health.
    • Self-care, going for walks, exercise, developing patience, pushing through obstacles, time management, focus, motivation, sleep, and attitude.
  • 15% of responses were also about teens excelling creatively and with hobbies.
    • Art, reading, music, writing, theater, sports, video games, gardening, crafting, jewelry making business, improved fashion sense, learning a language, cooking and baking.


Blue background with white text that reads: Anything?!?! …. Wow, thinking about this makes me really happy... the possibilities are endless!

If there was anything you can do this summer, what is it?

  • Teens want to travel abroad, go on road trips, relax, hug, go on vacation, have fun, go to the beach, drive/get a license, and be outside.
  • They want to hang out with friends, visit grandparents, meet new people, see extended family, go camping and go to the library.
  • They hope to get an internship, volunteer, get a job, fill out college applications, take classes, and go back to school.
  • Teens want to play video games, read, swim, play sports, go to concerts, and learn new things.


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