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Book clubs have always been a great way to create accountability when reading, while also providing a built in community to discuss, reflect, and enjoy a story more. So why not start a book club with your family? This week's list, Family Book Club, contains a few ideas of books that families can read and adore together. Many of these books lend themselves to being read aloud, but can be enjoyed in a variety of formats. The books, a mix of old and new classics, have multi-generational appeal; i.e., the whole family can enjoy. Whether the book examines an important theme that could inspire discussion, or is a timeless whimsical classic that might raise a laugh, picking and reading the same book as a family can definitely help everyone get on the same page (pun intended) with a reading routine.


The Intergenerational Book Club list is a great place to start for your family book club. This list includes beloved classics like Charlotte's Web to highly acclaimed new titles such as When You Trap A Tiger. These novels range from the whimsical to realistic fiction about diversity, acceptance, loss, and family struggles. These books are sure to start a conversation that you can keep exploring together.

Not quite ready for those longer books? Check out our Summer Learning Reads for The Whole Family booklist. While this list has several chapter books the whole family will enjoy, it also highlights some family favorites for pre-readers such as the new classic Last Stop on Market Street or This Is How We Do It, which follows the daily lives of children around the world.  



Whatever title you ultimately choose, whether from this list, a family suggestion, or perhaps a book from a parent or grandparent's youth, we hope that families reading together will learn together, grow together, and of course...finish their Summer Learning reading goals together, too. If you're looking for more ways to participate in Summer Learning, leave a book review on Beanstack (the site that powers our Summer Learning program). There is a chance we may feature your review in an upcoming blog! You can also check out other great recommendations on our Staff Picks Page.

See you next week for another Summer Learning booklist blog!


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